11 May 2006

in which I have nothing to say so I post daft pictures

The marshmallow diet still hasn’t lost its novelty value. And it’s a much easier dessert than making a pudding.

Oh now I have a pudding craving. Orange, I think. No, chocolate.

Anyway, now that I have officially entered the hall of cookery invention fame (or pantheon, as it was so eloquently put), I thought I’d show some photos. You know, in lieu of actual content.


marshmallow two prong attac

Son #1 goes for the two pronged attack and toasts two at once. One for him, one for mum. He’s a good lad. The other two? Won’t give me even a nibble.

marshmallow close

That’s #3. He likes to wear his pyjamas inside out.

Hang on. It’s show and tell day, isn’t it?


Here is a t-shirt.

We don’t have GAP here, so I have no cultural understanding of whether this is cool or not, but I saw this at the op shop (which is where I buy all our clothes because we are so broke and pathetic) and liked it. That’s Son #2 posing at the old house last summer when it was WARM.

I’ve just re-read this and I think my PMT petticoat is showing.


jorth said...

If yours is showing, then I think I must have been wearing mine around my head like a bonnet. Gah.

Marshmallows would go down very well right now.

telfair said...

I love your photographs and I love your musings...

blackbird said...

Why is it that your op shop finds are often more wonderful that most people's retail purchases?

Middle had a tee shirt from that same series - his said
and had a fire truck, a helmet, and a dalmation...

It's funny (or not) that I can remember their clothing almost as well as their babyhoods.

Sarah Louise said...

Coming from the US (We have Gap here) I can say that yes, your t-shirt is very cool. In fact, I covet it.

MsCellania said...

I did the same don't-have-much-to-say-here's-a-photo thing 2 days ago. Boring photos of sofas and a summer photo from last year.
And your tee shirt is tres cool.

Helene said...

Just delurking to invite you to add your supermom card to the mom's day salute

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Ahem, the PMT petticoat (I so love that phrase I will be using it from now until menopause, thanks Suse) was also partly behind my recent bloggers' block.

I love the marshmallow pics and accept them as a perfectly reasonable substitute for more prose.

And Son #3's inside out pyjamas? My Pea Princess insists on wearing pyjama tops inside out and back to front so the label doesn't rub the back of her neck.