26 May 2006

The market is done and dusted

Hurdle number one cleared. The Twilight Market was held last night and I sold lots of things.

What things, I hear you murmur?

There were the famous flannels and homemade soaps
flannels soap


More mittens
mittens more



and I got busy with a hot glue gun and made a basket full of seedpod people. At the last market there were lots of children roaming around clutching a couple of sticky coins, looking forsomething tiny and affordable to purchase. And of course most of the goods for sale at all the stalls cost several dollars and more. So these little gumnut babies were popular ... only five left!
seedpod babies

I also sold some stuff made by my clever friend. Bags, shawls, and these gorgeous children's baking sets comprising an apron, rolling pin and cookie cutters.
cook set
I might extend the range and make a few gardening sets with a trowel and packet of seeds in the apron pockets.

I'm going with small photos these days so my sidebar doesn't disappear. Those of you also using elderly versions of Internet Explorer will know what I'm talking about.

In other news around here:

• Broadband (ADSL) is coming to my neck of the woods soon. Farewell ye olde dial-uppe internette. V.excited. (As Bridget Jones would say.)

• Son #1 got into the Steiner highschool we were hoping for. V.excited. That bribe at the interview obviously paid off. I mean, his natural charm shone through.

• The car needs a new muffler. We're breathing strange fumes and things are going blurry round the edges. Not good.

• Thank you for all your well wishes. I shall be absent again for a bit while I write papers and complete a small amount of paid work that trickled in. But I will return.


telfair said...

I'm so excited you're back (even for one post.) I loved seeing the beautiful handmade things you created and the seedpod people are brilliant!

I'm glad to hear all of your good news...I know other things have taken precedence over blogging lately. I'm sure the Soup household is dealing with all and sundry assorted stresses and pressures with the good humor, warmth, & elegance that your readers have become accustomed to.

I'm sending lots of "good wishes" your way!

blackbird said...

Those are such beautiful things -
the play cloths are brilliant. My guys played with cloths like that all the time...

and you are a genius for the seedpod people.

I hope it's all going well.

Daisy said...

Glad to get a glimpse, and ditto on the brilliance of the seedpod people - my children would adore them.

String Bean said...

Sounds like you had fun. I wonder if the Farmer's Market here would let me sell my stuff. Hm, probably not worth the try as I'm moving in a month. I love your seed pod people.
Those play cloths sound like a neat idea. We only had ratty old afghans.

sueeeus said...

Fabulous items, fabulous news. V. excited for you and #1 as well.

MsCellania said...

Sheer talented genius for your hand-made goodies. You have a gift for this.

We have done the opposite of your family; moved from acreage into development. I love having the convenience of nearby shops and a neighborhood. Also, the schools for Youngest are a million times better in this area.

Congrats to your son for getting in to the Steiner school. How far do you drive to get there? We have one about half an hour away, very long wait list to get in.

We have lots of textile sheets available for the children. Scarves, too. I noticed my little niece (21 months) is now glomming on to them.

The baking sets are an inspiration. My boys love to bake. And we garden together, as well. I think an apron could do double-duty with more trips to the washer/dryer.

Thanks for taking the time to post. Always an enjoyable experience to read your life!

ivy said...

You made so many pretty things!

What sort of dyes do you use for the play cloths? The colors are lovely.

jojo* said...

Hi there, Suse. Sorry, I couldn't find your email to respond to you. Here's the link to the tissue holder tutorial. :)


p.s. Lovely stuff you've made. I esp. love those slippers and mittens!

sereknitty72 said...

love your mittens! what pattern did you use?

weirdbunny said...

cool little seed people!

Anonymous said...

I guess I will bump into you eventually....a distant relative by virtue of marriage is second in command at the market, and has been urging me to go there at least once. It will have to be one fine day, not a foggy Saturday like last week, when it was so pleasant having coffee and cake in a nice warm cafe with Miss Eagle.