10 May 2006

red letter day

The postman has been good to me again.

Chocolates and lollies arrived, much to the children’s delight.
They were a little bemused at the idea of peanut butter flavoured chocolates … and pronounced them interesting.
Lollipops and Milky Ways were a more familiar treat, and eagerly devoured.

and for me … a beautiful, enormous bag. It’s practically bottomless. Perfect for toting all my books and knitting and day to day crappe about.

bag detail

It makes me squeal with delight.

Thank you, my dear PILL.


jorth said...

Hey, lucky you!

I like the blue background, by the way.

BabelBabe said...
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BabelBabe said...

Love the bag - i wanted one but it made me look like a vagrant. I can't seem to carry off the big-bag thing.

Am beginning to worry that your package form me will never arrive, or fell off a container ship somewhere on the ocean...

so you Aussies don't do peanut-butter candies...? Now that's interesting...

Elizabeth said...

I saw someone carrying that bag on the street just yesterday and thought that it looked familiar - maybe from another blog?
Peanut butter and chocolate is considered somewhat of a classic combo here. These little differences are interesting, non?

MsCellania said...

Oh, fun, FUN! Getting mail larger than the #10 envelope (bills come in those) is always enough to quicken my pulse.

The bag is fab. Is it already loaded and on the job?

blackbird said...

oooh, EVERYTHING looks so pretty on your blue blue background.

dani said...

such beautiful fabric.

kate q said...

Wait, wait. No Reese's AND no Gap?
Gap is just practical, but peanut butter cups can sustain life.
I guess the rest of the world puts hazelnuts with chocolate instead? Which is not the same....
The things I learn on the internet.