1 May 2006

Snippets from the weekend ...

... on this misty grey Monday.

• Toasting marshmallows over the fire each evening.

• Desperately wanting this cookbook, based purely on the aesthetic qualities of the cover. Is this wrong?

• Listening to Son #1 and his violin teacher play a Bartok duet.

• Visiting friends who also have three boys. Our #1 and 2 are the same ages as their #2 and 3 and the two pairs are great buddies. We did a swap on Saturday and each took home a different child for a sleepover.

• Son #1 and his friend are classical music fiends and bomb partners. You know, because we believe in encouraging our children to explore a diverse range of leisure activities. (For those of you who joined my blog late and have not yet witnessed the amazing Soup Pyrotechnics, I direct you to here.) This time they made a model house, complete with chimney, windows, tv antenna, barbecue, letterbox and tiny wee people, and proceeded to blow it up. Spectacular to say the least.

• Listening to Paul Kelly in the car with the same two children. Hearing them gradually overcoming their snobbery regarding any music composed post-eighteenth century and admitting to each other that they actually quite liked it. Listen, it’s going up in fifths. Ooh, that went into a major key there. Me smiling to myself and not understanding a word of their discussion. The mysteries of a musical education.

• Buttermilk pancakes for breakfast.

• Missing Son #2 (on the sleepover, remember?). The house doesn’t feel right when one of them isn’t in their beds.

• Son #3 feeling teary as he didn’t have a special sleepover friend. Special treat for him – watching Narnia on DVD.

• Taping Whale Rider which was on tv last night. A great coming-of-age story for pre-teens. Heck, for anyone really. Highly recommended.

• Two miners, trapped underground in Tasmania for six days and feared dead, found alive on Sunday evening. (The third man sadly was found dead a couple of days ago.) The country holding its breath while work continues to get them out safely.

• Today – taking Son #2 for his follow up appointment at the Fracture Clinic. The plaster cast that is UP TO HIS SHOULDER will remain for another four weeks. Then dropping in to Uni to hand in a (late) paper on witchcraft, gender and sexuality in Germany in the early modern era. Which I finished very very late last night, er, this morning.

There have been many requests for the slipper pattern, so I’ll dig it out and post it, as well as the accumulated list of recommended mystery authors for young adults, over the next few days. Watch this space.


Jane said...

How incorrect is it of me to ask for the bomb recipe? Thomas is at the mild, bicarb of soda & vinegar in plastic bags stage, but I know he'd love a bit of dynamite.

doubleknot said...

Bombs!? Good thing they have a mom that lets them express themselves.
Catching up on your posts. Love the pink and blue themes. Such lovely pictures.

Lazy cow said...

Oh that Tessa Kiros book. A girlfriend has already bought it and cooked from it. She said it's wonderful. (Mother's Day is coming up, you know). "Falling cloudberries" is luscious too.
My son (3 1/2) won't listen to 'boy' music or anything on commercial radio. He goes ballistic. It has to be Doris, mummy. What have I done?!
Your weekend sounds lovely.

Helen said...

You know without clicking on the link I thought to myself I swear it will be a Tessa Kiros book :)

I have falling cloudberries and love it, I can't wait to check out this one in the bookshop.

Isn't it just fantastic to hear about those miners!!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Classical music and bombs - fascinating.

Thank you for finding and sharing the slipper pattern.

Congrats on finishing the paper.

MsCellania said...

Oh, this post is a veritable feast of information!
My sons are doing the same with legos; building stuff and 'blowing' it up (read: smashing to bits).

Music is a wonderful addiction for children to have. As long as they're not plugged into iPods nonstop...

We have a Sunday Waffles tradition in our house. I get to lie abed, with the paper and a good cup of coffee. K makes the waffles with boys' help. With pencans! Yummy!

I hope that fracture is healing well. Have up upped his Vit C and Calcium (Floradix w/iron would be good, too)?

Your weekend sounds wonderful. Haven't had the sleepover stuff yet. I don't think I'll sleep at all the first night one of them is gone.

Jeanne said...

I have the Falling Cloudberries book -- it's so utterly gorgeous that I haven't even taken it near the kitchen yet. A feast for the eyes, still.

BabelBabe said...

It's the shoes, isn't it, Suse? I think it's purely the shoes. no matter how good the cookbook may be...

Glad to hear about the miners - feel like we her ein western PA and W Va are always awaiting news from another mine disaster - it's horrible and I wish the mining companies were held to higher safety standards. Last big one was Sago, 12 miners dead.

jess said...

Oh, it is the shoes! I'll have to find a copy to browse through, it looks lovely.

Buttermilk pancakes are the best.

Everyone kept saying Whale Rider was so so great and I didn't think it could live up to the hype...but it did. Love it.

Six days. I think I would die of claustrophobia.

blackbird said...

It's funny how weekends all over the world can have a similar pitch and temperment.

My boys would probably like the recipe too...Youngest has spent a week playing "Little Jimmy in the Blitz."
(his title)

dani said...

wow, hearing your son play bartok. it must give you beautiful shivers down your spine.

Miss Eagle said...

The wonders of modern motherhood, Suse!

Archimedes24 said...

The great news about the miners was totally unexpected, and because of that, even more fantastic. I wouldn't have what it takes to work in a mine, and have a great deal of respect for anyone who can master their fears enough to do so.

Your hallway looks great. Did the light fixture come with the house, or did you bring that with you? I love it!

littlejennywren said...

I bought the Tessa Kiros book last week based purely on the cover. It's definitely the shoes and the recipes are grouped by colour. An interesting idea but a bit difficult when you are looking for a e.g. soup recipe unless you know what colour soup you feel like.Found a pair of shoes almost the same yesterday at the Salvos shop for my daughter and without any prompting she asked if I could paint them red like the ones on the book. Its definitely the shoes

Surfing Free said...

I hope my girls grow up to love classical music, its the only music I can listen to on the weekends without the noise doing my head in.
Yes, a dynamite recipe would be fab!

telfair said...

Where to begin?
Fascinated by your paper topic!
I took several classes along the same lines when I was in uni and never quite got over my fascination with the gender, religious, and sociopolitical factors in the various "witchcraft" scares. Unfortunately, most of my books are in storage in Detroit right now, so I can't re-peruse them.
There was a program on SBS or the ABC the other night about the European roots and it was interesting, except for the "dramatic reenactments" which got tedious.

Looking forward to the slipper pattern -- Happy Monday!

capello said...

Nah, get the cookbook for the art. maybe it will ahve some awesome recipes to boot.

And let me say, that I can only hope for my two boys to grow older and be as amazing and diverse as your three boys (and the blowing up stuff? Totally. Rocks.).

Cari said...

loved the shoes on the book...how adorable

Susie Sunshine said...

I so want to be your neighbor.

String Bean said...

I admit, I wished for the slipper pattern, too. I'm glad you're digging for it to post. Thanks!

Pyrotechnics are fun, but not when the dog tries to attack the sparkling, flaming "intruder". We won't do that again. Or perhaps keep the dog inside.

I had that cookbook once upon a time (last year), but gave it away to someone for unknown reasons. Too bad I didn't know of your blog much much earlier, I would have sent it to you. It was in superb condition.

Sarah Louise said...

It is not wrong to want that book--I want it too!