22 June 2006


I am so enjoying being on semester break, reading what I want to read.

Before it all fires up again at the end of July and I will once again be immersed in texts from six hundred years ago, I intend to read the following:

The Secret River by Kate Grenville. Almost finished this and loving it. I had only read two Grenvilles before; hated Lilian's Story and appreciated the prose and imagery of The Idea of Perfection but it just didn't grip me. But this one? Wow. Wow is all I can say. [That was an erudite book review eh? Wow.] Ok I'll try to elaborate. The prose is elegant and evocative, the subject matter fascinating and the characters draw you in ... wow. Nup sorry, all I can really say is wow.

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I know nothing about this except it's meant to be good and it's for book group so I will be reading it next if I can get it from the library. Which I have not been able to so far.

Eucalyptus by Murray Bail because I must be the only person on the planet who hasn't read it and it nearly starred Our Nic and Our Russ (who becomes NZ's Russ when he throws telephones about, have you noticed?) and it will feed my eucalyptus tree obsession. Hopefully. And Mr Soup read it some time ago and did that annoying thing of You really must read this! and You are going to LOVE this book, and so on every five paragraphs.

And The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. I read her book of short stories Interpreter of Maladies last year and was blown away. She is an Indian expat [Desi?? Is that correct?] writer whose writing is so fluid and delicious it makes me squirm. Go read her, she's brilliant. What is it about Indian writers for me? I adore anything and everything by Rohinton Mistry and Arundhati Roy is my heroine. The visual of the girls 'sashaying' in The God of Small Things has stuck with me forever. And Mr Soup has just read About a Boy but it will have to be my summer reading owing to its sheer size.

EDITED: A Suitable Boy, not About a Boy. Duh.

Finally, three things which I am coveting and firmly believe will change my life.

• A pair of these, first spotted here and then another version here. My mouse hand gets so cold.


• And finally, one of these would be good right now. To assist me in overcoming the desire to shoot someone.

A hefty dollop of whirled peas wouldn't go astray either.


Martina said...

What are whirled peas? And does one need a Harmony Stick if onedoes not get them??

schmutzie said...

I should really get on that invention of mine. I could be rich! Rich, I tells ya!

Mama Lamb said...

Secret Life of Bees is very good.. I enjoyed it. And I am so with you on the wrist warmers..we have an old, chilly house in the winter.. I think I would leave the woodstove more often with a pair of those warmers!

Lazy cow said...

I'm taking "Eucalyptus" to read while at the in-laws. They have many different species of Eucalypts on their property so it should prove an interesting study (apparently there are a lot of scientific descriptions of trees in the book).

blackbird said...

I very much want the wrist warmers -
and will GLADLY send cash or a check
if you would make them...
I would even like TWO pair!

(and do not send them as a gift, else I shall be upset. though tim tams are always welcome.)

jorth said...

Thanks for the links, that top is so sweet!

Hey, my word verification is 'suuzi'. Almost there!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I hate to add to Mr Soup's irritating words but YES, Eucalyptus actually lives up to the hype. Enjoy.

And the Harmony Branch? I loved it so much I've placed an order (plus suggested a getOVERit Twig version for evening bags...)

kate q said...

Oh good, some new books to look into. Love the apron/smock also.

Saw this and thought of you. Whirled peas?


BabelBabe said...

Secret Life of Bees was ok; Ann Patchett's Patron Saint of Liars was better, and very similar (but written fifteen years ago).

Never heard of Eucalyptus but will check it out.

LOVED The Namesake.

And have started Suitable Boy five times and each time get no further than a few chapters in, mostly because it's such a pain to lug aorund. I may take a cue from a friend who was reading War and Peace and ripped his edition up into manageable/carryable sections.

You will look so cute in that top.

herhimnbryn said...

The Bee book is ok, in my 'umble oppinion. Will be interested in yr view on Eucalyptus. Keep meaning to read it as it seems appropriate now I am a transplanted English/Welsh woman living in a forest!
Those wrist warmers look great. Am a novice knitter, so maybe, just maybe I'll find a simple pattern.
I still wear 12 yr old fingerless mittens spun and knitted ( could one say Knut?) by a spinners group in Kent,UK.
I'll stop rambling now!

doubleknot said...

You have given me a great idea - the fingerless gloves may help my arthitis - I am going to ask my daughter to knit me a pair in some light weight yarn.
Look at the flower - don't think about guns - just look at the flower - good luck.