26 June 2006

Convoluted blogging comprising TWO (2) internet browsers, THREE (3) swear words and FOUR (4) glasses of merlot

This is a test.

er fortune cookie

And so was that.

My felted fortune cookie tells me I will be making pancakes shortly.*

If only it said You Will Be Receiving a New Computer Shortly.

I cannot comment on blogs at the moment and my internet access is fragile. Blogging may be sporadic until someone sends me $2000 for a new computer.

* Thanks Elizabeth!


sueeeus said...

I would send you a new one if I could!

herhimnbryn said...

Hang in there. Hope the comp gets sorted.

Christabel said...

Wow, that fortune cookie is the coolest. Sorry to hear about your computer; best of luck!

Elizabeth said...

Poor darling.
Sorry, I could not see that far into the future. This fortune telling business is sketchy at best.

victoria said...

i love your blog--you must perservere! (I need a new computer,too. dontcha hate that?) hope it all works itself out!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

One word for you, Mrs Soup: leasing!
Since you work from home (at least sometimes!) you can claim more back from the ATO on the cost of leasing than you can on depreciation for a computer you own... PLUS you get a new one every three years and people like Harvey Norman (do you have them in Vic?) often thrown in bonuses like cameras and printers and so on.

It's worth pricing out, if only to more quickly get your comments back!!

Joke said...

1- $2K??? Even with the currency exchange that sounds kind of steep.

2- I got all impressed by Bec just then.


dani said...

love that fortune cookie. i want one i want one!!! good luck with the new computer and the purchse of it soon.

Loretta said...

My mother bought a Dell laptop for $700. Prices have come down a lot. If you have the money - if not, doesn't matter how much they are! Hope you get some computer relief soon.

sueeeus said...

I'm guessing that 2k is for a mac? Pray tell, which variety are you pining for?