17 June 2006

more beaches


After the silvery serenity of the Front Beach, we decided to brave ... the Back Beach. [Insert da na na na music here].

wild and woolly

[This is a magical place in summer, complete with a cave full of octopus money (periwinkle doors) that the children collect for trading. In winter it's equally entrancing, but it does make your ears ache and your extremities numb. In addition, the noise of the surf and wind is deafening.]

backbeach menfolk

The menfolk strode purposefully, blissfully unaware they were being photodocumented. Our friend here with Mr Soup is a professional photographer so I always feel a little intimidated when I take my humble camera out, particularly as it's a little wonky looking since I dropped it on our brick floor. (It lay on the floor beeping helplessly and continuously for some time as I gaped in frozen horror, then after a half hour of rest, while I went into strenuous denial, it valiantly recovered and is as good as new. Avec dents.)

Oh yes, the beach.
The children did that thing that children do. Tried to defeat nature.

wave chasing

Threatening waves with sticks doesn't work.

sticks wont help

Neither does bowing.

neither does bowing

There was nothing for it ... but surrender.


Did I mention it was about 2 degrees?

it is cold

Remembering the northern Europeans who plunge naked into the snow clutching only a birch twig for protection, I tried to ignore the ramifications of letting my children frolick in the icy surf. And concentrated on the wonders of nature around me.



After dutifully photographing my surroundings for my sweet Internets, I decided enough was enough.
Luckily, Hansel and Gretel-like, Son #3 had laid a feather trail so we could find our way ...

feather trail2

... back home. Just in time for a nice cup of tea and a little light reading.

serious literature

See those 1960s curtains? I want to steal them and turn them into a skirt.


Martina said...

WOW!! I can smell the sea air!

Lazy cow said...

I keep saying that I'm going to take the kids to the beach more in winter. Seeing the photos reminds me of why I don't. It looks bloody freezing. You're all very brave.

lisette said...

those curtains would make a fabulous skirt - a really full audrey hepburn skirt of course to be worn with black ballet slippers! looks like a wild weekend albeit it freezy :)

wren said...

Thanks for my walk along the beach - needed a good blast of sea air.

MrsFife said...

Oh, you like MAD? I like MAD too! :)

blackbird said...

wonderful photos --

but the skirt would be even better!

dani said...

looks beautiful down there! and i'd steak the curtains too!

Alice said...

We don't often get to the beach as we're the furthest point inland, but it's a special occasion when we do. Those beaches look dramatic - great for bracing winter walks.

I spotted "Instances of the number 3" by Sally Vickers on your book list. Having read "Mr Golightly's Holiday" and "Miss Garnet's Angel" twice, I don't know how I missed this one and must read acquire it right now, so - thanks!

PS. My climbing rose has done well, considering I planted it!

Joke said...

I had to go and put on two BandAids looking at those pictures. But they sure are pretty!


P.S. I LOVE the curtains!


If Julie Andrews in Sound of Music can make clothing from curtains, then you can make a skirt from curtains. Your fabric is nicer and would make an awesome skirt. Waaay too cold for the beach, BRRRR.

kt said...

Excellent choice for post-beachy reading!

victoria said...

those pictures are fabulous! you really should mat and frame some of them! Its so weird thinking its winter there....

--erica said...


String Bean said...

As always, Suse, you deliver the most beautiful pictures.

Molly said...

Wow! For a camera "avec dents" it takes spectacular pictures....