15 June 2006

Stand by for a few beachy posts

It's been a whirlwind week or so here; the papers are written and I now know more about Elizabeth I and her courtships, and the witchcraze in baroque Germany than I ever thought I'd know. Ask me anything, I can tell you. (Unless you're here via Google because you're writing an essay, in which case that's plagiarism dear, go away and do your own research.)

Then my brother announced he was in town, then my cousin, and in the meantime we were invited away for the long weekend.

To the beach. In winter. Four adults, six boy children, three dogs.

It was cold. But fun!

We started off at the Front Beach. This is the bayside beach; calm, gentle, silvery and relaxing. But cold.

We took the dogs. Theirs and ours. (That's ours with Mr Soup. See his hat? It took Son #1 two years, but he knitted it).
mad dogs and englishmen

The dogs headed along the pier.
race to the pier end

All was going well. Ours was innocently enjoying this new experience.

Their dogs leapt off! Into the glacially cold water!

Ours did not. He took the easy way back, rather fast. He is a greyhound after all.
not jumping in

He was persuaded in eventually. But decided dry land was best.
race to the shore

Stay tuned tomorrow for Back Beach Blogging. (The back beaches are the wild surf beaches. The wind comes straight off Antarctica, pausing only to sneer briefly at Tasmania before unleashing its full onslaught on US.)

Word for the day: blusterous

Some answers to questions from commenters ... the dyes for the playcloths sold at the market were Procion dyes. Cleckheaton Tapestry is 8ply. The market is the once a term Twilight Market my children's school holds. I am happy to knit anyone mittens. Leave a comment with your colour preference and I will send them in a week. $20 a pair.


MsCellania said...

The photos are great! Your dh must be so proud of that hat.

Good action shots of your DogBert. The 2 greyhounds I have known were both very sweet dogs. Lively, but sweet.

And CONGRATS on completing your papers. That must feel really good.

telfair said...
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telfair said...

That hat is great...hats are tricksy. I've had a tough time with a hat for GB lately...the decreasing is a bugbear.
I LOVE your dog. I love the picture of him running madly back down the pier after the Other Dog jumped into the frigid water -- like he had to rush back to you, yelling, "LOOK WHAT THAT DOG DID, MUM!"

telfair said...

Sorry, that deleted comment was me, for some reason Blogger published me twice.

Hope it doesn't happen again when I publish THIS comment...

oh dear.

dani said...

such lovely images! enjoy your beach break and hope the bluster burns itself out.

blackbird said...

I was fairly shivering to see Mr. Soup strolling on the beach -- but then, to see the dogs in the water!

I need a hot bath now!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Hurrah for completing your paper!

Happy dogs, happy dogs...

Elizabeth said...

This is winter? I can show you winter. My winter would not have bare feet anywhere near water. I'm jealous of your so-called winter.
Those are great photos. Beach photos are the ones I always want to enlarge and frame.

jorth said...

Well done on the papers! You deserved a nice, cold beachy weekend away.

sueeeus said...

Now I miss my hounds even more. I may even post one of our water frolicking shots. Such joy!!!!! Great hats. Your boys are so accomplished. And hurrah to see your brother and family! Congrats on finishing your papers. Phew, you deserve a big break. :)

--erica said...

Burrh.. looks so cold. I can't seem to get the images of your summer pics out of my mind to actually believe it's winter now!

weirdbunny said...

I love the beach in the winter, a flask of hot coffee, and a rug around my shoulders!

Karyn said...

my greyhound(s) do not like the water either...I think they like the idea of water, but the reality of actually swimming or playing in it is way too much for them to deal with.

yay for your blog! i love it.