20 June 2006

Tuesday :: brown


I know, I know, Colour Week was last week.

I'm always a week behind with the latest trends. And I like it that way.


blackbird said...

I do too...
and I am thinking that we should do
Finding the Art in Everyday Life posts.

Joke said...

If you blamed the International Date Line, we'd all believe you implicitly.


littlejennywren said...

Sometimes I am so far behind I'm actually there for when the trend becomes trendy again

String Bean said...

I find art in everyday life. Why not share it?
Sounds good to me.

carolyn said...

hello, i have some aussie words i am hoping you can tell me the meaning of...can you email me? i can't find your email addy on the site... carolyn@crankymonkeybutt.com