16 June 2006

When I was one I had just begun

I missed my own blog birthday.

Just looked at the calendar and realised it was three days ago. Typical. And I don't have a single deepandmeaningful musing on a year of blogging to regale you with.

I hate reading my first few posts, but it's probably not de rigeur to delete them, so there they remain to make me blush. There is a pea soup recipe on the third post if anyone is interested. I do get a lot of google visitors who are probably quite bemused to find random outpourings from my brain and camera instead of a pea and ham soup recipe.

Anyway instead of spilling my guts on What Blogging Means to Me, or announcing It's been a wonderful year-long experiment and now I'm pulling the plug, and as it's Colour Week, and today is red, I bring you a crimson rosella. From outside my study window. These exquisite creatures visit as regularly as they can when the territorial bellbirds let them.



daysgoby said...

Ohhh! So pretty!

I'm glad you're not pulling the plug!

Violet & Rose said...

Hi Suse
We ussually have the lorikeets but I saw a few of these rosella's yesterday, so funny to see one here today. Thanks for your comments too, always good to meet a fellow Melbournian blogger.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Isn't he lovely!

And happy blog birthday, La Soup!

--erica said...

He is just beautiful.
A quiet celebration is sometimes best.


Happy Blogger b'day..Thanks for your note. Yes, I would like pair of mittens..purple tones..No rush, it's pay day on the 23rd, will contact before then to arrange payment. Thanks again. from Jan

String Bean said...

Lucky! The best we get is hummingbirds. Still pretty, but not as exquisite as your visitor.

Happy belated blog birthday. I'm going to read your first few posts. Now aren't you sorry you mentioned it?

Susie Sunshine said...

Your wildlife is so fascinating!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Positively stunning that you can look out your window and see such a colorful bird.

blackbird said...

Happy blogiversary!

Every time you post something from your world I am amazed.

weirdbunny said...

How amazing to have birds like that in your country, and in your garden!
Happy birthday!

Martina said...

SO pretty!! My husband, a birder, is drooling!!

schmutzie said...

Joyous Blogversary!

Anonymous said...

I wish people would do their research.

NO ONE stole Jane's pictures and used them. No one stole her ideas.

dovegreyreader's latest entry "Mission Statement" is well worth a read for a balanced view.

BlogendipiTy, it's a beautiful thing!


jorth said...

Haphaphappy blog birthday to you! Thanks for letting us hear your brain outpourings - it's been a lovely year long read.

Lazy cow said...

Since you can't comment on blogs at the moment, I'll comment on yours. Happy belated blogoversary! It's been a joy and pleasure reading you this past year (almost from the beginning). I love the way you write, the way you look at the world, and reading about your family. Don't give this up anytime soon please. (Word verif: mipoo).