2 July 2006

A belated thank you

What with solstice celebrations and computer meltdowns, I’ve not had a chance to show off the goodies I received in the mail from the talented and generous Elizabeth recently. Look what you get when you send a fe w Tim Tams across the oceans …

er syrup
Real Canadian maple syrup, valiantly trying to acclimatise to its new environs.

er smarties
And these little beauties.
Of course I eat the red ones last, and I have to concentrate my very very hardest to not sing the filthy version of the song.

There were also chocolates. Um, unphotographed as they disappeared instantly.

er robe

And look. A beautiful dressing gown. In black and white toile! (You all remember my toile obsession, right?)

er robe2

So very very generous. Thanks Elizabeth.

Son #1 declared the maple syrup to be the best he’s ever tasted, and Son #2 wants me to send more Tim Tams overseas to see what arrives next. (Son #3 can’t talk, his teeth are glued together with chocolate.)


Ali said...

What a great package.

Son number 2 is a real mercenary - like his style, he'll go far!

Lazy cow said...

I love the foreign Smartie packaging. I don't think I know the filthy version of the song (I'll ask my husband. HE always knows these things). And the dressing gown is beautiful.

BabelBabe said...

The dressing gown is gorgeous.

I am completely pissed about the US postal service losing my package to you; I was looking forward to starring in my very own package's Pea Soup post. Guess I will have to send more graham crackers....soon.

Martina said...

Maple Syrup is THE best! Lucky you! I have no idea what Tim Tams are but they must be pretty good to get a great package like that!

Elizabeth said...

I don't know the dirty version of the song, either!
Lazy Cow, we have the usual Smartie packaging as well. These are the Special Edition version, which made me feel very patriotic.