29 July 2006


Thanks to my two techie gurus, comments are now back. (Now to fix the rogue spaces that pop up in the middle of words and the odd symbols that appear at the end of every post).

Also, Son #3's red jumper is now complete.


3's red jumper

Vital statistics: Bendigo Woollen Mills 12 ply Red Currant. Patons Book 487 10 Knitting Designs for Children.

He looks a bit portly in this shot but I think he's doing it en porpoise, as he says.



Christabel said...

Beautiful work, I love that curranty texture. Lucky kid.

BabelBabe said...

t to you, too.

love the sweater, love it. beautiful color!

MsCellania said...

Oh, is that popcorn on the cabling?! I LOVE that stitch! It's a gorgeous red, too. How do you set that color? I find reds bleed forever. I've tried baking soda, white vinegar - to no avail.

And don't you love finishing a big project?

sueeeus said...


jorth said...

Faaaaaaabulous! And how good is BWM, huh? The best!

String Bean said...

Wonderful sweater! The color is magnificent. Manly, but beautiful.

en porpoise? What charming children you have. I can't wait to get the first one. If he's as charming as I've been reading I may order another one. Start taking those pre-natal pills.