15 July 2006

just begging for a swap

You may have noticed, I've recently become obsessed with sock knitting. (I know, I know. Just what I need).

In order to make my life complete I need, need, some Trekking yarn in Colourway #126. I can't seem to find it anywhere in shops here or on the internet, so if anybody knows where I can buy some, please let me know. Or, if anybody has some in their stash and is up for a swap (I'll choose something yummy, promise), please leave a comment.

Yours in addiction,



victoria said...

I'm an admitted sock knitting addict too. My oldest said she's a little worried and "don't I think it's excessive?" I replied that it keeps me sane and she said,"Dang. If this is you sane and calm because of knitting then I'd hate to see you without it!" The power of socks....

Jane said...

And if there's any left over I'll swap a swap - I just love that colourway and have been searching high & low as well.

String Bean said...

Suse, you're in luck. I have one skein of that colorway. What will you trade me for it, aside from your firstborn?

The woman I bought it from only had the one skein left and she told me it was pretty rare. Hm, I guess it is...

Heather said...

Hello! I have a TON of sock yarn in my stash that needs a new home. Would you like? I can email you a list of names and colors.

Okay, loving the fact that you adore Waldorf, because we do too. We homeschooled in a waldorf style for 5 years before the kids went to public school. It is more of a way of life, than anything else, so the fact they school elsewhere is not a big deal now. It all comes from our hearts.

Smiles to you, and let me know about the yarn!


Laura A. said...

It looks like you can get it online here, too: