6 July 2006

Knitting Report

Or, Irrefutable Proof That I am Insane.

Six knitting projects on the needles.

Until recently it was seven, but I got two purply-blue mittens off the needles and across town before I realised I hadn't photographed them for p osterity. Happily the recipient did take a pic. I hope she continues to enjoy them on these cold mornings.

So now we're back to a more respectable (ahem) six pr ojects. I figure if I blog about them it might just shame me into finishing them, if only to look better in front of you lot.

3's green jumper
First we have Son #3's green jumper, which my mother knitted and sent to me in pieces for sewing up. When I was younger I would knit something and hand it to my long su ffering mother, whining I haaate sewing up Mum, can you do it?' Now she will only knit for my children if I do the sewing up. I have decided this role reversal must be the definition of growing up.

By the way, thanks to my fairy blogmother for providing the knitting pattern via email when my mother's pattern became damaged and she couldn't read several crucial lines regarding the sleeves.

3's red jumper
Next we have Son #3's red jumper. I previously blogged about this however despite half an hour perusing my archives and finding all sorts of crap about lice and swearing, a random grouping of collec tive nouns, an interesting piece of artwork and a story about a car, I cannot for t he life of me find the previous post about this jumper.

Anyway, I haven't progressed much further with it due to my sudden addiction to ...

one sock
... socks.

(What do you mean I have to knit another one?)

The Jo Sharp Anjuli jacket (knitted all in garter, I'm kind of ignoring the pattern) has not been touched in, er, months.

Pearl continues to stare balefully at me.

Wait, that's only five! say the mathematical ge niuses among you.

Um, yeah, the sixth project is a purple throw rug made from knitted squares in different patterns, crocheted together. Begun two years ago. Has not been sighted out of the bag for over a year now. Shame. Oh the shame.

I feel lik e I just showed you my dirty laundry.

And now, my community service for the day.

For those of you who are confused by international conversions of needle sizes and yarns (what ply is worsted? what is sport weight? etc), check out the following two links. Very useful.




Also, the Yarn Harlot spoke recently about knitting baby hats for Breastfeeding Week. This is a fabulous initiative and as a passionate breastfeeder and supporter of the rights of lactating mothers and their babies, I wanted to pass this on. See her site for details and patterns and get knitting.


telfair said...

I love knitting baby hats!

I will visit the Yarn Harlot for that alone but I probably would have visited anyway just for her hysterical name. Yarn Harlot. HAHAHA!

Your Anjuli jacket is so beautiful, by the way -- the color and your elegant stitch...

Christabel said...

This theory of yours about daughters sewing up the knitting of their mothers makes parenthood sound almost attractive...

BabelBabe said...

I think I would just leave the sock there, decorating the house. It looks cute there.

as for breastfeeding, me too - yet I am considering weaning Terzo as he seems intent upon stretching my delicate bits into oblivion. and biting. yes he has some teeth, and he likes to nip. i am quickly losing my patience. he's only 9 months though. oh the guilt!

MsCellania said...

I love the colors you choose for your projects.

And huge congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Soup. Yahoo for remission! May it last forever and a day.

Laura/PFG said...

oh, and speaking of dirty laundry, i'm about to air mine on my "other journal" soon...it's keeping along the lines of the whole Finish What You've Got trend, and so i'll be taking pictures of my FILTHY TRASHY HOUSE. because duh, i can show the int0rw3b how messy i am, and they can criticize me for it, and then they'll be PROUUUDD after i show them the finished results. lol.

wv is eeuqq....makes me think of ew and yuck combined ;P

plainandsimple said...

Thanks for the baby hat link! I've breastfed my youngest for two years now. I could do with those hat to comfort my poor boobs! Nice blog, by the way.

Brown Pants said...

Hey, you've only got 7? You're pretty organised compared to me! I really like the jacket you're making too.


My hands have been kept very warm by those lovely mittens. AND they've turned a few heads on the tram. Big thanks.

Lazy cow said...

Seeing the knitting in flesh, so to speak, makes such a huge difference. It is all so beautiful.