4 July 2006

Op shop report #35

I had a spectacular couple of days at the op shop recently.

I am addicted, I know. But really why would one shop in normal places and pay full price? Okay, so now some of you are sticking your fingers in your ears and singing la la la la lalalalal ala. But I can't help it. It's a sickness.

ramekins and jug

I liked the shape of this little jug. And the ramekins joined my household purely because of their colours. What does one actually do with ramekins?

op shop goodies

A pleasingly shaped little basket which now sits in the laundry, holding a collection of cleaning cloths. A wee willie winkie candlestick which has a lready been given to a birthday boy, accompanied by a simple beeswax candle and his very own candle snuffer. And a vintage tin in a delightful shade of hearing-aid beige. Its purpose will come to me soon.


Aforementioned tin, sitting on two vintage sheets. The sheets may become bags, or the linings for bags. Or, and I hesitate to type this because then you will get how sick I am, I saw somewhere on of those insane crazy craft blogs, an apron (or another bag?) made of sheets that had been ripped into thin strips and then knitted. I know I know. But could someone with more intact grey matter point me to the right blog? Because it's becoming an urgent need.

glass and silver

Look! Old milkshake glasses (there were three. How perfect for the children of the family), two pink champagne glasses (again, perfect number) and see the little nubbly glass at the bottom le ft? I picked up three of these and they now have tealights in them and are sitting atop the mantlepiece. By the way, we've tired of toasting marshmallows every night and are now onto roasting chestnuts. Oh yum.

Oh, and these silver tongy-scissor thing s. There is a flat pair, presumably for picking up chocolates or petits-four (more prosaically, they picked up sausages on the weekend when we had friends here for a winter barbecue), and a spoon shaped pair better suited as salad servers.


They were $1 each. Recently when my cousin stayed with us she and I we nt to a nearby antique shop where she bought an identical pair for $15. (I refrained from emailing her to gloat over my op shop bargain the following week. Oops, just remembered she occasionally reads this blog. Sorry dearest. I did pick you up a g lass juicer for $1 though).

cane bag

And a wee cane bag which might make a nice gift for a little girl turning ten soon. Suggestions for what to fill it with (from all you mothers and aunts of girl children) welcomed.

Oh! I have just remembered the main reason for our trip to the antique shop, and my before and after visits to the op shop. We were on The Quest for the Perfect Butter Dish.

At Chez Soup we had had a cow butter dish, which sounds kitsch, but was Pillivuyt so I can pretend it wasn't. (And we did not have the matching cow creamer because tha t would have been kitsch not to mention too matchy-matchy.) Anyway it had survived a couple of falls and had its right ear glued back on with ever-decreasing dollops of success. But Mr Soup dropped the bovine beast (full of butter, of course) onto the brick floor and it shattered. Into a gazillion pieces.

So began The Quest. The very next day I went to Savers (my favourite op shop because it is supermarket sized) and purchased, along with some of the goodies shown above, a pretty glass butter dish. At home I unwrapped it, dropped it on the brick floor, and it shattered. Into a gazillion pieces. I cried. I actually cried, over a $2 used broken butter dish.

So when my cousin and I were at the antique shop, we kept our eyes peeled. Look, there's one! Oh. Um. It's $255 ... we kept saying. And then I found a kind of art deco black and pink butter dish for $22. Which no one has yet dropped! But which I forgot to photograph for your edification.

And also, the next time I returned to Savers and found the above-pictured glassware and silver thingies, I purchased a 50c lidless cut glass butter dish.

Just in case..


Martina said...

Still monday here....Love the little jug too. Ramekins...how cute,,

littlejennywren said...

Don't you just love hearing aid beige. And don't you just love op shops, they even take credit cards,all that stuff that no one else seems to want except me. Good luck with your butter dish, our op-shop one hit the floor about two years ago and I have had no luck ever since. I need one with a lid to save the butter from the cats, people donate them to the op-shop because the lid has been broken. I think the situation is hopeless. Thanks for the link to your Triumph post, I just had a wonderful time reliving your Christmas.

dani said...

love your purchases! especially the jug and ramekins. not that i've used them often, but ramekins come in handy for one serving desserts like, creme brulee or little puddings or blancmage or whatever.

thank you for your well wishes and yes the 6 yr old does look a little like me - afterall my identical twin sister is her mum.

Lazy cow said...

I keep meaning to go to Savers but they are all so Far Away from me.
That green ramekin: I bought a very similar one last week for $1.50 at my local op shop. It's the perfect size for displaying garlic cloves.
I have an obsession with wicker baskets too. Must have bought a dozen in the last few months. And vintage pillowcases - I think I need an intervention (especially as I don't sew).

telfair said...

I love cow creamers...they're very Wooster and Jeeves.

You DID have some grand good luck at the op shop...the op shop gods were smiling upon you. My hubby is an utter op shop junkie, too, and he will be envious.

I know that the Felt Mouse (www.thefeltmouse.blogspot.com) made a handbag out of knitted torn sheets. She doesn't blog much anymore but you can still find the post (she even gives a little how-to)dated Friday April 21 in her April archives.

I think she was inspired by Wee Wonderfuls so you might check there, too.

Good luck and share the pictures!

kt said...

Ok, *deep breath*, here goes:

The blue jug is DA BOMB!

Ramekins: good for small servings of salsa or other sauces, mother-portioned treats (candy, A FEW cookies, SOME carmel corn), condiments for a buffet-type meal (sliced limes, crumbled feta), pretending you're Julia Child and measuring out ingredients PRIOR to diving into the recipe (we actually wrote to her and received replies prior to her passing), etc.

Suggested contents for cane bag for young girl moving towards young ladyhood: writing papers or cards with her initial, tiny markers/colored pencils, a charm bracelet or locket.

Let's go shopping! We have Savers, too, but I think yours might be better.

Violet & Rose said...

Savers? I have to look them up. Things for a 10 yr old girl - hair clips, hair ribbons, stickers, those bouncy coloured balls you get out of the $2 vending machines in shopping centres (my 6 yr old collects them), print out some colouring sheets off web sites, rainbow lead pencil. There is a tute on Molly Chicken for a great bracelet. I have just made a whole batch of them for little girls.

Karen said...

The knitted rag apron was made by Wee Wonderfuls - I think it was also included in the Tio One On for whatever month was YELLOW.
Love your other purchases - that jug really is cute.

Anonymous said...

Some goodies for a ten year old girl: headband made from Heather Bailey's pattern (heatherbailey.typepad.com/heather_bailey/), dress up crown headband from interweave knits (it's a free download), little dilly bags (who could resist bags within bags?), fabric flower brooch, blank page journal, funky pens.
This is starting to sound a like yarnstorm's urban survival kit!
Thanks for the blog - very enjoyable particularly since I live not far away from your part of the woods.

plainandsimple said...

I am so glad there is another Charity Shop addict out there. If I can figure out how to put photos on my pc (I'm NOT techinical) I'll post the pictures of these hand embroidered 1930's pillow cases I found for £2! Very nice blog by the way!!

blackbird said...

Perhaps you could craft a butter dish cosy from the thrifted sheets? It would cushion the fall...

BabelBabe said...

is that blue pitcher McCoy? It looks it...

I LOVE thrift shops.

String Bean said...

You got some really great stuff. I'm also a little bit of a thrift shop maniac.

Ramekins are dessert dishes. They're perfect for baking custards and other such treats. Ramekins are traditionally round, within a diameter of 1 1/2" to 2 1/2", and with a maximum height of 2". They are meant to hold a small amount of dessert that's supposed to be "just enough". I don't think creme brulee is very suitable for ramekins because the dishes are too small. Creme brulee is usually served in a wider, shallower dish so that there's more surface area that can be crisped (a.k.a. burnt) with a torch. Of course, you can toss that out the window and do it anyway. I've made coffee and chocolate pot de creme, flan, creme caramel, raspberry souffle, and plain old vanilla custard in my ramekins, but that's not even close to half of the recipes you can make and serve in your ramekins. Also, ramekins are also very useful when making shirred eggs. Mine are the perfect size for two eggs, and a little dollop of cream.

See what you did? Now I'm craving shirred eggs.

If you want some custardy recipes, I've got a ton. Send me a quick email and I'll send some your way.

Maybe you could fill that basket with yarn and needles, if she knits. If not, you could give her "coupons" for knitting lessons from you.

h&b said...

I did the op-shop thing for my butterdish too, until I got sick of not finding any joy and therefore paid a bit more to buy from Ebay. Still joyous, but not as cheap.

Those silver-tongy things ?
$15 ea is still a bargain. $1 is OpShop madness. I want. Desperately. Please give them to me !


I'm here belatedly after the comment you left on Jorth's blog :)