28 July 2006

Show and Tell: sugar bowl


This week's Show and Tell is via Elizabeth.

Our sugar bowl was a gift from my dear friend T. We met at work about thirteen years ago and became firm friends, as did our husbands, happily. The four of us socialised often and I commented on her pretty sugar bowl o n ce or twice. Six weeks after I had Son #1, T and her delightful French husband moved back to Perth from whence they had come. Their last stop before the big three day trip across the desert was our flat, where apparently [I have very little recollecti on of this] I presented them with a goodie box of food for the journey including little snacks and curried egg sandwiches (French husband's favourite) and T gave me her little sugar bowl that I had so admired.

T got a job at a university home in Perth th at entailed a bit of travel and over the years she had a few trips back to Melbourne to visit her old sugar bowl. And us. Then, a month ago she and her five year old son came for an overnight visit, whereupon her wee son trod dog pooh and mud into the ho us e, and vomited all over the bathroom floor. It was, uh, a memorable visit. T and I talked about mud wrestling, Where the Wild Things Are which is being filmed near here and talked late into the night as we used to thirteen years ago. T brough t m e quince jam and a new foodie magazine from WA called Spice. Hmmm, I thought. I wonder if it's related to the spice blog, which is run by friends of Craftapalooza who's also from Perth. I checked and sure enough it was. Small world. T is a writer and had been asked to write for Spice, but for reasons which I forget, declined.

By spooky coincidence, as I was typing this post, the postman brought me a parc el f rom T, full of photos of her stay here and lots of nougat. Here I sit, chewing West Australian nougat from T as I write about her and photograph her old sugar bowl.


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String Bean said...

I was wondering where your comments had got to. I was just about to ask you when I remembered: "Duh, no comments..."

I'm really intelligent, I promise you.

I'm still busy fixing up your box. Certain things are taking their time getting...well, let's just say they're slow.

Lovely sugar bowl. We only have a boring glass one, diner style. Wanna trade?

Thought not...

herhimnbryn said...

Aren't gifts like this so precious? And the sugar SPOON.Tell me about the spoon. It looks like something the White witch from 'The lion, the witch and wardrobe' would use to serve Turkish delight!
Spice Mag is a favourite of mine ( ditto the Blog). It is good to have a foody mag that celebrates WA produce/producers/restaurants etc.
Our sugar bowl is very boring white china with a lid and china spoon.

Suse said...

The spoon is silver (plated) with a little glass tear drop on the end. From one of the most beautiful shops in Melbourne - Nellie's Shed, Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington.

herhimnbryn said...

Hi S,
Thanks for the info you posted on my blog. I still think you should be serving Turkish Delight with that spoon!
Re: 'Dog'. I like to think that is his 'natural' name. The name bestowed on him by us is 'Bryn' ( of herhimnbryn fame. It means mountain in Welsh).
I shall be posting more of 'Dog's Tales through out the year. I enjoy watching him and then recording his antics.

blackbird said...

It's a lovely bowl...and a lovely story.

What a nice friend you must be that people just GIVE over their sugar bowls.

Martina said...

Lovely bowl and yes the spoon is fantastic! The sugar looks courser than the sugar I use. Is it a special sugar or just what is regularily put in a sugar bowl down there?

Suse said...

- Yeah, people stop me in the street all the time trying to give me sugar bowls. I'm so nice.

- It's just regular raw sugar.

Elizabeth said...

How fortunate the husbands actually got along.
How typical that these friends moved away.
Since I have been in my city so many friends have moved on I'm tempted to ask their long term plans when we first hit it off.
It's usually the friend's kids that I can't abide!
I love your sugar bowl but the spoon takes the prize.

Sarah Louise said...

Oh you take such lovely pictures! The sheet music behind the sugar...oh it is all too breathtaking!

And how cool that you have a friend story tied to your sugar bowl.

Martina said...

I use Granulated sugar...it is much finer (in texture not in quality).

SueeeuS said...

Prepare yourself for technojibberjabber. If you go to your template, look for the line of code that starts with (less than sign)a class="comment-link" href=... ...and a bunch of dollar-sign-blog stuff. Look for (dollar-sign)BlogItemCommentFormOnclick(dollar-sign) and there should be TWO greater than signs after that. I think you will find you only have one. After that there should be (less than dollar)BlogItemCommentCount(dollar greater than) comments (less than)/a(greater than)

I hope this fixes your comment woes! I'm not sure about your rogue spaces though. I'll see if I can find any reason for that.

MsCellania said...

I love your sugar bowl saga! It must be extra special to you now. And YES about the spoon - I'd like to hear the story behind that, too. Even if it's an op shop snag.
And yum on the curried egg sandwiches. I'd like to have that recipe if it's an egg sandwiches with totin' privileges (read: can be eating after a period of time)

Suse said...

Oh look, comments are back! Thank you so much Sueeeus! I can't believe you could tell that one little symbol was missing, and actually tell which one it was.

Now for the rogue spaces that appear, and the odd symbol that appears at the end of every single post.

Thanks again!

BabelBabe said...

suse, i am forthwith packing up all of my sugar receptacles and mailing them in a giant parcel to you!

no, seriously, don't you get bugs in the sugar? I have fruit fly infestation from hell at the moment since we insist upon eating FRESH veg and fruits. Not all of which fit into the fridge, like the bananas.

Nicole said...

Hey! Yes I know spicedude :) he's now editing the magazine. Very nice sugar bowl and story.