5 July 2006

Stuff from my head late on a Wednesday

A wee ramble inside my head ...

• I've scored two days a week working at a major Melbourne university for a month. The one with the gum trees everywhere! (And as you know I am currently obsessed with gum trees!) Not the sad inner city university with barely any greenery where I usually work; and not the inner city one with sandstone buildings and gracious European trees where I am a student, but the one that was famous for its radical students in the 70s. The one with the gum trees! I haven't been on this campus since I was a kid and performed in concerts at the theatre there (don't ask). I'd forgotten how hideous the architecture is, but how beautiful the grounds are. The birdlife is amazing and I am going to take my camera and get up close and personal with some of the eucalypts soon. (Undisturbed by radical grungy students as it's semester break, thank god. Students are horrible you know.)

• In the courtyard at said university today there was a secondhand bookstall with a fabulous selectio n of literature and non fiction. I was very restrained and managed to purchase only two books. Eucalyptus, by Murray Bail which I had checked out of the library but now want my very own copy. And Dress Your Family in Cordurouy and Denim b y David Sedaris. I began reading this at lunchtime and finished it five minutes ago while Mr Soup watched his tape of Italy thrashing Germany. (Finished The Secret River and The Namesake this week too. Both recommended. It's such a rel ie f to actually enjoy and finish a book as I haven't done much of either lately).

• Mr Soup is now officially in remission and not a moment too soon because his condition requires medication in the form of steroids. And those of you with experience in steroids will know that those partaking of these insidious chemical cocktails are not pleasant people to live with. I know I'm supposed to be all supportive and compassionate and so on, but really one cannot be gentle and patient and understanding for more than a few weeks and mostly I just wanted to shoot him and put him out of my misery.

• I have been sewing crayon bags and chair bags for Son #3's class during the school holidays. (Which means I finished them at midnight on Sunday before s chool commenced again on Monday).

• I have also been knitting like a madwoman.

• This browser puts unexpected gaps between letters.

• The dog will not eat his bone unless Son #2 holds it for him. This is funny but tiresome. Particularly for So n #2. Heh heh.

• My head is filled with the brilliance of David Sedaris on account of reading his book all in one hit until six minutes ago. The piece about his sister's parrot had me doing that high pitched tears-in-my-eyes hysterical laugh that make s my family roll their eyes (except Son #2 who has inherited this laugh and understands my helplessness).

• Son #3 is still being uncooperative about the haircut.

• Son #1 has dropped out of Orchestra. Damn. Says it's too easy.

• That i s all.


Jessica said...

I've been listening to Dress Your Family, read by Sedaris himself, for the last few nights while I spin. The "Six to Eight Black Men" story is the one that really had me cracking up. Great stuff.

blackbird said...

So glad to hear about Mr. Soup.
When Youngest is on steroids we keep the dosage just below what he can tolerate as he just sits and weeps if we go full strength...
have you read the other Sedaris books? Me Talk Pretty Someday is v. good --
as is Holidays on Ice.

Lazy cow said...

Love David Sedaris. I agree with Blackbird, Me talk Pretty is v.g.
Yay on getting the job.

Mama Lamb said...

My poor DH had to be on steroids for Crohn's disease...he said it made him feel like he would eat the light bulbs out of the fixtures, he was always soo hungry. He controlled the anger part really admirably.. I do not think I could have done so well. BUt we all breathed a sigh of relief when he finished weaning off of them.

I have sewn a fair number of caryon holders and pencil holders in my day...but only for son 1 and 2.. son 3 has another year of kindergarten to go, but next summer will be prime time for kitting out another first grade classroom.

dani said...

glad to hear mr soup is in remission, and i send you more strength to handle the steroids!!!!

eucalyptus - such a beautiful book. i bought a copy in a hannover bookstore when i was living there in 98 or 99. it literally burst off the bookshelf at me. i love it!!

Laura/PFG said...

glad that DH is in remission :)

and yay on the university opportunity dealie :)

and it's funny you mention that Sedaris book. i was just thinking about it the other day. mainly because Amazon.com basically told me to buy it. i should read a review, as i totally have no idea what it's about.

Violet & Rose said...

Aahhh, the university of my misspent youth...

sueeeus said...

"shoot him and put him out of MY misery" H-y-s-t-e-r-i-c-a-l-!-!-!

(But so glad he's in remission now.)

I especially LOVE the first green jumper bits. I'm smitten with that color and those textures.

String Bean said...

Are there eucalyptus trees, perhaps? :D