27 July 2006

winter sunrise

sunrise winter

The bitter cold of the last couple of months seems to have eased.

Daffodils are opening, bright bursts of wattle punctuate the roadsides and I'm only taking one wheatbag to bed these days.


Lazy cow said...

I love this weather! The kids and I have been at the local park every afternoon after school and I'm wondering "where IS everyone?" Often we're the only family (apart from dog walkers) who are outside. The air smells so wonderful. Early spring.

Martina said...

Spring is my favorite time of the year and so is autumn (which we should be coming to soon)

Elizabeth said...

It does shock me when everyone is complaining of this awful heat and it's winter at Pea Soup! Very refreshing.
I may check out the virtual book club. I do miss my real-in-the-flesh book club and find I don't take as many chances with books on my own. I did read Interpreter of Maladies, which I think you've previously mentioned and liked it very much.

Marie said...

I know what daffodils mean down under....it means the last vestiges of summer to autumn for me. Please take in several deep breaths of spring air for me :-)

BabelBabe said...

and it's eighty degrees here. at 11 pm.