20 August 2006

random Sunday

• knitting one's second pair of socks is remarkably quicker than one's first time

• perusing my site meter stats recently revealed I have readers in Slovenia, Dubai, an insomniac from Elsternwick who reads at 2.00 am, Haifa, Slippery Rock and Arhus.

• people landing here via internet searches include, predictably, those looking for split pea soup recipes, and less predictably, someone googling 'recipes to put you into labour' and 'are smores unhealthy?'

• (yes, they are)

• words I am enjoying saying: catastrophe; apostrophe; bucket.

Lazy Cow and I went to see The Tempest during the week. What do you suppose it says about our respective personalities that she arrived a full hour prior to c urtain up, while I hurtled in ten minutes after curtain up, missing the shipwreck scene and then being bundled by an usher into a seat in the back row until interval?

• I have been photographing trees a lot lately.

• last week on the school run we saw two kangaroos boxing. We stopped the car to watch but they paused their barney to look at us, and would not resume. We sat there for about two minutes; four humans and two beasts all stock still, eyeing each other off. As soon as I moved the car they immediately turned to each other and recommenced punching each other in the face. A female stood a little way off, nibbling grass nonchalantly.

• the next day on the school run we saw a duck sitting in a tree. Son #2 called it a proud brown duck. This has now entered our family lexicon.


Lazy cow said...

Ha! I only arrived early so I could have time to read in peace (and not have to put the kids to bed). You were early the first time, as I recall.
And a good time was had by all :-)
Love those kangaroos!

Martina said...

Boxing must not be a spectator sport. Funny viewing (to me a from the sadly kangarooless hinterland of Canada)

Em said...

I'm seeing ducks everywhere at the moment (at A's school, on the road etc.) But a duck in a tree?! That's really something!

littlejennywren said...

The Proud Brown Duck That Sat In A Tree - sounds like a good book title.
That Slippery Rock person visits me too.

Shula said...

I have never seen a duck in a tree, but I wish that I had.

I confess, I'd be there an hour early, so that I could relax and compose myself post-exit. I would probably sing in the car for awhile (favourite practice space) My best friend is religiously late, always.

Christabel said...

Delightful list.
I'd like to see you use catastrophe, apostrophe and bucket in a sentence.

MsCellania said...

I love this post. So newsy, so visual. And how nice to see the ruttin' season in it's glory with the roos. I don't actually know how you know a boy from a girl kangaroo? The pouch? Antlers? Long Eyelashes?!

Surfing Free said...

Boxing kangaroos, hey. Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods and they manly 'roos are starting their equivalent of parading on the beach in their Speedos ;)

I cannot understand blog search referrals. I get referrals for things I have never even mentioned!! Tres bizzare!

String Bean said...

Boxing kangaroos. That's on my list of Things I'd Like To See In My Lifetime.

I like that phrase a proud brown duck. It seems your sons are inheriting your skill with words.

I've been rolling the words foible and marled around in my head. It'll be something different next week, I guarantee it. And so continues my love affair with language.

Melanie said...

How marvellous to see those kangaroos. We have lots of tree ducks in our area of outer east Melbourne - a pair of them often launch themselves from a tree and land in our swimming pool. I don't mind at this time of year when noone else is using it, but Summer will see me running out there to shoo them away and save our pool's hygiene. They will then fly off into another tree - I rarely see them on the ground.

jorth said...

Proud brown duck - I love it!