3 August 2006

reasons #136, #137 and #138 why I love the internet

Because where else could you fall off your chair laughing at a site devoted to cats that look like Hitler?

Because this wonderful woman sent me lots of sock yarn. Just like that. Just because she had lots that "needed a good home". Unfortunately it's pouring with rain here and the light is lousy and I refuse to use flash, so no photographs.

I've been having fun putting together a parcel for Heather in return.

Because how else would I get to meet this gorgeous person in the flesh?

Ms Cow and I met up for a low-key coffee, which segued into lunch which somehow became three and a half hours of non-stop talking. We talked about blogs and books and Nigella and children and she tried to talk me into actually cutting my quilt fabrics and uh, making a quilt. She listened politely to me complain about my technical computer difficulties and refrained from going glassy-eyed as I went on and on about all sorts of things.

lazy cow

Then she showed me the contents of her handbag [I forget why but I'm sure it was important], confessed the unsavoury habits of her dog where soft furnishings are concerned, lost her car keys briefly, gave me a bag of beautiful organic chocolates and a hug and rushed off to collect her children.

As did I.

With a huge smile on my face all the way there."


Lazy cow said...

Oh God, my farting dog. I'll never live it down now. My face was NEVER glassy-eyed, but I did catch some bemused looks from you. And thanks for not mentioning my verbal diahorrea.
It really was fun.

BabelBabe said...

ah. big sigh. i adore you both.

jorth said...

I'm with babelbabe. All the way.

Surfing Free said...

I'm getting more and more jealous the more I read about your meet up!
The world of blogging rocks :)

Violet & Rose said...

Isn't it amazing when you meet these people! Sounds like you had a great day. And I love those photos from your last post too.

blackbird said...

Jealous I am.

Joke said...

It's utterly unfair...I blame cartographers for the vast distances.


Jean said...

"With a huge smile on my face all the way there."......

J'adore cette phrase ! ( pea soup )