25 August 2006

Scattered thoughts from the week

• On Thursday morning as we reached the top of our street (on the way to school) we spotted a small group of kangaroos. We often see them, and if they're close to the road we stop for a minute or so to watch them. This time we were thrilled to see one of the females had a joey in her pouch. Around the next bend we saw another group, making the day's total a record thirteen roo sightings. (NB. We see more during walks in the park at the end of the road, but this was a 'school run' record).

• Listening to Annie Proulx's Wyoming Stories on talking book (me, not the children). I am enjoying her spare prose but why does she have this odd penchant for weird names? Does anybody actually call their offspring Ice, Diamond, Bliss or Tick? There's also a lot of sex (brief, perfunctory and often brutal) in her stories too. Doesn't make Wyoming men sound terribly attractive.

• The roadsides here are still vibrant with splashes of bright yellow wattle. This is now accompanied by the delicate white of hawthorn blossom. The magnolias in peoples' front gardens are magnificent!

• I have a visual image of the blogosphere as a series of overlapping circles.

• Son #1, who you may remember dropped out of the Junior Strings orchestra because it was "too easy", was invited by the conductor to join the Senior Strings. (There's only one other child in this group). He and I fronted up on Wednesday night for his first rehearsal and much to his surprise and terror the conductor put him straight into the coveted First Violins. (The other child, in Third Violins, looked none too pleased). I cast on Son #2's second sock and sneaked looks at #1's little face, red and unblinking with fierce concentration as he tackled Tchaikovsky for the first time ever; a wee fish in a sea of bow-wielding serious looking adults. My usually serious silent son talked aaaallll the way home, high on the adrenalin of it all.

• Look what you get in the mail when you give someone a handknitted facewasher?
Jo and I did a wee swap and this little beauty went straight into my handbag and has been used several times already (we still have snotty winter noses here. Um, TMI?). I love it Jo, thanks! When organising the exchange of said handcrafted items, Jo and I realised we live quite close to each other. Close enough for me to drive to her house, drop the parcel in her letterbox, check out her front garden in a totally horticultural and non-stalkerish manner, and run off before the curtains twitched and she spotted my filthy car, unwashed hair, brown uninspired clothing and haggard early morning expression.

(I tried to photograph the interior of this little tissueholder as it is beautifully lined with red gingham, but the resulting photo was crap. Jo has far superior pics on her site).

• The second rhododendron (there are about four) has flowered (it's a double). It too is white. It too will be staying.



Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Affirmative: the Pea Princess once shared a Gumnut Guide troop with twins called Bliss and Samsara. I had a childhood friend called Sunny Sky Black.

And the magnolias! Oh the Sydney magnolias are out and proud this year too. Stunning - but perhaps not as stunning as yr #1 son's talent - Yay for #1!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

PS - Sunny Sky later changed his name to Joe (yes, Joe Black!) and earlier this year I heard him making a talkback radio call about the experience.

MsCellania said...

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Son #1 for his huge accomplishment!

I have friends called Skye, Feather, Teasel, Lark, River, Brook, Harmony, and oh, so many more.

Loved the roo sighting stories, as well as What's Popping Up stories. We have been having rain, so it's green here for a change. Lush, even. It's nice. And my red roses have bloomed all summer long. Bright, deep red.

Still amazed at your #1 Son. Good on Him!

jorth said...

Good on son #1! What a marvellous achievement.

Emma said...

That's awesome for Son #1! As a child violinist I remember very well the huge rush of adrenalin you get from a challenging practice.

I love what you said about the blog world being overlapping. I went on a blog treasure hunt the other day, clicking on the first blog on a blogger's list, then clicking on their first etc. It was an interesting journey!

On the sock thing ... are they hard to knit? I am not an expert knitter, but the self striping yarn I have seen in the craft magazines has piqued my interest!

blackbird said...

I also see the blogosphere as overlapping circles (a Venn Diagram!).

How wonderful to have a fellow blogger within driving distance - I would love it. (But not in a stalkerish way at all, oh no.)

Joke said...

Sadly, as PG Wodehouse put it, "there has been raw work at the font" far too often for my tastes.


P.S. Major congratulations on #1!

Paula said...

Imagine kangaroos on your walk! I see a wild turkey on occasion but that's as exotic as it gets.

Congradulations to your son!

lk said...

Oooh! wonderful for Son #1!

I think Proulx's take on sex is brutal... The Shipping News wasn't a 'pleasant" sort of novel...

Emma said...

Thanks for your reply on my blog, Suse :) I can see a trip into the city to Lincraft on my horizon in the very near future!


herhimnbryn said...

Congrats to #1.
YOu must be suuuuch a proud Mumma.

BabelBabe said...

Yay Number 1! So pleased for him.

You can come stalk me anytime you like.

plainandsimple said...

Congratulations to you little musician! Re: E. Annie Proulx and her funny names. I'm a bit of a fan of hers and I leant some books to my father in law, who likes a good read. Well, the FIL, OAP progedy that he is, said that he thought her narratives to be Dickensian in subject...perhaps that's the reason for the funny names? Anyhoo, I love those American names - Kent, Devon, Warwick, you look at the credits of an American TV programmes and it's like reading a map of the UK!

Violet & Rose said...

First of all, the garden needs to be mulched - very badly. I hope you didn't look at it too closely. It has been a bit neglected this winter and under the front windows needs a complete revamp. Any ideas for complete shade???? And secondly, I just hope you didn't hear me yelling at the girls. Not that I ever do, mind you, oh no, never. But just in case you did ....

Katya said...

I love the description of your son coming home after being in the Senior Strings. My son plays the violin too -- my daughter plays the cello -- even though they are older than most kids who start playing they are going into their first symphony experience this winter. I hope they love it.

sueeeus said...

Congratulations to your musical genius number 1!! That is fabulous. :)

What fun, to drive through blogland. How I'd love to saunter up to your door. Knock knock, hellooo, is anybody home?

I wish I understood what Joke said, because I suspect he may have been referring to bloggers the likes of me. (Wasn't that a raw and unkempt sentence?)

Very sweet tissue holder, btw.

WV reminds me of Little Lord Fauntleroy. ldfloruy