23 September 2006

the five things meme, with a twist

The five things meme, via Joke but nicely twisted by Bec, who incidentally, has posted a photograph of me on her site, so if anyone wants to see what I look like (from behind and from the chin down, anyway), head on over there.

Five things I wish were in my freezer:

A bottle of Absolut Citron;
All the tomatoes I never got around to bottling last summer;
Old black bananas for muffins and banana bread (still craving bananas over here);
My best friend’s homemade lasagne;
My sourdough starter. I left it out on the bench as usual while I was away but no one stirred it. I now wish I’d frozen it.

Five things that shouldn't be in my wardrobe:

My wedding dress. Too sentimental to get rid of it. But why is it there, really?;
Too many pairs of shoes I am hanging on to "just in case";
Culottes (dear god, why?);
That bag of stuff waiting to go to the op shop;
A pair of Diesel green gingham pedal pushers (a la Audrey) that I will never squeeze into again).

Five things I hate about my car:

That it was born in 1992;
The rust spots on the roof;
The rust spots that have recently appeared on the bonnet;
The scrape down the left passenger door that I did on the first day of a job four years ago;
That it isn’t shiny, red and new.

Five things I should throw out of my handbag/purse/briefcase/backpack:

The lipstick with a funny smell;
Receipts, receipts, receipts;
The stray tampon floating around at the bottom amongst the fluff and leaky pens;
The empty chocolate tin from Lazy Cow;
The fluff and leaky pens.

Five things I don't want to admit are in my bathroom:

Lice shampoo;
The hideous blue laminex vanity;
The faux gold taps (can you tell a bathroom renovation is higher priority than a kitchen reno?);
The collection of plastic lizards that live in the bath;
The too-small bath.

I tag the inexpressibly elegant Telfair who, praise ye gods, has returned to the blogosphere.

Thank you to everyone who left comments and supportive sentiments recently. It’s been a surreal week or so, and I am deeply appreciative of your words and kindness.


Lazy cow said...

How small must those Diesel pants be? You are TINY.
I'm going to try making sourdough bread one of these days.
So glad that you are back from your journey. And that you found beauty and companionship along the way :-)
Hope you enjoy the rest of the school hols. They are speeding by aren't they?

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Ok, ok, but APART from the Absolut Citron, the missing pre-cyclone bananas, the wedding dress, the op shop bag, the just-in-case shoes, the receipts, the stray tampon, the lice shampoo and the plastic lizards we have NOTHING in common. Nothing at all.

(so pleased you did the twisted version!)

shortcut to Suse's pic here:

telfair said...

A tag!! I am deeply honored and will promptly devote myself to pen-chewing intense thought as to how to answer these penetrating questions.

And thank you as always for your support and please know that I immediately went to Bec's site and saw the photo of your very stylish traveling outfit and wished that I could look that good in an airport. Ever. Even once.

I am very glad to hear from you after your recent sad times. I really wanted to leave a comment on that post but it was during one of my blackout weeks with Blogger (Blogger seems to black me out six days out of every seven now so my incredible wordiness in this comment is my attempt to take full advantage of my once-in-a-blue-moon access.)

blackbird said...

The stray tampon is universal isn't it?

Unless you actually NEED one - then it is nowhere to be found.

Paula said...

I hate lipstick with a smell, I can taste the fragrance and it's gross.

BabelBabe said...

I have my wedding dress too. The veil made its way into the kids' dress-up box, but the gown hangs in the spare room closet. Not even cleaned and boxed. I have considered makigngsome sort of quilt out of it, but cutting it up seems like sacrilege.

I have gazillions of black bananas in my freezer - I will share. : )

capello said...

You lipstick smells funny? Is it suppose to smell at all?

Mmmmm... vodka.

Elizabeth said...

I went over to Bec's and I say that your thighs must be thin or you could never do the dress over pants thing.
I remember your pretty bathrooms from the last house. Here's to strength (and funds) for renovating again!
Looks like I must try Absolut Citron.

weirdbunny said...

Thanks for coming by.
Glad too hear how organised you are with the lice shampoo. Nothing worse than having too go to the supermarket late evening on that dreaded discovery of lice!

Eclair said...

If you can't bear to recycle your wedding dress (three gowns, including my mother's) have been turned into bed cushions (by Mum) and they look lovely - she used the lace and trims on the cushion so we can tell whose is whose still!- then you can always throw a Bride and Groom party, invite all your friends who have to turn up in their wedding outfits or bridesmaid dresses (op shops for those who are single or live in sin if they've never been a bride). We went to one once and it was a hoot - AND you don't have to worry about spilling things down your dress and ruining the photos!

Cut the culottes down and call them shorts. Skinny trousers - two baguette bags with waistband/zip trim.

Those shoes ARE going to come back in fashion. You must believe this. It is the only possible rationale behind the Imelda Marcos sized collection in MY cupboard!

Stjernesol said...

Oh, I just love lists ;) Got a few on my blog as well!

I can send you some bananas, I'll send them while they are green - then they reach you rifght before they go old and black ;)

Have a nice day!

herhimnbryn said...

Bananas........ I remember them!

lk said...

Just a sentimental thought- I wore my MIL's wedding gown, as my mom had been married in a morning suit. I had the bodice remade as my MIL was married in December and I in July. It was wonderful to have her offer it to me and I was thrilled to accept. So, perhaps on of the sons' fiance's will be dancing in it some day.

nutmeg said...

Hi Pea Soup. I have been lurking around your site for some time. I'm one of those loons that you see coming in on your sitemeter but disappear without saying a word....

Well, seeing I too played Bec's 5 Things.... I have to say that I too miss the black, frozen bananas. I had to break the embargo recently as daughter #2 longingly and loudly called out for some after seeing them in the supermarket. Even at 12.99/kg people were looking at me like I was some sort of child abuser. I should of simply asked them to call DOCS if they saw fit but....I succumbed to the pressure. Weak, I know.

herhimnbryn said...

You are a wicked woman! I have just tried some Absolut Citron. We have now bought a bottle and it is living in the freezer!