6 September 2006

it is 11.42 am

... and I have a paper due by 5.00 pm.

So it's time for a blog post.

A random, newsy one of course. Because you are all so enthralled with the minutiae of my life, right?

• It's raining.

• Yesterday I hung three loads out on the clothesline. Love th e smell of sunshine in my smalls. Today it's back to the clothes airer in front of the heater.

• I am always appalled when I hear about some countries which shall remain nameless where the inhabitants don't use clotheslines but use their tumble dryers a ll year round.

• The dog has been sneaking old lamb chops out of next door's compost bin. He is now lying behind me farting like crazy.

• I was always under the impression one should not put meats and fats into compost bins as it encourages rats and mi ce. And neighbour dogs.

• Last week the children's school held its inaugural music concert (it's a tiny school and the music programme only began this year). Most of the children performed simple beginner pieces on their violins, with the teacher and S on #1 leading them. Then the teacher and Son #1 performed two beautiful and very impressive duets. I basked in the parental glow of having a talented child. (They're partly my genes, ok?)

• Today is School Photo Day. Son #2 announced yesterday I hope my hair grows a bit for the photos!

• Three fat flower spikes have appeared on the dark purple bearded iris.

• I am busy knitting for an order! This means I must get a PayPal account and won't I then feel posh.

• When I was a child I always thought when I was a proper grown up I would intuitively know how to make sponge cake, be able to change a tyre, not need as much sleep, know how to make white sauce, be able to curb my temper more easily and make a successful gravy.

• I can make a really crappy white sauce.

• Last week was Book Week. On the Wednesday the children had to dress up as their favourite book characters. (This is for school, I hasten to add. I do not make my boys indulge in these sorts of things for my own viewing pleasure). Son #3 refused to dress up but they made him go in the parade anyway in his school uniform so boy was he embarrassed. That'll teach him, I heard the teacher dressed as Little Red Riding Hood say silently. Son #1 asked me to cut up an old army blanket into a cloak shape (at 8.00 am, yeah sure my love, said I, the good mother) (ahem) and went as a hobbit. Son #2 the future vet/farmer/animal activist who has just discovered the glory tha t is the James Herriot vet books went as ... wait for it ... Tristan from It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet. Yep. Tristan, the younger brother of Siegfried, the employer of James, the protagonist of the book. He spent the entire day explaining to chil dren and adults alike who he was.

• It's still raining.

• Go read that white sauce link above. You won't regret it.

• Go!



blackbird said...

I think it has rained for nearly 16 days in a row here in Tuvalu -
and so, at this point, I thank heaven above for my clothes dryer...

I'm only saying.

h&b said...

I don't get not-hanging-your-washing-out either.

Don't talk to me about feral compost heaps - ours took two hire-skips to finally be rid of ( it belonged to the previous owner and contained mainly cockroaches ... *vomit* )

LOL at Son #2 having to explain who he was all day ;)

Laura said...

Do you know the Paul Kelly song, How to Make Gravy?

MsCellania said...

A proper compost heap has NO animal fats. Fats = Rats in a compost.

We cannot even have a clothesline in our development. So no air dried sheets here. Although I do string up a ton of stuff in our garage and downstairs...

I'm about to give up on cooking altogether, much less attempting white sauces, etc. My dinner bell has been the smoke detectors shrilly alarming the entire neighborhood that Yes; she is again attempting to rustle up some grub. One of the husbands in our cul de sac inquired if we happened to keep a fire extinguisher in residence...
I love your costumes/children story! I can just see it - one sulking dressed as himself, one galavanting around in his blankie-turned-hobbit and one constantly explaining! Too funny. One of my girlfriends went as The Man Who Forgot His Trousers (she wore a Fedora, men's shirt, tie, suit jacket, dress sox, men's shoes and men's boxer shorts - no trousers) and spent the entire evening, drunkenly explaining her get-up to passers-by. Who still didn't get it.

kt said...

*Knowing the minutiae of your life are one of the delights of mine.

*I need a clothesline. I live on the surface of the sun for heaven's sake. At least I know enough to block wool on the back porch in summer.

*Budding irises always remind me of paintbrushes. Love them.

*I swore to my husband that immediately after I pushed out the baby, I'd instantly be enlightened with the mother's secret: the true way to properly fold a fitted sheet. I was wrong, and he hasn't let me forget that on a single laundry night (read Sunday) since.

Go play in the rain for me.

sueeeus said...

In the background I hear the soothing tumble of clothes being tossed round and round, waiting only for that chime to sound, whereby they will be replaced by yet another load, the one that is currently tossing and twirling its way through the rinse cycle in the washer adjacent. Oh, the soothing sounds. ;) I love air dried fabrics, but I'm afraid they'd be more dirty once they were dry than they were to begin with, if I attempted such a feat here. That is, if they'd even get dry.

Oh the atrocities of some composters. To think. For shame.

Those boys of yours. They are all gems!

shula said...

love sun dried washing, but my dog keeps pooing under the clothes line, so it's giving me trouble. I HATE my smalls smelling vaguely of dog poo.

Hate meat in the compost too, it's antithetical.

what are you studying?

Lazy cow said...

I confess, I used my dryer today. Only because I couldn't bear to venture outside. I used the clothesline yesterday though.
The Girl went as a fetching Alice in Wonderland to Book Week dress up day. All the teachers went as Rapunzel - with fake plaits.
I made my FIRST white sauce last night to go with cauliflower. Too runny but it was all eaten.
Are you going to Slow food at Collingwood childrens' farm on Sat? (Too lazy to compose a separate email entry, sorry)

Lazy cow said...

I hope you're studying now and not reading your comments :-)

Kim said...

what's with the random number or letter appearing at the end of your posts???

I too am aghast at people who only use a clothes dryer. I also don't get it, because what about all those clothes that say on them not to tumble dry? Double plus - forget the environment, what about the impact it has on your electricity bill. Ouch.

I make an awesome gravy, a fabulous white sauce am still easy to anger and so on and so forth.

EWWW to meat in the compost. Think rats, think maggots. EWWWWWWWW. We nicknamed our compost the Possum Pit as they just feast on the fruit and veggie scraps on it. Now the dogs rummage through it. EWWWWW. I'm not using it at the moment because the thought of the dogs digging through rotting fruit and veggies then coming inside makes me go all goodgy.

MrsFife said...

Thank you for that white sauce link! It's been added to my bloglines.

Katya said...

Thanks so much! My daughter wants to be a vet and I've been trying to encourage her reading with little success (how can she be my child and not want to sit around all day and read?) It never occurred to me that she might like the James Herriott books -- I even have them.

Suse said...

Laura - I just checked the song. It was the tomato paste I forgot.

KT - I have no idea how to fold a fitted sheet either. Obviously still not grown up.

Shula - Classics mostly with a little medieval on the side.

LC - Would love to go but have interstate rellies arriving AND another paper due next week so probably will not happen. Sadly. (Too lazy to compose email in reply).

Kim - the computer died while you were absent. I now blog via two separate browsers (post on one, view on the other) or even three on a bad day and get stupid random spaces and characters. I am a hopeless cause. (See much of the June, July and August archives for my pathetic technical complaints). Nice to have you back!

Suse said...
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Paula said...

We have green bin pick-up here every 2nd week. Meat etc is allowed. The composting is done by the city and is free to any who want it in the spring. http://www.halifax.ca/wrms/greencart.html
Me, I don't own a dryer. I love my clothesline. I love the smell of sheets and towels dried on a line outside. Though today it is raining and the clothes I hung out yesterday a still on the line. Bonus rain water rinse...

Elizabeth said...

You will be appalled to learn that some communities do not allow clotheslines at all. Sad but true.
Love the White Sauce link.
Now you've reminded me about that pile of laundry waiting for no one but me.
It just stopped raining here.

Jane said...

That is one wonderfully funny and well-written white sauce story. Not that I've come across any other white sauce stories. But that's not the point.

I snuggled up to my line-dried towels today, knowing that we soon won't be able to hang washing out. In the winter I dry most of my stuff indoors on a drying rack - can't bear what the tumble drier does to clothes.

Surfing Free said...

Oh, the farting dog brought back bad memories!
A couple of years ago our dog broke free from the confines of our garden and roamed the neighbourhood looking for food. He found it in the form of a block of fat that had be tossed out of a fish and chip shop. He came home in the middle of the night, let out a big blurrrkkkk! and flooded our kitchen floor with partly digested chip fat and digestive juices. It made Hubby dry retch.

So, a couple of little fruity doggy farts could be worse!! ;)

Violet & Rose said...

Oh, where to start?
Boy, it sure did rain. And I'm with you on the countries that use clothes dryers. I think they are also the ones that live in apartments with no backyard for their kids to play in. We never put meat in our compost. I can relate to wanting my hair to grow in 24 hours. What kind of a teacher dresses as Little Red Riding Hood? I feel your pride for your violin virtuoso. Am very jealous re: iris buds. But must go out and give mine a good "feel" to see if anything is happening. I make a mean cracker of a sponge cake and am not bad at the old white sauce, but I pray daily that I will never get a flat tyre because there is buckley's of me ever changing it. thank you for a lovely post!

My float said...

Ah deadlines. Nothing quite like adding to the stress by turning to one's blog. I know this phenomenon well.

meggie said...

Have been at the white sauce 'cliff of unmountable terror'- my disaster story was the salt thingy running amok. Thanks for putting that story in- have added Thirdcat to my 'must check outs'.
My son once dressed in a grey old woollen dress- it had been his grandmother's- & a witches hat I made from cardboard painted black, with stitched on felt bats, owls, & a black cat- that son designed, as Bad Jelly the Witch. He won some award.. could have been for bravery, for daring to wear a dress at 9 years of age!!
Love your son stories.
This is going to be a terrible addiction, I can tell!

capello said...

::cough cough:: oh yeah ::cough cough:: those freaking people that never use a clothesline ::cough cough:: (note to self: make husband install a clothesline) ::cough cough::

carolyn said...

well you can't be talking about the US as my mom has been hanging clothes out on the line my whole life even to the point of embarrassment when your whole high school class sees your undies hanging out in the backyard!! ;)

and ecologically (is that what i mean? biologically?) i do not think meat actually "composts" or decays the way things put in compost are MEANT to. my mother, a proud composter as well as hanger outer of clothes, would have a fit if i accidentally put meat in there. i can imagine the horror now!

herhimnbryn said...

Mmmmmmm, Tristan? So presumably you will have to knit your son a lovely Fairilse pullover?
I only hope he's not into Woodbines and pints of ale!

ThirdCat said...

I wondered why comments had started drifting through on the white sauce post again - thanks for the lovely link.

I've been telling everyone about Tristan since you mentioned it the other day. We all agree it's the best book week dress-up yet.

And now...back to the washing. Hung outside, but under a roof on account of the threatening rain.

String Bean said...

Meat in the compost heap? NO WAY!

"Smell of sunshine in my smalls" is the best alliteration I've heard all month.

I may never make a white sauce again without snickering.

Thanks, Suse.

Jodi said...

You're definitely right about the compost heap! I love my tumble-dryer, my vanilla-lavender dryer sheets, and warm fluffy clothes (especially towels). I must admit that I do like line-drying sheets. My allergies usually bother me afterwards, though :-(