12 September 2006

A picture's worth a thousand words

Ongoing scene in the family room this week.

hands off
Bananas are still $13 per kilo thanks to Cyclone Larry. ($16 at our local IGA!) After six months of no bananas and severe withdrawal symptoms, I remortgaged the house and bought five. That's ONE each. A certain young man is making absolutely sure no one eats his.

sad beast
The hound, all of a tremble and feeling sorry for himself after being bitten on the bum by a Blue Heeler.

misty view2
Gratuitous shot of The View on this fine Spring morning.



Lazy cow said...

Poor Sayla. Was it horrible? Nasty blueys.
The old, extremely posh woman who works at the op shop I was in recently was saying she bought 2 bananas and they cost her $8. Must have been bloody big bananas :-)

Joke said...

And here we are on the opposite hunk of the planet, on the very fringe of the tropics, ASWARM in bananas, and trying out recipes to consume the surplus.

And mangos and avocados, too.

What's a Blue Heeler and why should it bite a hound's bum?


Mary said...

I think I will start telling my daughter bananas here cost that much. It might stop her eating 2 or 3 a day.

yt said...

Sailor, the racing greyhound, must not have been moving fast enough for the little herding tyrant.

You and your family are more than welcome to my share of the world's bananas if it will do any good.

btw, beautiful morning pic. I want to be there, hiking with the dogs, then spend the rest of the day in Lazy Cow's reading tent.

Elizabeth said...

Eat those bananas before they go off! You know about the worldwide affliction (disease/virus?) of all bananas that is harmless to humans but causes them to ripen too fast?
I have the same problem as Joke - I can't face another loaf of banana bread or smoothie.
I want to know what a Blue Heeler is as well - doesn't look good from that sad face.

blackbird said...

-love your new tagline...

capello said...

That is an INSANE price for bananas, and I don't even know how many American dollars it is.

Sharon said...

The first photo reminds me of the Eastern freeway extension... The second photo makes me sigh and remember banana cakes, banana muffins, banana smoothies - ah life was good...The third photo - what a beautiful face - I want one!!!!! And the view - see comment above!!!!!

Martina said...

I ask, as well, what's a blue heeler? Sounds like a person with holes in the heel in his/her winter boots!

herhimnbryn said...

Oh, I remeber bananas! Love your son's solution.
Poor hound. Hope he gets well soon.
I hereby PROMISE that not all Blue Heelers are nasty and bitey. Blame the owner ( oops hope the owner is not a friend!).
Without wanting to 'push' my blog, there are lots of pics of a very nice and polite Blue Heeler there!
Morning image is divine. Am now going to walk my hound in a similar looking scene!

My float said...

I was thinking recently how much I missed eating bananas, and yet, even at $2 each, they're pretty good value given they're nutritious, they fill you up and they're delicious to boot. Better than a $4 Boost juice any time!

That view gets me every time. Makes me want to pack up and leave town right AWAY!

meggie said...

Poor hound! Dont trust the Blueys either, but I know some nice ones, in their defence.
Love the view.
My lounge looks similar when grandson comes to play.
Only like bananas intermittently- arent I lucky!

Surfing Free said...

That hound certainly has the 'poor me' eyes to go with the throbbing bum. Was she doing something naughty to provoke the Bluey?

Bananas!! I have convinced myself and the girls that we don't need bananas .. but I can only ignore them for so long.

The view must be such a joy to wake up to :)

Em said...

Oh yes... we're missing our bananas too. In fact, J, poor baby, is experiencing a banana-free babyhood!

sueeeus said...

poor pooch! You can tell him it's karma for eating that compost the other day, but he probably won't understand.

I love your boys and their sense of humor. The road work is priceless!

shula said...

give that dog a pat from me, he looks very upset.

Had a bluey once. He used to bite people who tried to pat the back of his head.

Now I have German Shepherds, who love to be patted, but no one's game enough.

Go figure.

lk said...

A friend in grad school had a blue heeler named Ice, who was really was lovely. I agree, blame the owner.

Oh, so that is why we have to eat bananas so quickly... or bake them up in quickbreads.... which I actually need to do today...

h&b said...

Very funny ( besides the poor bum bite ).

We buy 4x bananas a week here.
They usually all get eaten on shopping day. They are so small, and he takes one per hand, then comes back for a refill.

We used to buy like 25,000 a week, I swear ... i've even got a pic to prove it ( I should blog it ;)

dani said...

thanks for the gratuituous view!!!
sorry to hear about your aunt!

bananas are growing in west australia and being sold in nz for $2p.k. - go figure?

xmasberry said...

ooh, a bite on the bum is rarely fun. Hope he's feeling better.

We have a red heeler. Great dog, but definitely has to be reminded of "who's boss" every now and then. I always thought the blue heelers seemed to be a bit milder than the red ones, but I guess i am wrong.