29 September 2006

say that again?

You might think that people working in institutes of higher education would be good at spelling. If only for the sake of the reputation of their esteemed university.

You would be wrong.

My new title appeared in print this week.

Acting Senior Ploicy Officer.



Martina said...

Ploicy: The home for misplaced consonants...eg. The lost L was sent to the Ploicy for retraining.

Alice said...

I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy being a Ploicy Officer, although I see that it's only an Act....shame.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

That's because you're ploice as noice as the rest of them, isn't it?

Elizabeth said...

No spell check and/or a touch of dyslexia.
When I type my left hand works a little faster than my right (despite the fact that I am right-handed) so I can fully understand how the Ploicy happened.
My brain seems to work entirely different typing as opposed to hand writing, which is fascinating and yet frustrating.
Nice authoritive sounding title, btw.
Did I spell that right? ;)

sueeeus said...

I've always wanted to be an acting senior ploicy officer.

Liz said...

I hear there are very few policy officers in the world... you should negotiate for a higher salary.

carolyn said...

you're one of a kind! :)

meggie said...

I always wanted to 'know' a Ploicy Officer.

Hope it works for you, anyway.

Joke said...

I'd blame office ploitics for this.


jorth said...

Choicey ploicy!

herhimnbryn said...

Ploicy? Sounds like some form of australian 'strine', I cannot quite put my finger on?

MsCellania said...

Well, I be much more put out by the 'Acting'.

What does that mean? It's all a put-on? You're trying the Ploicy on for size?

Oh, and I just noticed the SENIOR! Does this mean 'old' as it does in the US or just at the top of the heap?

And Officer? Do you carry a Big Stick? A Whistle? Nunchucks?!

I think you have more to wag your finger about than the Ploicy in that title.

kt said...

I loooove typos.

I think you should be permitted to amend your job description to read anything you jolly well like... after all, you ARE the Acting SENIOR Ploicy Officer, and you have to keep an eye on the shenanigans of those Acting JUNIOR Ploicy Officers--or are those Play-Acting Junior Ploicy Officers?

Ok, I'll stop giggling and snorting soon, I promise.

Katya said...

You would logically think that but you would be wrong -- my university provides ample evidence of how wrong you would be. I love that you are a Ploicy Officer.

Kim said...

I think Pea Soup needs to be renamed Ploicy Place.