13 September 2006


I forget two thirds of you lot are foreigners.

• Blue heelers are Australian cattle dogs. There is a nice well behaved one here. Sailor is fine thank you, just a tad traumatised. He did nothing to provoke the attack beyond wagging his tail and looking adorable. Luckily no skin was broken although the heeler had hold of his bottom for what felt like ages. I am assuming it's because working dogs are taught to round up the sheep and cows and hold them if necessary, but not break the skin. Perhaps? This one was not well trained, and its young owner had no control over it all.

• Australia's banana crop was wiped out at the beginning of the year by Cyclone Larry hitting north Queensland. Prior to Larry, bananas were about two dollars a kilo and my household easily consumed four or five a day. We can't import them from other countries presumably because of that banana disease Elizabeth mentioned that we on our large and isolated island are free of and you are all trying to infect us with. So a bunch of bananas remains the price of a small car and we are all learning to live without them.

Here, have a look at what I've been knitting lately.

pink wristwarmers2

pink wristwarmers4

red mitts

red wristwarmers


blackbird said...


Joke said...

If it's any consolation, we're trying to see if we can make automotive-grade fuel out of bananas here.

I'm assuming the authorities would frown on a privately sent consignment of plantains, cavendishes and redfingers.


Daisy said...

Those are lovely!

Thanks for your lovely e-mail and info. We're dithering now...we'll see. It could be for just a year, which would be a fabulous adventure, but I don't think his current employers would like to do without him for so long.

We had a red heeler for many years - she was absolutely psycho, and bit many creatures, canine and human. She was also deaf and epileptic, and received messages from aliens (we surmised). We sure did love her, though.

I wish we could send you bananas. We'll have to settle for banana wishes.

Lazy cow said...

Love the colour of those gloves. Love the gloves too. I don't usually wear knitted ones (preferring my ancient black leather ones) but you've inspired stirrings of envy in me.

herhimnbryn said...

Oh Soup Lady, thankyou for the link.

I admire your knitting skills and patience.

I miss banana smothies for breakfast. But haven't bought any bananas. Can't bring myself to pay the $.

shula said...

you have lovely hands, suse

Kim said...

those mittens are STUNNING, the fingerless thingys are a bit weird - except for how they show off your stunning hands and glorious fingernails.

I'm commenting out of order, but so sorry to hear about your aunt. Keep safe.


lk said...

OOOOh. I must improve my knitting skills- I am coveting those wrist warmers!!!!

I was eating a banana just as I read this. What disease? OH, who cares. I wish I could ship you some but they'd be goooo by the time they arrived. Perhpas we should send you banana quickbread instead.

sueeeus said...

Those fingerless numbers are divine. And that first pose is, oh, so Audrey. :) You have gorgeous hands.

capello said...

I'm impressed with myself -- I actually knew what blue heelers were, as my parents have two. (Best. Dogs. Ever.)

And I'm so very sorry to hear about your aunt.

Alice said...

I knitted wrist warmers for markets last year but they were all in rib, not nearly as beautiful as your cable stitched ones. Such a pretty colour, too.

Elizabeth said...

I was going to mention your lovely hands but that's been covered!
I have a pair of fingerless gloves ( well, half-fingered ones) on the needles just now. Yours are beautiful. You don't really need them though, do you?
I guess I'll confess now that I thought a blue heeler might be one of those imfamous poisonous spiders you Aussie's have so many of! Go ahead, laugh.

BabelBabe said...

me too, with your gorgeous, gorgeous hands.

also, if bananas were that expensive here, we would all starve. My household consumes pounds and pounds a week. it's the only fruit Seg will eat, and Terzo eats one all by himself every single blessed morning. I buy the bruised up ones for a dollar for five pounds to use for baking - a week without banana bread is considered a tragedy by my family - and the regular nice ones for 59 cents a pound to eat. And I thought that price was high!

Yes, we have no bananas...

String Bean said...

When we lived in Virginia our next door neighbor owned three blue heelers. I never liked them much, but maybe that was because they used to terrorise our horses.

I love your wristers! Gorgeous! Are they alpaca? They look it. All warm and fuzzy.

I hope you survive without bananas. I couldn't.

meggie said...

Lurve your "Mitts"- envy your hands, so graceful!
Thoughts for your family on the loss of a member.

carolyn said...

so that tv show is named after dogs? i just remember mariko and i kept seeing ads for it over and over and we were walking around saying "blue heeela" all the time to each other. :)