7 October 2006

in lieu of actual content

silly buggers

I have been super busy knitting, but just can't show you anything just yet. Soon, I promise!

In the meantime, please enjoy my boys playing silly buggers.

I found this on my camera. I have no idea who took it, or why the child is wearing a swimming cap in the shower, but there you go. Life's never dull around here..


String Bean said...

Life's just full of surprises. Charming!

(Ah, I don't spose you got the box yet? Is this one of those deals where I get your box right away, but mine takes forever to get to you possibly going via Antarctica?)

Martina said...

Don't you just love getting those random photos?! DO think they planned it forever?? I hope you found the why and when! Love them silly boys!

--erica said...

what a photo!

My float said...

That's hilarious. Lucky they didn't moon you!