4 October 2006

We were wrong

I have just viewed my blog from work using a new-to-me browser and find I must apologise for the extreme close up of gory toothless gum, freckles and gobs of Milo over the smallest boychild's face. (see below)*

You may resume your lunch now.

*Woohoo, I can do italics and bold without that pesky confusing html code! Blogging for the technically dyslexic!

Now I'd better go do some ploicy work.


kt said...

No apologies needed for the photo, but what the HECK is Milo?

What kind of ploicy are you slingin around, using terms that I can't understand?

(Our girlie just toddled in complaining that she can't sleep as her loose tooth is "driving me crazy 'cause I can feel the bottom of it..." she's 9.)

Congrats to the boy-o on his stylish gap!

meggie said...

How do you explain Milo to someone who doesnt have it available??

I currently up shit creek trying to get bloody links!!

I need a nice soothig cup of Milo right now.

Jane said...

I think that deserves a close-up photo.

Tom isn't thrilled at still having 8 or 9 first teeth at the age of thirteen and a half (he lost his first at 7). Even Phoebe (nearly 11) has lost more teeth than him and Alice (his twin) finished losing hers a while ago. The dentist thinks it's a real positive as so many children have braces when they are young & end up having to have them again when they are older.

Martina said...

I looked for Milo...what is Milo? All I saw was freckles! Freckles are good! So is the picture.

Anonymous said...

Loved the picture. So many wonderful memories!

shula said...

A world without milo. What kind of a world is that?

Kind of chocolatey, kind of malty, kind of gritty, very milky, and almost good enough to live on.

I really do swear by it. I lived on it for a whole winter once when I was younger. I got thin, but never sick. Really.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

What Shula said for the Milo.

You can drink it hot or cold. Eat it with a spoon wet or dry. Live on it, indeed, for a whole winter.

And if you're really serious about it, it comes in huge tins that you can collect and use, when empty, as stilts (turned upside down and with strings attached for handles)

Oh, Suse, almost forgot you... Empathies re the new views. I used Firefox for the first time the other day and was a wee bit shocked to find my dainty little Ladies Lounge sidebar headings had turned into about 24point monsters. I don't want to know why, I just want it to stop!

telfair said...

Oh, I thought it was a cute picture. I love his freckles.

BTW -- I have a good friend at work whose children are involved in a Waldorf program! I was thrilled to know that there was such a thing here after reading your fabulous posts about it.
I told him I was really interested in learning more because I have a good friend in Australia whose children are having a wonderful experience in a similar program.

The only downside is, here in Michigan it is apparently VERY expensive -- but probably well worth it.

Anyway, made me think of you.

telfair said...

Too funny that I am one of the privileged Americans with a personal experience with Milo, too!

Em said...

Milo is the reason you can't name you son Milo in Australia (a very cute name in my opinion!)

Suse said...

Ah but I actually know a Milo. He is a beautiful young man too.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I knew an Italian boy called Milo when I lived in South Africa. He was very beautiful too - sigh...