27 November 2006

An exchange of goodness

I’ve been a bit slack in showing these earrings which arrived last week. The delightful LK from Gryphon’s Feather Studio sent them to me. Are they not exquisite? (Like all her work). I love and adore these things.

LK earrings

LK spied some red wrist warmers on my blog and professed a liking for them, and so a swap was born. Unfortunately, the first parcel LK sent was broken into by some horrid postal worker and the jewellery stolen. Leaving these little Halloween treats all alone.

halloween treats

Can you believe this generous woman posted a replacement parcel (containing the earrings cunningly taped to a page of a knitting magazine) two days prior to giving birth to her third babe? I am forever grateful. Not to mention impressed.

I hope your littles enjoy their knitted goodies, LK, and I hope you are revelling in post partum Baby Bliss. Thanks again for a lovely swap.

LK's swap

Ah, the goodness of the blogosphere. It’s too good to be true some days.

halloween circles


Em said...

Those earrings are gorgeous!

My daughter got some wrist warmers for her birthday - I'd never heard of them before, but obviously I'm out of the loop!

Paisley said...

The earrings are beautiful - simple and elegant. Unmentionable so-and-so's who steal from posted packages are bound to get their come-uppance from the cosmos at some point. And LK deserves an extra serve of happiness for such kindness.

Lazy cow said...

Lovely, lovely earrrings. Off to check out the link. I *need* some new earrings...

Kim said...

They are lovely. absolutely lovely.

Dy said...

Wow, those earrings are fabulous!

Stomper Girl said...

LK is clearly a good-hearted woman and a talented jeweller.

blackbird said...

I can just see those lovely dangly earrings hanging alongside your perfect porcelain neck.

I have to go now.

shula said...


Is it my imagination, or is Aust Post going completely to the dogs? I've had nothing but drama with them all year. And they used to be so reliable.

velcro said...

those earrings are beautiful.

Stjernesol said...

Love the earrings, just love'em!!!

And that's such a nice thing to do, to swap nice things to eachother :)

Joke said...

The horrid postal worker deserves...um...let's see...flaying? Or maybe garrote?

That's the best I could do, the bastid.


Surfing Free said...

Those certainly are beautiful earrings - lucky you!
I think I have to get in on some of this swapping action!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

see all the bloggy loveliness that us non-makers-of-beauty miss out on? No wonder all the crafty ones are so active on the blogosphere - those earrings are To.Die.For.

(as are the knitted goodies, you clever lass)

shula said...

Yes, I have this theory that The Pea has mastered the art of driving with her knees so that she can knit at the same time.

How else would she fit so much knitting into her day?

h&b said...

I want those earrings !!
They are stunning.

And the knitted goodies ?
Too goodie by half.

There's just no market for swapping spiders made out of egg-cartons these days ... *sigh* .. ;)

String Bean said...

How sweet of her to re-send the earrings. I hope something unfortunate happens to that horrible postal worker. What a scumbag.

The earrings are gorgeous.

How DO you knit so quickly? I wish I could pop out completed items like you do.