28 November 2006

Knitted item of the week


Son #2's latest creation.

A wee knitted pouch to hold his 'thinking stone' (a gem stone he purchased at the market last week). He has worn this non-stop all week. Under his clothes, under his pyjamas, naked, you name it.

Vital Statistics: 8ply Cleckheaton 'Tapestry'.
Twelve stitches, knitted on two pointy sticks, size unknown. Unswatched.
Cast on one evening, completed the next morning by one ten year-old boy.
Worn with pride.
Contains: a piece of hematite.


herhimnbryn said...

Bless! I hope his stone continues to help him.

Shula said...

Which will protect him, and guard him against evil and illness(if you believe in the power of stones).

And I do.

h&b said...

Talent abounds in your house.

Nipple shots though ? - egads ! ;)

Amy A. said...


My son is learning to knit and his older sister makes him feel a teensy, little bit ashamed.

I told them every kid in Ireland learns to knit in grade school. I don't know if that's true or not, but it seemed to settle the dispute.

nutmeg said...

My most fervent wish for my girls is that they take up knitting and/or embroidery and read, read, read!

This is fantastic. When did son #2 start? I have my eye on starting the girls at an appropriate time.

Em said...

I love the way kids do this - take a little something and make it special and wonderful and then don't let go of it.... lovely.

My float said...

That's so wonderful. And aren't the colours beautiful. He's a very talented young man.

Lazy cow said...

OK, Bec, are you there? My girl will have Son #2, yours can have Son #3 OK?

BabelBabe said...

holy nipple, batman!

what a great thing though - a thinking stone. how cool.

i used to wear a hematite bracelet because it's supposed to calm your mind (useful for migraine prevention) so he is onto something there!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I'm willing to do the deal, Lazy Cow, but I think we actually need to pool them in order to let the kids think they've had some kind of choice... Between you, me and Suse we have three girls and five boys, so we might have to rope in Shula's Mym and maybe Surfing Free and Nutmeg's girls and Kim's boys to really sort this out...

sueeeus said...

I love that he used pointy sticks of unknown origin. The rusticity of it! He's a very clever lad. :)

capello said...


your son is cooler than i am.

Joke said...

I'm glad the picture has been cropped to prevent unsavo(u)ry types from getting all worked up.


Stomper Girl said...

What a lovely thing. And what a sweet boy.

I think I want one for Christmas. (Special stone-pouch that is. A knitting son would also be nice but might show me up too much)

Lazy cow said...

Bec, nah, I think 3 girls and 5 boys are pretty good odds. Better than most women seem to get. (Don't mind us Suse).

shula said...

We could put all their names in a hand-knitted pouch and have a sweep.

Y'know, Suse, that boy is so fair, he's almost transparent.

The kind of transparent that inspired Michaelangelo to sculpt.

Kim said...

and I thought it was just me being a slack tart and not posting until tonight since Tuesday.

kate said...

wow... great job and pretty cool looking to boot! Its a neat skill to have for an 10 year old kid!

Nishad said...


I reached your blog looking for a design on how to make crayon bags for my kids who go to a Stenier school in Mumbai, India.

Do you have a 'How-To' you can share with me?

Nishad Ramachandran