22 November 2006

My bonnet is in the wash.*

When it's clean, I bequeath it to Sooz, the only Pollyanna pure soul amongst us.

I read the diary.

And now we shall never speak of it again.

Here. Have a look at some more books.

russian literature & babushka

The collection of Russian literature (and the occasional other Penguin black spine I now notice) from my first unfinished degree twenty years ago. This collection contains some of the world’s most tedious reading (Oblomov) and some of the world’s most fabulous (Crime and Punishment). See how the babushka stands guard? I am so witty, yes?

orange shelf

The orange shelf. Calm, orderly. Orange. Good, interesting literature; a few classics thrown in.


Starting to look a little overcrowded. Books piled horizontally, hoping a space will miraculously appear.

out of control

Totally out of control. There is just no more room for the books I manage to bring home from the op shops every couple of weeks.

I keep telling myself that once we have a shed, all the stuff in the storage room can go in that, then all my craft supplies can come off the bookshelves in my study and go into the storage room, and the overflow from these bookshelves in the dining room can go in my study.

Like that’s going to happen soon.

*Actually the washing machine broke the day before yesterday and the repair man can’t come until some time next week. At great expense, of course.

Which I guess is my karma.


ThirdCat said...

I would have spent two days pretending to myself that I wasn't going to read it.

Our dishwasher is broken, which is not quite so serious as a broken washing machine.

nutmeg said...

That bottom picture - we have MANY (so many in fact that I won't do a list) of the same books. I tried to enlarge the picture but couldn't - I was trying to make out that hardcover lying on its side with Shakespeare's face on its spine. It's very familiar but I can't think of its title. :-(

Lovely, warm atmosphere you have in your home. Very beautiful.

I too have run out of space on my shelves and have been contemplating a further cull. It's just SO hard to get rid of books. I've just got to come up with a new place to put another shelf!

Surfing Free said...

Yes, I feel your bookshelf pain. Mine are stacked up in two or even three row just to fit them in. But if I was to gather up all my books from around the house (mostly on my bedside table and on my desk at work) there is NO way I would have enough shelving to accommodate them. I really must do a purge sometime.

.... and I shall never mention 'that which should not be mentioned' ever again. But you can't stop me wondering ...

My float said...

Oh no, Pea Soup, you can't get off that lightly!! Please please share!

My float said...

The repair man will probably find a sexy thong wrapped around the agitator.

And THAT will be your karma for not sharing.

BabelBabe said...

am having fun twisting all over trying to read all the titles.

do NOT get rid of books; one of the few things I have done which I regret.

Joke said...

My Float is so damned correct on both counts, that it beggars decription.

Now, if you'd like to help defray the expense of repairing the appliance in question, I'm sure your loyal and morally flexible readership could be talked into contributing. Perhaps with a net profit, even.


Shula said...

I'll pledge a 20.

shula said...

ps. Karma my arse. You can consider yourself a karma-free zone after all that washing.

I'm sure Krishna would agree with me.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I can only assume that the diary is full of entries that read:

"Woke up, felt like shit but got better. Ate lunch. Watched telly. Fought with X. God knows why I put up with him. Cadged off rellos for another day. Food's all right but there's not enough grog. Went to bed. Knickers feel stiff. Must speak to Suse about her laundry powder."

Because if there was ANYTHING more interesting than that, I know in my heart that you would have shared it.

You would, wouldn't you?

Stomper Girl said...

Bec's diary entry absolutely cracked me up! Listen, we're bloggers, we are now professional diary readers. Of course you read it.
I'm quite poor, whan are you arriving with my muffins?

Sulky Jo said...

Well, all I can say is that I am VERY dissappointed.

Kim said...

You're kidding right?

You forgot to post the link to the new blog you've created where you're going to post 'chapters' of the diary in daily/weekly/montly installments.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I am loving how sulky jo's blog name totally matches her comment.

It's that kind of night...

jenny said...

i just posted pictures of the shed my husband built yesterday...let me know what you think, if you like it we could, y'know, fly over to visit for like two weeks while he builds a shed for you and i throw my thong in your hamper.

sound good?


herhimnbryn said...

Oh, Thankyou Soup Lady! Luverly, luverly bookcases! One of my bookcases could be twin to yours...as your books double up so do mine. There's a pic of it with my menopause post ( don't ask).

You read 'it' then? Heh, heh ;}

velcro said...

same boat as you and Nutmeg. We have 6 bookcases in our livingroom and one in the kitchen. all double stacked, and no space for a 8th. I think we will have to move house as culling books is just not an option.

Jane said...

I have to disagree about Oblomov. I found the hero quite repulsively fascinating with his slobbery and immobility. What was your first (abandoned) degree in?

I've so enjoyed reading about your recent guests. The posts made me shudder and laugh at the same time. I can never quite come to terms with just how badly some people behave. The diary is a wonderful postscript to a nightmare tale.

Stjernesol said...

I would love to live in your bookshelvs for a while, I would do ALOT of reading :)

Hope you get your washing machine back, ASAP!

Emma said...

Was it worth reading? Are you saving the juicy bits for a best selling novel?

Love your bookshelves. They look so much like my Dad's did. Full of orange books. I think I need to go buy another book case. BRB!

Oh, and I have left a trail of abandoned degrees in my wake. Still haven't decided what I'll do when I grow up.


Joke said...

I hereby pledge $1 per diary entry posted here.


My float said...

I pledge a bunch of bananas for the whole diary.

sooz said...

Oh my, don't I sound like a pain in the arse?! Really truely I am as vile as the next person when no one is looking.

Di said...

I really, really, hope there was something immensely and satisfyingly scandalous in there for you- sounds like you deserve a good laugh at their expense after being subjected to that kind of courtesy for two whole weeks! Anyway, I'm convinced there must have been some wildly embarassing stuff in it for her to be so frantic to locate it. I do hope you never send it back to her.

Suse said...

Now a bunch of bananas per juicy snippet, I might just consider.

knitabulous said...

You are such a tease! You must dish if there was anything juicy in the diary. Absolutely not buying this 'never speak of it again' crap. Tell us. Pretty please.