17 November 2006

Pardon my silence ...

... but my mother always told me

If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything.*

So, I give you this photo.
In which the inside seems to meld with the outside.

And it looks as though I'm pressing the iron to my head.

wip study in the sun

Which just kind of sums it all up, really.

* also:

Peg the socks by the toe
Not with the good scissors
Don't play with matches


Houseguests wear out their welcome after three days.


Eclair said...

So does ironing out the wrinkles really work? Because I've got some very crinkly crow's feet that could do with a quick steam press...

Jane said...

That last piece of advice is one I had to work out for myself - the hard way. And it's true.

Stomper Girl said...

I've been trying to work out the most appropriate cyber-hippy vibes to send you, and I definitely think they are **GO HOME VISITORS!! AND TAKE SUSE OUT FOR A VERY EXPENSIVE MEAL BEFORE YOU DO**

So that's what I've sent you.

I love the photo.

shula said...

My mother used to say...

Don't wash the Le Creuset pots with the green thing.

Never leave the knives in the sink...

and, my favourite...

When throwing crockery at someone's head, always do a peripheral check to be sure it's not the Meakin.

For Real.

Have you considered a small housefire?

herhimnbryn said...

Guests and fish always stink after three days.
Please don't iron your head, please don't.

justinamaria said...

oh yes. my mother always said that one about the scissors too, and she used this urgent, high pitched tone so we really knew she meant it. funny part though? i say it now too!

MsCellania said...

I have this note on my Gingher shears
I have crappe scissors all over the place, handy so all the menfolk will use them. And sure enough; they are chipped, bent and thoroughly worthless. (The scissors, not the menfolk)
Are your guest Still NOT gone! Shame on them, if not.

shellyC said...

Oh yes I know the saying well "Guests are like Fish - they stink after three days".

My husband likes to say to our guests when they are leaving "Go with God - But Go!!!!" and he has no problem taking people to the airport as he will happily tell them "I just want to make sure you actually go!!"

Though with his parents now a week into their 3 month stay - I am not sure he will be saying that to them!! i probably will!!!!

Stjernesol said...

I really liked this picture!

And please keep the iron away from your head ;)

telfair said...

Oh, dear.

I have my own in-laws coming for an entire week after our US Thanksgiving (next Thursday.) I ALREADY feel like pressing an iron to my head.

My warm thoughts are with you. Hang in there.

Elizabeth said...

It always looks so darn SUMMERY in your photos, I want to be there. (but not necessarily as an overstaying houseguest)

I second the expensive meal.

BabelBabe said...

I want to be there, too, but I would only stay for two days and I would take you out for a very nice meal and I would bring prezzies.

I just read an article in the new Harper's about Cameroonian mothers ironing their girl children's breat buds so they wouldn't develop so quickly. OUCH.