2 November 2006


• Bananas have.not.come.down.in.price. I buy five rock hard expensive peaches to celebrate the start of the warmer weather. Every day we wait in vain for them to ripen.

• International guests arrive on a dawn flight on Saturday. For two weeks. (This is a three-bedroom one-bathroom house).

• Two papers, as yet unwritten. Stress, like the ironing basket, builds.

• Three kookaburras, lined up on the branch outside the windows. Two play tug o’ war with a skink, one laughs.

• The next morning in the kitchen, I glance up mid-nag (Put your cereal bowl in the dishwasher ...) and see a KANGAROO on the lawn, not six feet away. I freeze and hiss to the child who thinks he’s in even more trouble but finally gets it and turns to see the roo just as it notices us and bounds off down the cliff out of sight. Son #2 uses this for Show and Tell a few hours later. Half the kids are thrilled – the ones who live in suburban streets; half who like us live further out listen nonchalantly. Yeah yeah, old hat.

• Today it rained. All day. Everybody walked about saying Isn’t it wonderful?!

• Today I knitted a chocolate brown fingerless glove.

• Last night, driving Son #1 to orchestra rehearsal we see an echidna by the side of the road. We are on a lonely dirt track so we simply stop the car in the middle of the road, get out and say hello. The echidna snuffles around for a minute, then waddles off, swaying and pitching like a drunken sailor.

• And here we have a blurry baby hat, made for my 47 year old friend who pushed out her fourth baby a couple of weeks ago.
blurry babyhat


Joke said...

Have you placed the peaches in a tightly closed paper bag?

Please advise when the Banana Cartel loosens its grip on the Australian throat. Is there any way to send some from over here without:

1- The bananas spoiling, and
2- Creating havoc at the Customs desk?


Stjernesol said...

what is an echidna? I don't know much about of australian wildlife.. ;)

You have enough to do these days I see.. :P

meggie said...

You are going to be busier than usual.
I, too, bought some peaches, thinking they would be a treat.
They were horrible, & dry. Must have spent a year being gassed &/or being stored.
Hope yours are nicer.

herhimnbryn said...

In Perth,
Ta ra! bananas have dropped in price....from $12.99 pk to $9.99pk....still not buying them though.

An Echidna? Still haven't seen one here. Saw two possums in the front porch last night, looking like thay had just droppped round for dinner!

Suse said...

Joke, bananas cannot be imported into Australia, unlike many other fruit. That's why when the cyclone wiped out the banana crop, we couldn't just import cheap ones from the Philippines etc. It's a quarantine issue with some disease forrin bananas are infected with and Aust is blessedly free of.

Stjernesol -


telfair said...

Love the baby hat -- so well-done.

I'm sorry to hear about bananas. They were about $13/kilo when we left and it was devastating my muffin recipes (and ruining GB's breakfast tradition since they are his favorite fruit.)

Will do a rain dance for you.

Stomper Girl said...

I love that baby hat. Although I would NOT push out a 4th kid at the age of 47 to get one. Or even a 3rd at my present age. And I'm still in my 30's. (but if I got knocked up now I wouldn't be by pushin'-time)

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I don't think your baby hat looks blurry so much as cuddly... But I'm also not wearing my glasses.

Iheard someone on ABC radio yesterday say bananas should be back down to reasonable levels in time for school to start again next year: does that make you feel better? It didn't encourage me much.

And for the peaches, yes, Joke is right sometimes a brown paper bag will help. Also, try putting them with apples. Apples give off a gas at room temperature that aids ripening (and rotting, so watch closely) which is why - no matter how pretty they are - you should always keep your apples in the fridge and away from other fruit... Yes. I listen to way too much ABC radio.

sueeeus said...

What an adorable hat!

Stjernesol said...

Thank you Suse :)

Kim said...

a fourth.

Huh, who woulda thought.

Em said...

I went the peach route too - plus one banana to help them ripen.

A 4th baby at 47?! Wow!

Joke said...

Damned shame, as the back yard is practically overrun with bananas.

And avocados, but you didn't complain about those.


SadieandLance said...

Hmmm I heard loads of people complaining about the rain last week in the Melbourne CBD. I wanted to slap them about.