13 December 2006

in which we discuss the weather

Crazy mixed up weather.

A couple of weeks ago we had the coldest November days ever in Melbourne. Wind, rain, sleet, hail, even snow on the nearby hills.

Then back to summer.

And the hottest December day in 53 years.


Which sends everyone a little troppo.

stars and moon

Too hot to knit, too hot to think.

where there's smoke

That’s the view these days. An eerie smoke-filled glow fills the sky.

The weather reports say we’re in for another scorcher tomorrow and then milder weather so the fire behaviour will be somewhat moderated. They reckon it’s still going to burn all summer long though.

The siren at the CFA station up the end of our street has been going off at all hours of the day and night. When we first moved here our neighbours told us that if the siren goes off at 5pm on a Sunday, not to panic, it just means there’s a barbecue at the station, BYO beer and come along.

These days there’s no jollity.

When the siren sounds, it’s business not pleasure.


shula said...

Ha! Suse! I'd forgotten all about the Sunday siren. And it's not uncommon for it to run a lot over Summer. It's all coming back to me now.

I imagine you guys must be feeling a little nervous. I am, and I'm living in the city. Bushfire anxiety is something that stays with you your whole life. To this day, no one in my family blinks much when there's a north wind blowing.

The CBD was like (cough) pea soup, this morning. I've never seen anything like it.

Stay safe.

Melanie said...

I never heard that one before - what if there's a fire at 5pm on a Sunday then?!

The smoke's awful - we're having an indoor day today (and doing rain dances!)

Lazy cow said...

It feels post-apocalyptic, especially with that scary red sun. This is the sort of weather that makes me wish I lived elsewhere!

herhimnbryn said...

Thinking of you and yours. We had an arsonist set light to bush across the valley yesterday. He was caught, but a house and surrounding bush was burnt to the ground, a huge smoke plume high over the Hills.

it looks like we will be clearing fire breaks around our little half acre again this weekend.

Fingers crossed for you.

herhimnbryn said...
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MsCellania said...

I'm so sorry that you'll have a hazy, smoky, scary summer. We had this a couple of years ago. I kept our photo albums, CD's of important photos and stuff, important papers and my grandmother's jewelry all on top of a bookshelf in the garage so we could grab it on the way out the door in case the fires got too close.
We had 17 days in a row over 100 last summer. Too hot to knit? Yeah. Too hot to do anything.
I hope you get a good, cooling rain. And no mudslides!

Emma said...

You and all of Victoria have been in my thoughts. I hope you get a break in the weather soon.


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Hear, hear. We've got the crazies too. Maximums of 36degrees followed by 19 - everyone pulling their jumpers out from the top of the wardrobes again, only to be boiling by lunchtime...
I just hope John Howard is spending enough time outdoors away from air conditioning to really cop some of the impact of this climate change - i can't believe anyone can be in denial any more, can you?

Janet said...

Smoke is still thick and heavy, even in the inner city. We've all got sore eyes and throats. It's like being a kind of warm yet dismal fog and I think it's making us all a bit anxious and crazy. As is the thought of a 120k fire front. And it's still only December.

Yearning for widespread, decent rain and a non-firefanning breeze.

I imagine it's all a bit tense up in the hills, even while being well prepared. Stay safe.

nutmeg said...

It's hard to read that you may be under threat all Summer. It's VERY unsettling.

As a youngster (before we headed to the North Coast), we used live in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and my Dad was a bush fire fighter. Certain Summers we hardly saw him and we were always worried.

Like Bec said, surely we can't deny this climate change thing any longer? A red hazy sun, nothing much freakier than that....

Mary said...

It sounds very scary. Stay safe.

shellyC said...

We headed to Country NSW on the weekend - every dam we passed we all looked in with the hope there was water in it. It is a really sad and heart breaking situation at the moment.

Stay safe and thinking of you all in Victoria.

lk said...

Be safe. You are the practical sort, so no doubt you and Simon have a plan. I wish I could send along some rain.

The weather seems to weird around the world.
It is winter here and the temperature here was 60 degrees farenheit here. Past years would find us at 19 degrees Farenheit to about 45- tops.

Isabelle said...

Well,it's a various world. Those fires sound terrifying. Here in Scotland, rain and wind appear to have set in for good, and some little blighter at the college where I teach has set off the fire alarm TWO DAYS RUNNING so that we all have to stand outside getting soaked while the fire engines come and the fire fighters check the building. Not feeling very Christmassy right now... but your decorations are LOVELY.

Suse said...

Thanks for all your kind words. It IS scary. We have our bushfire plan in place and have done all the preparation. Let's hope we don't have to put it into action. Unlike the poor souls further east right now.

(But Simon, who's Simon? ;)

zephyr said...

i realize you may not see my comment
being as i'm slow to do so...but i agree
TOTALLY scary. i've crossed fingers and toes for you and your countryside...that quenching rains will come...but just enough...you don' t need floods after fires...stay safe. i hope you don't have to use your emergency plan.

Elizabeth said...

The fires have reached our news up here in Canada, although they have only shown Tasmania ablaze.
Very scary.
I'd happily sent some of our rain (and bananas!) if I could.
Take care.

littlejennywren said...

We are all praying for rain. Stay safe. I think it's a good plan to keep making soft trees, your own bush regeneration programme.

sueeeus said...

I'd send some of our rain if only I could. We had thunder and lightning with sideblowing rain this morning!

shula said...

Hey Janet! Make that a 200km fire front.

And growing.

Kim said...

have been thinking of you loads. Hope all is OK in your neck of the woods.

herhimnbryn said...

hey Suse......thankyou for the Third cat 'gift'. You were right...love it!

i can understand your tears listening to your son reciting The Highwayman......My Pa used to recite it to us at bedtime...he was good, so good I can still recite it by heart!

Avus said...

Hello Suse - just dropping by via herhimnbryn. (I am the "Pa" in her last entry). What an unrealised future responsibility we have towards our children - they are moulded by what we read to them at bed-time.(or don't read, which is more like it often these days).

Sorry to hear about the bush fires - us Pommies often dream about the warm, sunny life in Oz, but there is always a flip side.
Keep safe!