11 December 2006

Second Sunday of Advent 2006

advent candles, 2nd Sunday

On the second Sunday of Advent we light two candles.

The children choose something from the plant world to put on the Advent table and we say the verse

The second light of Advent
It is the light of plants
Plants reach up to the sun
And in the breezes dance.

stable with trees

Some items on the table this year are new. The old stable (four logs with a roof of paperbark) did not survive the house move, so a new one was quickly pressed into service.

The Advent Fairy also decided some trees were in order for the week that celebrates the plant kingdom and so Stephanie’s soft tree pattern was put to good use. It’s addictive. I’m up to twelve trees so far. I love their funky naïve homemade look. Although that could be my amateurish sewing skills. The Advent Fairy likes to wind down with a merlot in the evenings.

christmas mantelpiece

The angels are new too. The paper chain angels used for the last few years were way past their best and anyway they weren’t long enough for the enormous mantelpiece in this house. So a new chain was in order; made from an op-shopped cream wool blanket for superior durability.

Christmas mantel

Look! More trees.

The evening concludes with Mr Soup reading the next chapter of Mary’s Little Donkey. The children demand he reads the donkey bits with an Eddie Murphy accent. He fails miserably.

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soft trees in white & green green and white soft trees

I told you they were addictive.
Soft tree flickr group here.


Jo said...

Your angels are divine!

shula said...

Your whole family lifestyle/philosophy is divine. I admire it so much.

I would so love to be this way.

And I am so not.

However, I do have you to watch.

So, I'm sweet.

Mary said...

We've just started on the soft trees as well. I did four yesterday - the children decorated too - and I'm planning on doing some more today. Now I want to do some angels like yours as well.

Stomper Girl said...

I'm inspired to try an angel string like yours. It looks so beautiful.
Happy second week of advent to you and your family. I'm like Shula. I feel as though I'm living this spiritual, earthy Christmas spirit vicariously.

daysgoby said...

What shula said.

I love the traditions!

capello said...

are really love your trees and angels.

BabelBabe said...

i love the trees. especially the funky fabric - especially especially the white ones.

sueeeus said...

What a fabulous mantel and string of oh-so-posh angels. Those will last years and one day, decades hence, adorn the mantel in the home of one of your fine sons, as he in turn reads a chapter from Mary's Little Donkey to his little ones... Can't you just see it? sniffle sniffle

herhimnbryn said...

I love the angels, great idea to use the blanket......I know just what you mean about the little trees!

Hope you and yours are ok....with the news this morning of the bushfires, I thought of you.

h&b said...

Those trees are gorgeous, but i'm in *love* with yout blanket angels.

I love how the soft blanket folds and buckles in parts, giving them a real '3D' look. Brilliant. Was it hard to do ? Did you do it all in one string ? ( I can't imagine a blanket folding and cutting so well through so many layers ? ).

I don't suppose you'll want to reveal your secrets ? ;)

Garden girl said...

love the decorations and the blog - new to this one. How inspiring you are!

Garden girl said...

do you have a pattern for those lovely angels?

Suse said...

You just draw an angel template to your own liking (or copy mine). If you want to make a paper chain, fold white paper many times and then cut out once and open up so you have a chain. If you want to do a woollen one like mine, you will have to lay the template on the blanket's edge over and over, cutting each one individually, but ensuring they are joined just below the wing tip. The blanket is just too thick to cut once like a paper chain.

Hope that answered the questions!

--erica said...

Those little trees are completely addictive!

littlejennywren said...

Love your Christmas decorations.