22 January 2007


by Sooz with the six weird things meme.

I seem to remember doing a meme like this before (I'm sure I've written about my bizarre but hugely useful internal compass before, and the eating of chips upside down [just bizarre, not the least useful]), but I'm too darn lazy to go look for it.

Anyway so six weirdo things, redux.

1. I can happily have several knitting projects on the go at once, but reading more than one book at a time stresses me immensely. I finished the Bill Bryson book this morning and am enormously relieved as I can now concentrate on The Book Thief and not feel compromised or strangely adulterous.

2. I like to cook sweet things but not savoury.

3. I have a rule regarding my blog wherein the only pictures are photographs I've taken. There are some bloggers I greatly admire who regularly include pictures of artworks from various galleries and museums, or products they've discovered and want to share. But it's not for me. (I don't download audio or visual clips either, but that's more to do with my technical ignorance than any kind of moral superiority thing).

4. I can wiggle my ears. My children find this very weird but distinctly funny.

5. I don't do blood. I cannot donate blood, have a blood test, or even talk about visceral matters without my knees starting to feel strange. My mother thinks this is not weird but pathetic and is something I should just overcome with positive thinking so I can go and donate blood like any responsible civic-minded citizen. But I just can't. When we were at the beach the other week with our friends, one of the children (NOT MINE PRAISE THE HEAVENS) hit his head on a rock while boogie boarding and ohmygodthebloodandgorepouringdownhisface was incredible. The wound turned out to be quite tiny but ohmygod do you know how much foreheads bleed, it was like a horror movie. Now I hasten to add that while the crisis was unfolding I was fine and I swung into action with the other adults, grabbing hankies and clean tissues and so on and herding the other children back onto dry land and stopping them gawking or making unhelpful comments to the poor boy regarding the amount of blood and so on, and generally being useful and grownup. But once the crisis was over I fell in a heap and sat on a rock with my head between my knees feeling really rather ridiculous, while the child himself giggled and talked about how it didn't really hurt at all (despite the fact that he looked like an axe murder victim) and the child's mother who is a nurse and midwife and so you know blood is an everyday occurrence and what's the big deal and for heaven's sakes why is Suse hunched on a rock looking pale and clammy how pathetic and god does this mean we now have two invalids we have to carry up the gazillion steps from beach to carpark oh great we've enough to carry what with six boogie boards and an esky and beach bags and towels and six children including one who is bleeding profusely ...

Okay, maybe not weird, more pathetic.

Just typing all that has made me feel woozy. I think I need a lie down.

6. Before I go, number six: I like to knit weird little things like these.

PS. Have just seen the comet and am greatly impressed. Go outside and have a look!

PPS. I am supposed to tag six people which I don't feel up to (lying down, and all). So, I tag the first six people who a) comment and b) want to do it.


blackbird said...

feel better...poor thing - you're a delicate flower.

I'll think about it.

sueeeus said...

1. moi aussi (I meant to say me too, in case that isn't right, oh guru of French), re the one book at a time thing.

3. Just today I got an email forwarded from a friend (who YOU KNOW from our distant mingled past, who is actually now an in-law of mine, as she is married to my sister's husband's brother, so I know you know exactly of whom I speak)... deep breath, that was a long phrase ... and the email contained a picture of a boy from one of our blogging friends (who I will look up shortly and notify, as soon as I can find the post from which it was taken). ALARMING!!

5. Sympathies, my dear. When my boo boy's hemangioma broke, it bled as you describe the beach boy's forehead wound. Terrifying!

6. Love those little gnome-like knits!

p.s. Missed the comet because the roads were icy and I thought all the people pulled over on the side of the road were avoiding collision, rather than gazing westward. I was bravely and carefully venturing out to collect my child. Sigh.

p.p.s. Ooh! Tagged - sort of! I'll think about it. :)

jorth said...

I tried to donate blood once. Big mistake. Passed out, had a fit and came to only to find myself surrounded by a gaggle of nurses, one of whom was attempting to hold down my thrashing legs.


PS Tagged - excellent!

BabelBabe said...

Due to Red Cross guidelines, I am not permitted to donate blood.
Makes things very simple. But I also am not sqeaumish in the least.

I already did this meme, and had a tough enough time coming up with the first six things. Sorry, dear.

velcro said...

what comet?

is there a time limit to the tag?

Janet said...

yes, what's this about a comet?

I'd rather cook sweet than savoury anyday and I'd rather eat sweets all day, but that can't be good for you...

I've already done it and eventhough I had a great deal of difficulty thinking of six weird things in the first place, now I can't stop. But doing it again would be really, really weird? So I won't.

telfair said...


Lucky number seven, right here.

Unfortunately, I've already done it...

Em said...

I can't donate blood either - because of the fainting thing. I'm not generally squeamish so I'm not sure why I am affected this way, but I do feel bad about not being able to do my bit.

sueeeus said...

How many bottles of wine does it take to clothe a gnome? Those are corks, aren't they? I counted nine!

meggie said...

Blood doesnt bother me- unless...it comes from one of my offspring! Then it is panic stations- but usually, like you, after the event.
I cant give blood because my veins all collapse, & very few people have my blood group. Lucky me!

And yes, what comet?? My brother mentioned it as being spectacular- much better than fizzer Haleys?
And I love your wee gnomes!

nutmeg said...

As I said once before I love your knitted cork pixies. LOVE them. Not weird at all.

Been wanting to read The Book Thief for a while - hope it treats you well.

Stomper Girl said...

Oh your blood thing made me laugh and laugh! And bizarrely, I see Jorth and I had EXACTLY the same experience upon donating blood, so I've only ever done it the once too. Which means there's now 7 weird things happening on this here post! I just look the other way when the medical profession take my blood. Which was every fortnight when I was pregnant because of a strange blood condition. Ow my poor bruised inside elbow. Hope that info didn't make you feel faint. Sorry.

elena jane said...

omgosh, i can do blood okay now, i shoot into action and then like you sit quietly afterwards quietly freaking out!
cute little knitted things :)

elena jane...visiting via link from someone's blog

--erica said...

I love your "weird" list.
you're not so weird you know.. just rather cute.

shula said...

I've had far too many blood tests in my life. When I have to have one these days, if they so much as LOOK like they're going to mess it up... I am out cold on the floor.

It's the only thing in the world that can make me faint.

Judi said...

My mum, God bless her, would always run in the opposite direction .Once when I was six, I gashed my forehead (and yes it does gush)I ran in the back door only to hear Mum hastily going out the front! She would physically hold her knees to stop them collapsing from under her. Luckily I always seemed to have an older sibling handy..never did ask her why..it just was..Mum. Happy birthday Climber..those eyes..those eyes


These are great!!!!!
i love them!

Molly said...

Had to check you out,[to make sure you weren't a half wit].And you're so not [relieved?] Loved browsing. Your knitted pixies are adorable. I've been through all the stages with my kids. Feel for you. Savour the moments. Sooner than you know it they'll be up in smoke.....thank god for photos.