17 January 2007




Can you write about what it was like to be a new mum?
Yes I can. But that’s a whole post. In fact, it’s a whole blog. But I’ll try and oblige as it’s something I’ve been pondering a lot recently as all three of the children’s birthdays are imminent and the eldest is about to become a teenager.

Watch this space.

Do you have air conditioning?
No, but today I bought two ceiling fans. So did many many other Melburnians apparently.

Who taught you to knit?
My mum. That’s her in the picture up there. Minus her needles.

Are you native Australian, or born elsewhere?
If you read my 100 Things over there on the sidebar, you’ll discover I was born in London. We were Ten Pound Poms.

You know I'm here, right?
No, I was never sure if you read or not as you’ve not commented. I’m delighted to learn that you are! (Y’all).

What is your favorite color combination?
I’m quite partial to duck egg blue and chocolate brown right now.

Tell me a couple of crafty shops I should see next time I'm in Melbourne.
Erm … depends what kind of craft. There are heaps of good yarn shops (my favourite). Wool Baa, Sunspun, Marta’s Yarns … Are you a quilter? If so, Patchwork on Central Park is good.

Are you finding it too hot to knit? And what do you do when it is?
Currently I’m knitting sixteen special mystery items of which I must not speak. They’re in cotton, which somehow feels easier than wool in this godawful heat. If I can’t face knitting, I read. [Currently: ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak. I gave up on Orhan Pamuk’s ‘Snow’ as I just couldn’t come at political and religious conflict, not to mention blizzards, in this heat. I’m also still giggling my way through Bill Bryson’s ‘Thunderbolt Kid’ memoir. Lovely stuff, as Son #2 would say].

G & T vs. Cosmopolitan. Which is the most delightful when sipped under the jacaranda on a hot afternoon with your feet in the paddling pool?
I don’t believe I’ve ever had a Cosmopolitan. I shall report back.

Can we see that view from your house you keep showing us again?
Sure. When the smoke clears I’ll be obsessively taking pictures once more.

Do you miss anything about living in the city?
I miss our old but beautifully-renovated-with-our-own-blood-sweat-and-tears-house. I miss being a five minute drive from the theatre/ballet/opera/galleries/Vietnamese restaurants. I miss being a five minute drive from work and a ten minute drive from uni. I don’t miss anything else. Oh, hang on. I miss my Californian Tree Poppy. I must plant one here.

How are you going to have time to answer nearly 300 questions?
I figured only 30 or so would respond. I was about right. I think those site meters lie.

Does knitting while under the influence affect the end result?
Probably. But I wasn’t knitting last night, I was fooling around on the computer, blogging under the influence. I apologise for any incoherent, misspelled comments I made on all your blogs.

Bombay Sapphaire or Tanqueray?
Gordon’s. All.the.way.

Does promising to visit Melbourne and then failing to show up count as a lurk of some kind?
You bet, slacker.

So, where do you buy your needles?
Op shops for old wooden ones and bright plastics. I did succumb to the pale smooth beauty of a 99c pair of bamboo 4.0mms last week at Lincraft. Gosh that was a terrible sentence. But it's midnight so that's all my brain can manage.

Thanks to everyone else who de-lurked without a question. It was fun to see some new names.


Ali la Loca said...

I'm de-lurking, though it seems I missed the boat on the last post.

I've commented here once or twice before, but I always come to read. You have quite the sense of humor and it's such a refreshing thing in the midst of some heavy duty introspection going on in other corners.

Here in Mozambique it's terribly hot as well. We also have no air-con, and sadly today no Gordon's in the house.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I wondered if a rhetorical question would count!

Joke said...

What? No Cosmopolitans, ever?


Lazy cow said...

Last time I drove past (a couple of weeks ago) Marta's Wool was still closed but her on-line shop is open. (I think she is very ill).

herhimnbryn said...

Hurrah! Gordons gin indeed. Also the only gin for homemade Martinis ( with 2 olives please).

ps am reading Eucalyptus......am enchanted. Thankyou for the lead.

nutmeg said...

Duck egg blue and chocolate brown. Beautiful combination. Hope the smoke clears a little soon.

capello said...

hey, send some of your heat this way and i'll send some clear skies you way. mkay?

tamara said...

Oh! I missed the opportunity to de-lurk a little more; I have commented before, but not in a regular fashion.

So, to a question: What do you like the most about having moved away from the opera/ballet/Vietnamese meals etc? (I ask, having moved away from those exact same things in the exact same city almost a year ago now...)

Eclair said...

Never had a Cosmopolitan?

Throw some ice in your blender. Crush.
Splash in two shots of vodka and one shot of triple sec.
Hack up a lime and squeeze into the blender. Throw in the squeezed lime too.
Pour in cranberry juice - how much depends on how much you want to dilute the alcohol.
Blitz in blender VERY briefly, just enough to mix. About a second - two at the most.
Pour into tall glass. Drink in the shade or while wearing sunglasses.

Meg said...

Gordons, hey. I shall have to pay more attention next time I have a gordons g&t.
I am half way through Snow and having the same troubles with it as you!

Annagrace said...

Another tardy de-lurker, I'm afraid. Just found you and you are a delight. That's all, no questions yet.

Suse said...

Nope, not ever. So now I have to buy triple sec (wtf?), cranberry juice, and a blender. Hmmm. It might be a while until I report back. I'm broke having just bought two ceiling fans, some Ikea bunks, a mattress and a shed. Oh, and a pair of red shoes.

Tamara - do you have a blog so I can visit? Where have you moved to? Is it you who commented once before and are sending your littles to Steiner kinder? As to your question, I love being surrounded by bush, skies, nature, wildlife (roos at the end of teh road, echidnas and kookaburras in the garden), national park athe end of teh road, and the beautiful beautiful river. I also love that we have been so embraced by the community here. Do get in touch - I want to find out where you are!

Hello also to ali and annagrace and meg et al.

carolyn said...

i loved patchwork on central park; i dropped a serious amount of $$$ there on my trip!!! :)