4 February 2007

phrases from books and tv shows that have entered our family lexicon (updated as I remember more)

... and Wombat beamed.
The final line in Mem Fox's Wombat Divine. Spoken quietly and in a satisfied manner when a member of the family does something especially fine. Or whenever something is proclaimed 'divine'.

I won the shiny red car!
From an episode of Cheers. A dumb blonde in a low cut dress wins a competition in the bar. Always pronounced with a bubbly wide-eyed voice.

Shrieked at top speed in near-hysterical anger, with a psychotic gleam in the eye, by the policeman in Withnail and I. That actor only had one line in the entire film. He made the most of it. You can buy the t-shirt here or listen to the line over here. In our family it is utilised when children are dawdling and the ringing of the school bell is imminent.

Howdy sports fans!
Another quote from Cheers. From Norm this time. Gosh I miss Cheers.

Otto in A Fish Called Wanda when he and Jamie Lee Curtis open the safe and find it emptied of cash. Spoken softly and deadpan.

Not happy, Jan.
Much of Australia quotes this on a regular basis, as do we. From a rather funny ad for the Yellow Pages. Go here to learn how the ad then morphed into a political campaign (not happy, John) and even a book about Howard's failures. Watch the ad too if you so desire.

Not beans again? No nuh-no!
I've mentioned before that I came this close to being the poor unfortunate (but well paid) thirteen year old sod who had this line in the ad for Rosella Savoury Rice. It was in fact my audition line but I ended up in the Vesta ads in my school uniform, so that every couple of days in 1977 eight hundred schoolchildren from Mentone Girls' squinted at the telly, Ohmigod is that our uniform? Mum, there's someone on tv wearing our uniform! Who is it? Is it someone I know? I think it's that little kid in Year 7. Are you sure it's our uniform? Gees she's speaking so fast I can't work out what she's saying. etc etc My lines were not nearly so memorable. Thankfully.

Oh my god, I've killed a hippie.
Mr Soup's favourite. Rik Mayall's line when he accidentally injures his best friend Neil in The Young Ones. Trivia learnt recently: did you know Vyvyan's surname was apparently 'Bastard'?

You're welcome.

Violet and Rose reminded me of the Uncle Sam deoderant ads (yes, V&R, I'm old enough to remember those. Do you also remember the wonderfully deplorable show Aunty Jack (refresh your memory here if necessary)? We still sing You need Uncle Sam, you need Uncle Sam, let's get together with the spray in a can ... regularly. I also remember a joke that did the rounds in the 70s -

What do you get if you cross Aunty Jack with Uncle Sam?
A deoderant that will rip yer bloody arms orf.

Boom boom.

This leads to me another quote I must include.

Orf with his head!
Miranda Richardson spouted this every 3.2 seconds as the Queen of Hearts in the film Alice in Wonderland. In fact I think she also did as Queenie, in Black Adder. Anyway, shrieked occasionally in our house when one of the children misbehaves.

And of course ...

I have a cunning plan.
Baldrick. In Black Adder. Doesn't everyone quote this at least biannually?

Mr Soup reminded me we have three regular quotes from the movie Down by Law.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Not original to that film, but the scene is so funny it'll make you, um, scream.

I am a good egg. He is a good egg. We are all, good eggs.
Pronounced HEGG. A la Robert Benigni.

It is a sad and beautiful world.
Said sorrowfully and wistfully. Again, a la Robert Benigni. I am secretly in love with Robert Benigni.

And on another note entirely ...

and the other person sings out loud Deep in the heart of Texas!
From Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure.

Oh, and a Mr Soup favourite:
Just another waffer-thin mint?
Monty Python. We're not big Monty Python quoters - there are enough of them in the universe already but we do like the common garden-variety You think you were poor? We lived in a cardboard box in the middle of the road, got up before we went to bed, licked the road clean, etc etc.

I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.
Star Trek/Wars/Space Invaders/Buzz Lightyear pathetic sci fi nerdy geek film.
Used whenever the children make some ridiculous request.


meggie said...

This is the best laugh I have had all week!
We have 'family phrases' that trigger us off too!
Still laughing!

sueeeus said...

I love that you employ these in your family life!

Lazy cow said...

"Not happy Jan", such a brilliant line. And "not beans again" gets used a lot here as we have them quite often!

telfair said...

"not happy Jan" was one GB & I picked up over there, for sure.

I also like the wombat one, maybe I'll try to get it worked into our own lexicon.

plum said...

I confuse myself when I use my own phrases (often from obscure shows) and realise that no one has ANY IDEA what I am going on about. I then remember that said show had a viewing population of about 4 in Australia!

Stomper Girl said...

RE Oh My God I've Killed A Hippie. Our fave catchphrase from that show was Oh Wow! These lentils are really amazingly HOT!! to be said whenever you burn yourself on the cooking utensils, preferably weaving around the kitchen in your best slouchy Neil impersonation.

Vyvyan's surname was Basterd, which is the same thing really.

Eclair said...

I love these. We have family phrases from when I was little and we lived in Australia. When it is time for dinner someone shouts "Wash your hands, Geoffrey!" and everyone shouts back "With the Salvo, Geoffrey!"

Does anyone else remember that soap advert?

It really shows our age, looking at where our family phrases come from. When we referred to a rabbit in our garden as the Holy Handgrenade of Antioch, three teenagers looked at us blankly. Gosh, I feel old!

Emma said...

We have phrases too ... You put Basil in Ratatouie?? (Fawlty Towers)

We also gleefully misquote The Goon Show.

You would have liked the Brisbane Myers windows this Christmas. Wombat Divine was the story depicted.


Emma said...

We have phrases too ... You put Basil in Ratatouie?? (Fawlty Towers)

We also gleefully misquote The Goon Show.

You would have liked the Brisbane Myers windows this Christmas. Wombat Divine was the story depicted.


Emma said...

We have phrases too ... You put Basil in Ratatouie?? (Fawlty Towers)

We also gleefully misquote The Goon Show.

You would have liked the Brisbane Myers windows this Christmas. Wombat Divine was the story depicted.


Badger said...

Oh, how I loved the Young Ones. I can still sing the Dr. Martens Boots song. And I try to work Neil's "uncool and heavy" into as many conversations as possible.

Suse said...

Oh I'd forgotten the Solvol (not Salvo, I think) ad!

Also, "You know you're soaking in it?"


"Drink it Freddy. Drink it."

shula said...

We have more quotes from The Young Ones and Ripping Yarns than I care to admit.

One of my personal favourites:

Ok, hands up who likes Human League!

h&b said...

Classic !

A few of those are bantered around here too.

I always say "Let me in Shaun, Let me In", which was an 80's Colgate Commercial no-one remembers, and i'm buggered why I am doomed to keep repeating it ( I bet you're using my Colgate Fresh-Mint Gel ! )

No-one named Shaun lives here.

So you're a Southside girl moved North ? I'm a Northside girl moved South ;)

Actually .. i'm not sure i'm from anywhere particular, on second thoughts ..

LOL at Shula ... Ripping Yarns .. heh ;)

Violet & Rose said...

Oh those cheesy 70's ads! Am I really showing my age by saying that I use to march around our house singing "You need Uncle Sam, You need Uncle Sam"? And what about "Avagoodweekend" "You too Mr Walker".
Now with the girls, we have favourite book lines. I say to them that we are going "Straight back home" and they finish with "to bed". (Hairy Maclary). We say that we love each other "to the moon and back" (Guess How Much I love you?) and "I do love you, blue kangaroo" (from the various blue kangaroo books by, name escapes me, is it something like Emma Chitchester?). But my current catch cry is "Harriet, you drive me wild!" The Mem Fox book I relate to the most!

Violet & Rose said...

Thank goodness, I thought I was showing my age a little too much. And I've remembered how much I wanted to be a Big M girl too ... or even just a big girl who drank Tab. And while on British comedy, our days are littered with "Little Britain" catchphrases. Favourites being "Yeah, I know" and "I am a lady".

tut-tut said...

Black Adder! Wish they'd run that again here.

BabelBabe said...

H and I watched Blackadder on video one week when we were both sick. Totally ridiculous, but so fun!

Most of our family phrases come from Young Frankenstein...hmmmm.....

Iona said...

"A plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel". Of all the Black Adder I've watched, I use that one the most. So many that we use - all those fab Brit comedies, especially Monty Python. When our son misbehaves: 'He's not the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy!'.

Also, I remember more 70s ads than I care to think about.

Surfing Free said...

Hee hee ..... the conversations at your house must be fascintating!!
We like to use 'cunningly fashioned from purest green', a line from Black Adder that seems to suit a wide range of occasions ;)

Also Hubby and I sometimes try to have conversations using only song lyrics .... I always beat him black and blue at that games because I KNOW my song lyrics :)

Joke said...

I have a truly base and shameful crush on Miranda Richardson.

It's pitiful, really.


Meg said...

Moving countries in my late 20s has left me with a bevy of tv lines from my childhood that noone understands here, and a complete lack of local popular culture knowledge leaving me out in the cold sometimes nowadays! But I try to catch up as best I can; my favourite line in regular use in my family is 'How's the serenity' from The Castle.

Rachael said...

Believe it or not my fav BlackAdder line is "apple-o-gees"!!!
And being a scrub nurse, typical favourite work qoutes, "The machines that go BING" (Monty, of Course) and "it's always fun until someone loses an eye" And regular qoutes from The House of God, of course.
Used regularly in our house "To keep the rabbits out" as a standard answer to that which we can't answer, and "and this one time, at band camp" when the questioning all gets too much!!!

Moorecat said...


You need Uncle Sam, you need Uncle Sam
Let's get together with the stars-and-stripes can
It's the perfect connection for fellas and girls
And under your arms you're on top of the world

Fawlty Towers:
"What did you expect? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain?"

Meaning of Life:
"Get that for me, would you, Deirdre?"
"One more wafer-thin mint for monsieur?" (in an outrageous French accent)

as well as all the regulars, most of which have already been mentioned :)

Moorecat said...

Also can't believe nobody has mentioned:

"Look at mooi, Kimmy"

Dreadful women!!

String Bean said...

We use disaPOINTed, too! We also use the quote "It's not the Spanish Inquisition."

Love your quotes. Isn't it odd how every family has their own that they use? Sort of an entire family inside joke.

Miss Eagle said...

Miss Eagle posted on the latin version of the cunning plan - seen on an unlikely motor vehicle in Upper Ferntree Gully. But another quote that Miss Eagle used just yesterday "we roared". Taken from writings of Jessica Mitford about her rather unique family. When everyone was broken up laughing at something it was described as "we roared". Don't we all do that sometimes?!

Di said...

Great phrases. I think Comedies make for the best quotes.
In addition to the Blackadder ones you mentioned, our family uses a few Monty Python ones ("Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" and "'Tis but a flesh wound") along with other early British TV comedys that my father is often quoting.
My husband and his best mate are always quoting the Simpsons, but he quotes so many episodes and phrases there aren't any that I identify with as being regular quotes.

daintee said...

i've stolen this idea to use on my own blog ;)

(but i've credited you with the idea!)

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