25 March 2007

A wedding story

Friday was 38 degrees.

Bloody hot.

So bloody hot that we had our fans on full blast and the evaporative cooler on (a rare occurrence). We were wilting. Wilting I tell you.

Saturday morning on the other hand, was so very very cold that the children huddled around the heater to get dressed. (Welcome to Melbourne. Oven-like one day, witch’s tit cold the next).

We left home incredibly early, as we had to be on a faraway beach at low tide. For a wedding.

Oh, it was a long, wet drive.

wet drive

We thought sympathetically of the poor bride, imagining her whimpering about her special day being ruined by the weather. We needn’t have worried, she’s made of stern stuff and didn’t let trivial matters such as earache-inducing wind and pelting rain bother her. Resplendent in bare feet and a shoestring strap dress, she was so high on adrenalin she wasn’t feeling a thing. After a glass of champagne on an empty early-morning stomach (I can’t face breakfast before the sun rises), neither was I.

wedding beach3

Nice, huh? (Now all the Melburnian readers are playing Guess the Wedding Beach).

no need to blow

Did I mention it was windy? The children were given bubbles (the adults got champagne).

There was no need to blow.

wedding beach4

The Good Wedding Fairies were watching over our little gathering and the rain stopped just long enough for the ceremony to take place. The sun even came out as the happy couple signed the papers and we all drank champagne.

See how focussed I am on the alcohol? Have I mentioned it was cold? And windy? And I’d had no breakfast? I was becoming a tad giggly and hysterical by this stage. (Have I mentioned I am a cheap drunk also?)


And as we were leaving, the stormclouds were brewing again.

wedding shoes

Back to the car and off to find hot chocolates (and breakfast for Suse to soak up all that champagne) to thaw out and kill time before the reception.

D’you like my shoes? The old red maryjanes died and I have had to replace them with these until I find the perfect pair. These are not perfect, but they’ll do for now.

I wore my new brooch too. Want to see?


I did wear some other stuff as well. I promise. Black pants, long black tunic with white top underneath.


Here I am, all dishevelled from the wind and cold, peering through the windscreen in hopes of spotting a café serving HOT DRINKS. (I had no idea some child had pinched the camera until I downloaded these this morning. My first thought was Is that what my hair looks like from behind? Just like Hermione when she uses the Time Turner and watches herself attempting to rescue the hippogriff).

But I digress.

The reception was fine, the food pleasant and the cake amazing, the speeches not toooo long, and the bride, possibly against Good Wedding Etiquette, announced her pregnancy. It was a happy day.

The sun even stayed out.

wedding shoes in the sun

Yep, Mr Soup had sandy shoes too.

It was a very long drive home.

God I’m tired.

The end.


Eclair said...

It sounds like a thoroughly nice wedding day. And your hair looks lovely from behind.

shula said...

Cape Shanck?


Damn, it's going to drive me crazy.

BabelBabe said...

You are gorgeous.
and Mr Soup has very long legs.
It does sound like a nice day, and I love the beach idea for marriage. See, knew I should've eloped. Churches are overrated, if less windy.

and thank you for the update on the Search for the perfect Red Mary Janes : ) Those are cute, but I like backless. I think.

Janet said...

I know I've been there, but I can't place it...

Your hair looks so elegant, not at all dishevelled (how I love that word).

That beach, aargh..

Stomper Girl said...

Melbourne Weather! I hear ya. I had to dash around without the (air-conditioned) car on the hot wilting day organising myself, then had to perform (with kids) in the open air with the threat of torrential rain on the witch's tit cold day. But the wedding fairies looked after us too! There was much less alcohol in my morning but I am as tired as you! The end.

Good on your boy for giving us a shot of the back of your head!

blackbird said...

so NICE!
OOOOHhhhhh the back of your neck has me all weak kneed.
God, I can almost picture all of you and now I am going to be distracted at church.

Mr. Soup looks lovely too.


telfair said...

As a temporary Melburnian, I have no idea which beach it was. I'm going to guess it was on the Mornington peninsula rather than the Great Ocean Road, though...

You really did look lovely and the photo of the storm clouds gathering over the beach made me homesick for my once-upon-a-time home.

Stjernesol said...

wonderful shoes, wonderful story and wonderful pictures :)

Sounds like a nice day...

Badger said...

Red mary janes are ALWAYS a good idea.

Katya said...

I love your red shoes -- they are really cute. Melbourne sounds a lot like Alabama -- hot one day, freezing the next. Of course, once we get through our 2 weeks of spring, it will just be hot all the time.

Ali said...

I want your shoes.

jorth said...

And yet again we manage to coincide with the weddings. Except this time mine was on Friday afternoon (that's right, in that heat!) and the rain managed to hold off until about 5 seconds after the last of the photos were done. Phew!

tut-tut said...

you look super cool! Love your shoes (and your glasses).

MsCellania said...

Well, the turn of your French knot is a dead giveaway that you are a lefty, a SouthPaw, a More-Brain-User-Type (now pooh-pooh'd by some righty, I think).
The very best reason to get married is a baby, I think. That way they won't get all set in their ways before their little life-changer shows up.

Looks lovely. Your life always does, as do you!

Melanie said...

I have some doubts about the French twist/ left hand connection. I am lefthanded, but my twist goes the other way :)

The wedding we attended on Saturday was up near Ballarat - freezing! The bride (also expecting) held it together despite the rain, and it was lovely. Glad yours was too.

Surfing Free said...

Oh, I love a good beach wedding. And I love your red shoes, and the back of your head, and your single-minded focus on hot beverages and food :)

Iona said...

Wedding coincidences this weekend. Up at Marysville on Saturday - very witch's tit cold - reception in a marquee in a paddock, with no heating (the marquee, that is). My husband knew this beforehand and failed to tell me as I tripped out in light eveningwear. Anyways, bride = beautiful and pregnant, just to continue the theme.

Lazy cow said...

Yes, I would have been gasping for the champagne too. Beach weddings always seem so romantic, as do early morning ones. Goodness Mr Pea Soup is leggy! Have no idea where the beach is, Anglesea? No, not sand duney enough. I like those red shoes too. Coveted some nice ones, similar style, but more burgundy in colour with embroidery on them (very Camper-like) recently down my way.

Elizabeth said...

I was hoping for a wee glimpse of the barefoot bride, just the edge of her dress, maybe?

Maria said...

I found your blog through Isabelle's. Looks like a great blog! Great photo's! I'm in Geelong, so not far away from you. How do you get allocated a Scrabble letter? I play Scrabble online by the way. Oh..and your red shoes are nice!

herhimnbryn said...

Brooch, shoes and hair look lovely.

Windswept and interesting, she stood on the shore, gazing into the middle distance.............!

nutmeg said...

The brooch - stunning. Pea Soup creation?

meggie said...

GREAT post!!
Loved every pic.
You look very elegant, with your hair twisted.

Violet & Rose said...

Why are my comments dissappearing??? Why are you not coming up in my bloglines??? Love the brooch! Did you make it?

My float said...

I love those mary janes. And that brooch. And that beach.

Lucky you got to experience all three!

Susan said...

Yup! Like everyone else I'm guessing Peninsula back beach or Great Ocean Road (good game though!). Sounds like a nice wedding. But I hate that twiddling the thumbs time between ceremony and reception.

Simmy said...

I love that shot of the back of your head - great idea. I might do that of me sometime as I don't really feel like I want to show my whole self - is that how you feel? I like your brooch and I love the shoes - where are they from?

Suse said...

Beach = Jan Juc (next to famous Bells Beach)

Babushka brooch = $10 in a little shop in Lygon Street

Shoes = K mart!

Hair = twist goes to the left, I could never ever do it the other way. I am right handed.

Bride = barefoot and pregnant in ankle-length pale green slippery satin

Maria = did I allocate you a letter? I can't remember. If not, Z. (ooh sorry, but can't mess with the Gods of the Scrabble Bag).

sueeeus said...

The back of thy head is exquisite, as is the rest of you. (And Mr. Soup as well, is looking quite fetching. What a fine looking kettle of Soups.)

elena jane said...

LOVE your red mary janes and your hair looks great! very pretty beach :)

dani_luigi said...

witch's tit cold the next, love it.

I love your hair from behind.

h&b said...

Love a story told with just the right amount of words, interspersed by pictures.

We have the same shoes ( if yours too, are cheap and synthetic, made in China, and hurt like hell )

I too bought them out of deperation at finding another pair of MJ's, and settled.

I can't wear them, they hurt so much.

And they're so pretty :(

h&b said...

ahh - just read all the comments, yes, we do indeed own the same pair of shoes ;)

And like V&R, you disappeared from my bloglines too, so i'm doing a bit of a Pea Soup catch-up !

--erica said...

you are lovely.

I'd like to visit that beach someday.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your story, and the pics, i was surfing for something else and came across "A Wedding Story"-very emtertaining!

J said...

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Come and check it out if you get time ;)

Chenille said...

Great images you have here.
I wander what kind of camra you'er using

Suse said...

Hi Chenille
A little Canon point and shoot with a wonky shutter.