25 April 2007

Anzac Day: a holiday in the middle of the week

Anzac Day makes me all solemn and reflective. As it should of course.


Staying in bed until 9.00 am with knitting and the weekend papers (the last three weekends) and quietly reading and thinking seemed to fit the bill anyway.

Followed by the patriotic duty of baking Anzac Biscuits. Without coconut. And without chocolate.

anzacs birds eye view

I told Son #3 (our resident chef) to make them small as they always spread and run into one another.

So of course these ones didn’t spread. Teeny tiny Anzacs they are were.

anzacs grab

We packed up a few biscuits, popped some corn and grabbed a banana each and tootled off to see Mr Bean. And can I just say? That although Rowan Atkinson’s rubbery lips make me want to claw my eyes out? There were some rather funny moments during this film. Not the least of which was the face of Son #1 The Teenager when I pulled out my knitting in the cinema (in public! ack! Mum!). I managed to knit through most of the film until I realised I’d dropped a stitch (down seven rows I found out later when the lights came on) and it proved too difficult to retrieve in the dark.

I have a busy few days approaching. Work, then some frantic baking and packing as I’m off for a craft weekend away. Oh the joy! Oh the excitement! Mother leaves the house without her children!

See you next week.


Ali said...

Hooray! A craft weekend away. I would endure many hours of rubbery lips to earn that.

(Somehow, that doesn't sound like it did in my head)

zephyr said...

i now realize that i was introduced to Anzac biscuits when i was in college in the US during the 70's. But i'm sure it was an adapted recipe because it included the chocolate. And the coconut.

Also, i'm fairly certain that another version--a no-bake version--appeared a little later, which were more like candy than a biscuit/cookie but still very delicious.

My palate suggests that without the chocolate and coconut, it would simply be a Scottish oat biscuit...but then, i'm not Scottish, so what do i know?

have loads of fun on your crafting weekend!!

capello said...

chocolate and coconut... two of my favorite things. i'll go eat some to cosmically balance your biscuits, kay?

blackbird said...

I feel the same way about Mr. Bean... plus, he annoys me.
Have a wonderful time, love.

Elizabeth said...

I happen to LOVE coconut and I really can't see why it's not allowed. The chocolate, I understand.
Do you not get any flack bringing food into movie theatres? We have to smuggle it in these days, even a bottle of water. Cinemas make all their money on the food. We took the kids to a drive-in and they checked the trunk (boot?)of the car!

Away without anyone to feed and pick up after for a whole weekend? You are a lucky duck.

Mary said...

I was thinking of baking Anzac biscuits today but they must have coconut as far as I am concerned. I have some coconut in the house, which, ironically enough, I bought to make a 5 cup cake as per your previous post. I do however agree with you about Mr Bean.

meggie said...

Not patriotic, I know, but I loathe Anzac biscuits with or without added extras.
Enjoy your crafting weekend!

herhimnbryn said...

Have a great w/e, but you don't need me to tell you that, do you?

Surfing Free said...

ANZAC biscuits were also baked in our house, but we all favour coconut in ours so maybe they don't count!

ANZAC Day makes me angry these days ... sad and angry that so many people died yet we are still carrying on killing and maiming people in one senseless war after another. When will we ever learn ...

shula said...

Finally. Someone who understands.

No chocolate.

And NEVER coconut.

Stomper Girl said...

Your Anzac day sounds better than mine because you used it for quiet reflection, reading papers and baking and movies (even though it was a Bean movie).

I cleaned the house.

But it had to be done.

Have a super crafting weekend away.

Eclair said...

We made Anzac biscuits too - and yet more of the 5 cup cake (renamed by my family - Dwarf Bread) - now onto our 6th loaf. Try adding maple syrup! And pecans!

My partner says to especially thank you for the recipe (he's eaten about 4 of the 6 loaves on his own!) as he can't have eggs or butter anymore. He also thinks if it contains brown sugar then it must be 'health food'.

Melanie said...

Your Anzac bikkies look better than ours did - ours spread, but they also burned, darnit. The second lot were good though. *With* coconut, and mmmm, chocolate Anzacs sound good too!

Have a wonderful craft weekend. I need one of those.

nutmeg said...

"Mother leaves the house without children." Where? When? God on you Suse, have a wonderful time away. V. jealous.

Carole said...

Have now tried the 5 cup cake - yum yum!
Anyone tried an alternative to coconut, as I have to eat all of this cake (like that is bothering me!!) because children dislike it?
Still, if I eat the cake standing up, maybe the calories won't count ;-)

elena jane said...

must find location of 5 cup cake recipe....weekend away sounds divine. biscuits look good...i usually like mr bean! lol @ knitting at the cinema....:)

Paula said...

I feel the same on Remembrance Day - November 11th. We don't bake cookies though we do wear poppies for remembrance.
I prefer the original Bean TV shows, the movie was too Hollywoodized for me.

Sandra said...

Are these the lovely anzacs we ate on the craft weekend. yummmmmmmmmmm love from Sandra