15 April 2007

easter accoutrements, belated

rustic hot cross buns

Apart from the Easter egg hunt, our seasonal rituals were postponed until our return from the wilds. Whereupon I made these rather rustic-looking hot cross buns. I haven’t yet mastered the art of the elegant cross, and the entire endeavour was compromised "rusticised" by the fact that we only had wholemeal flour in the house.

They tasted alright, but.


We indulged in a little dyeing of hardboiled eggs.

Tumeric, paprika, blue food dye and green food dye. With rubberbands around the eggs to supposedly create interesting patterns.

hardboiled dyed eggs

The blue food dye worked best. The others, meh.

easter egg tree 2007

So the next morning we blew out about seven eggs (and made a huge tortilla [scroll down after the photo of me, if you follow that link] with them for dinner that night) and painted them with watercolours.

Son #1 offered the services of his watercolours set, but declined to participate, being too grown up for the Easter Bunny and associated antics these days [yeah again with the scrolling down, past the candles this time].

eastertree egg close up

Added to last year’s lot, we now have about seventeen eggs hanging on the easter tree.


BabelBabe said...

i love you and want you to adopt me.

i make a mean tortilla, if that's convincing at all...and I not only have an awesome watercolor set but will help paint too.

tut-tut said...

I love your Easter tree, and I love your links. They made me think about our own cutoms here.

Isabelle said...

What wonderful pictures.

In my distant youth, we used to get white eggs, which took dye much better.

Sounds like a wonderful trip.

meggie said...

I love your posts. Those eggs look fun. the tortilla sounds nice, so must try that.

littlejennywren said...

They are the most rustic hot cross buns I have ever seen.

Lee said...

Maybe its me but your side bar has started overlapping with the main body of the blog.

Suse said...

They really are quite disgusting looking, aren't they? I'm not a great cook.

Babelbabe, I adore you but adopt you? That sounds tiring, implying as it does that you want me to look after you. How about we just run away together. You can bring the baby if you must, but not if he's teething. I'm so over that stage.

Anyone know how to stop my sidebar encroaching on my Important Content?

telfair said...

Your photographs are taking on an uncannily professional and artistic bent, even more so than usual...

Paula said...

The eggs are so beautiful!

Kim said...

I'm so making that cake. But I want to call it the cuppa cuppa cuppa - said in the voice of Dolly Parton off Steel Magnolias.

So lovely to see you're back. Your camping trip looked amazing, and I may need details as Chef has Christmas off (new job = public holidays off and time off over Christmas - yippeeee!) and we want to go camping somewhere.

Oh - and to do the crosses on hot cross buns - yes, white flour - but get a snaplock bag, snip a corner off, make a thick paste of flour and water, and it will work a treat. I glaze mine as well, which impresses people to a point of idiocy.

Kim said...

Do you know, Jasper has had 6 teeth for about 8 months. That's it. Then all of a sudden, he has four molars, three of which I only found due to that maternal tendency to stick your fingers in your baby's mouth when you're getting really paranoid they will only ever have six teeth, with nary a squeak. Go figure.