19 May 2007

eat your vegies: a baby hat pattern

pumpkin hat

Using 8ply wool and 4.5mm circular or dpns, cast on 72 stitches for a newborn baby size (or 80 stitches for a larger babe, as long as you have a multiple of 8). Join stitches, marking the end of the round with a stitch marker. Knit until length desired.

Then start adding your green leaves:
K1 green, K7 main colour, repeat this sequence for the whole round
K3 green (one on either side of single green stitches on row above), K5 main, repeat
K5 green, K3 main colour, repeat
K7 green, K1 main colour, repeat.

Now working all in green, begin decreasing:
K6, K2tog, repeat for the whole round
K5, K2tog, repeat
K4, K2tog, repeat
K3, K2tog, repeat
K2, K2tog, repeat
K1, K2tog, repeat
K2tog all the way round.
Work an i-cord on the remaining stitches to form a stalk.
Cast off.

(Adapted from the Umbilical Cord Baby Hat pattern in Stitch-n-Bitch).

veg hats


Katya said...

Those hats are really cute. Too bad I can't knit.

telfair said...

That's so clever...

tamara said...

Suse, you are a legend. Or leg end as my mum used to say.
Especially topical, given that autumn weather has finally set in up here.

p.s. thanks for your comment on my blog the other day! I did enjoy your partay, and no, coming home did not take too long at all

meggie said...

Love those cute little hats!
Must try one, or more.

Kylie said...

Thanks so much for sharing, will be trying one soon!


They are GREAT!!!

Simmy said...

Love the hats - the vegetable theme is running on and on.......

paula said...

Ooh, cute, cute, cute!

daintee said...

this is seriously so cute. too bad i don't have a baby to put it on. ha!

Marianne said...

Those hats are so funny! I love them!

Jolene said...

AWESOME! I am so going to use this pattern for the hats I'm going to donate to the birthing hospital! Thank you for sharing! They are the cutest ones I have seen yet!

baby-hats said...

very cute

claudia said...

Hi, thanks for the creative and cute project pattern.
Do you know the approximate gauge/ needles you used?
I am terrible estimating sizes.
thank you so much,