23 May 2007

that 7 random things meme

Both Sueeeus and Jenny tagged me recently with that 7 random things meme that’s doing the rounds.

I’m bending the rules slightly and giving them seven each.

Here are 7 random photos from the past week …

9 rows of moss

nine rows of moss …

mist like waves

like those arty lighthouse photos …

turn your back for 1 min

who took this?

That’s me there, washing the dishes . This can be for those of you who wanted the see the "before" shots of the kitchen. (Note hideous pale green laminate and elderly ugly dishwasher that sounds like a jet aeroplane taking off). It all comes out on the 12th of June.

socks with view

this was taken a couple of weeks ago (when it was still warm enough to dry washing outside). The "lawn" is now green after the recent rains (rains! yes! I know!)

meg with washing

this is what the family room looks like from about April to October when it’s too cold to use the clothesline. The cat is not happy at having to share her the heater with a clothes horse.


look at the fancy picot edging on these. Can I knit a toadstool, I wonder?

best foot forward

homeward bound.

7 random things, without photos …

1. I’m a fairly low maintenance gal. I don’t wear perfume or expensive jewellery and I have never ever had a wax or a pedicure or manicure. I haven’t had a proper expensive in-a-salon haircut in a couple of years. Mr Soup doesn’t know how lucky he is.

2. I’ve lately been reading lots of books with a historical bent. I fantasise about writing a historical novel myself. You know, in that spare time I have.

3. I failed at cake baking the other day. This upset me far more than it should have in the grand scheme of things.

4. For Mothers’ Day the other weekend I was presented with (rather earlier than I would have liked but nevertheless) sourdough toast smothered in plum jam, served to me in bed. When the boys opened the bedroom curtains with a flourish, there was an orange tree outside the window.

5. Now I have to plant it.

6. Along with the three bags of cuttings one of Mr Soup’s clients sent him home with this week. And the four punnets of blue fescue seedlings I bought.

7. I have blue eyes.

(Oh, lame I know. I ran out of random).

Ok, one more.

I want to make a rag rug.

I think I'm the last person on Planet Blog to do this meme so I'm not tagging. If you by some chance haven't done it and wish to do so, please consider yourself tagged.


crafty said...

Hi, I'm Stomper girl's Next-Door-Mum. Just thought I'd drop in and say hi. I am making a rag rug, have been for about 3 years now.... it's going to be so cool when it is finished! Nice blog.

shula said...

If anyone can knit a mushroom, Suse, it's you.

That landscape shot....

I can't begin to tell you.

blackbird said...

I'm so glad you mentioned the rain.
I've turned off all the taps right away over here - but felt guilty running the water at ALL!

capello said...

i get all psycho if something i bake doesn't turn out.

my family fears me.

meggie said...

Yes! you can knit a mushroom. Great post.

My float said...

Great photos.

An orange tree for Mothers Day - what a wonderful idea! As a result of a failed gift exchange for this year's Mothers Day, I'm going to introduce a 'no shop gift' rule. Things either have to be made or alive!

What! You've never had a pedicure? YOu've never lived. It's bliss. (Although I find it rather disconcerting to have someone working on my feet, like they're a servant and I'm Scarlett O'Hara.)

Lazy cow said...

My parents have that dishwasher. It hasn't been used in over 15 years.
Where did you get that wooden clothes horse? It's gorgeous.
For some bizarre reason your 5 cup cake (I've made it twice) just doesn't rise very much for me, but I keep persisting because the taste and texture are so fabulous.

Janet said...

I've made a few rag rugs in my time, they're addictive, lovely but crumbs fall through them and they're hard to clean. But they do make excellent compost covers (after many years) when they get manky. And they are lovely, lovely. And super easy. And a great way to use up old clothes that are too manky for the opshop (esp t-shirts & knits) and scraps from sewing etc.

I'm sure you can knit a toadstool.

Stomper Girl said...

I love your cranky kitty in the washing. Our loungeroom looks like a Chinese laundry too. My mission today should I choose to accept it is to get clean clothes into the drawers and wardrobes that they really belong in. Fun fun fun.

tut-tut said...

Interweave Knits magazine Holiday Gifts 2006 edition has some knitted pears; I wonder if you could adapt that pattern for a mushroom??

sueeeus said...

Mr. Soup indeed has no idea how lucky he is!

Zoe said...

That mushroom looks like a death cap to me - don't knit one of them, they're scary!

Jenny said...

I'm sure you can knit a mushroom, if you can make an eggplant hat then a mushroom is a piece of cake, if you know what I mean.

nutmeg said...

Great mix of photos and text. I'm glad you gave us a before shot of the kitchen - your after shot may inspire me to do some of the last bits and pieces to mine here.

And now the rag rug - I saw on e on a US blog somewhere; a beautiful one of those - under a rocking chair - devine.

sooz said...

Oh yes indeedy, knit away.

That misty valley? Yeah, OK all that driving is obviously worthwhile.

A lovely post with really fantastic photos.

BabelBabe said...

oh, i love the rugs - how do you do it? tell me, so we can work on them together by the fire on our farm, after all the kids are asleep.

I always love getting glimpses of you.

Glad for the rain for you. my tomatoes got a good drenching last night - huge thunderstorm - and are much happier this morning. I have put out a rain barrel type thing, and am so careful about turning off water now.

Sarah Louise said...

We had a rag rug when I was a girl and I've wanted to make one for ages.

elena jane said...

pretty mushrooms....and you at the sink! i love the drying socks...

i haven't done this meme yet, but have been tagged so really need to figure out some random things....

phoeberae said...

When we were in Samoa there were ladies at the markets making these with those plasticy hessian-style bags. I wish I'd taken more notice cause although the process seemed quite raw, the finished product was lovley.