27 June 2007

Great big catch up post (or, what the heck I have been doing all this time)

Hmmm, it’s been a while.

There’s been action behind the scenes though. While I’ve been away:

My blog turned two! And I missed it! Again! Sheesh;
Seemingly everybody in the blogosphere announced their pregnancy, had a baby, or is expecting a baby in the next few nanoseconds;
I missed the Melbourne blogmeet due to a last-minute change in schedule for Son #1’s violin soiree;
A couple of my laundry photos appeared here;;
I spotted a little someone wearing one of my tomato hats;
I held my most successful ever market stall at the school’s Twilight Market yay me;
The following weekend Son #1 had a music exam and I was more nervous then he (but determinedly did not show it, apart from the white knuckle thing);
The winter solstice celebrations have been and gone;

solstice 2007

We have had most of the new kitchen installed (tiles and two powerpoints [on the tiles] still to go). Photos next time;

Vera flowered;

Hello Vera

There have been many late nights and a couple of essays submitted, resulting in the lounge room looking like this on several mornings;

morning after

More knitting of wee baby socks has taken place.

wee sock trekking 126

That’s the new kitchen bench that the sock is sitting on, by the way.

Here’s the other benchtop, over on the island bench (this was the one that was meant to be a beautiful timber island bench but due to financial considerations ended up being a beautiful laminate island bench. Sigh). Full kitchen renovation shots tomorrow for those who are interested.

breakfast on new bench

Please excuse my breakfast. It’s there for, um, scale? Or maybe to just show off my first loaf of sourdough in the new oven (which doesn't need cranking up to the highest setting to actually cook foodstuffs all the way to the centre! Fancy!) and the last of Shula's plum jam. Hint.

And you? What have you been up to then?

Oh! In other exciting developments, it seems I’ve won the Spanish lottery, and a nice chap in Nigeria is offering me a million dollars to help store some of his money for a while. Gosh, it’s all go round here.


ThirdCat said...

Hey, I won that lottery too. When are you going? Will we meet there? Nice toast btw.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Me - I realized late last night that your blog had somehow fallen off my Bloglines. Why did that happen? Is it from the great Blogger switch?

I'm glad you're back, and I'm back visiting.

Oh, and just today a new camera arrived in the mail, so perhaps I'll start blogging again :)

Stomper Girl said...

I have to say Suse, that as I waited for the picture of your post-essay/late nights lounge to load, I was actually expecting a scene of mess and chaos.


jorth said...

I am completely and utterly delighted that you have a butter dish. Yay!

Suse said...

3c - meet you in Barthelona? Si? I'll bring the toast.

j&m - welcome back! Yes, I lost bloglines peoples when I switched to the New Blogger, sadly.

Stomper - it IS chaos. I did my best.

Jorthy - for the full butterdish story, see




Lazy cow said...

Like your new bench - is it stone? Yeah, your house is REALLY dirty and messy (cough). And is that Milly-Molly-Mandy you have there? Is it yours or are the boys into her too? Welcome back. Missed you at the blog meet!

shula said...

I have a very soft spot for laminate. Such a practical surface. Worked on one for years.

But I understand. I've always wanted a timber one myself. But at least your laminate belongs to you.

And I have a jar put aside for you. Would you prefer plum or apricot?

h&b said...

I wondered what had become of you.

I am soooo making your tincan candle holder. It's beautiful !

h&b said...

P.S. - I have a butter dish - are they rare these days ?

My original English china hand-me-down shattered this year, as did the glass one I got for a wedding present 10-odd-yrs ago. i still have the tops though, which are perfect.

So I went out and splurged on a ye olde posh-o silver one.

Because one does not eat margarine.

Janet said...

your chair looks so comfy there by the fire, and that toast looks fab, as does what I can see of the fastest kitchen reno ever?

Good to have you back.

nutmeg said...

Hey Suse! Those wee little baby socks are very adorable. I scrolled back more than once for another look.... no - no pregnancy announcement here!

And that milk looks familiar, so too the tea cup. Bread baking is next on my "to learn list" after I finished the Kingsolver. I used to eat margerine but swapped in my 20's and now there is no going back - never!

blackbird said...

Such a tease you are re the kitchen pictures.
Lucky you what with the lottery and all - seems my penis needs enlarging.

My float said...

Hey, if you'd only received that email offering you a million dollars BEFORE you had to settle for the laminate bench...

So looking forward to the pics of the new kitchen.

PS. Loving the toast. Any particular recipe?

Elizabeth said...

At least you can put the oven ON, it's heat wave season here and not much baking to speak of, I keep directing the children to the freezer for frozen snacks. I can't even light the fire in the outdoor mud oven - not allowed on smog days.

Again, I love your mud brick walls!

(I am apparently sending myself emails for Vi*Gra this week, no lottery for me)

sueeeus said...

That hat is so adorable, especially on that beautiful child! And, oh, I want me some of that toast and tea. It looks DIVINE!

Welcome back! I like laminate too. I mean, I'd love to one day have granite or any other hard rocky surface because it's beautiful, but it's not very forgiving when it comes to every-day living. Especially with menfolks/boyfolks in the family. Can't wait to see your new kitchen in all its glory!

p.s. I've moved my blog so you might want to update your link to [http://www.sueeeus.com]

String Bean said...

I've been seeing baby socks all over blogland lately. That sock yarn looks familiar... (as it turns out that particular colorway has not fallen off the face of the earth. I saw a couple of balls of it at my new lys, but didn't buy them - I'm in destashing mode).

I'm jealous of your sourdough. The one time I tried to make it...well, let's just say it didn't turn out.

I love your mug - very ergonomic-looking.

tut-tut said...

It all looks so cosy; even your studying is composed.

Ali said...

That Nigerian guy is so darn generous!

And I need some tin can candle holders badly.

Emma said...

Busy couple of weeks for you! The glimpses of your kitchen were tantalising. Lucky you, having an oven that knows what temperature you want it to be.

meggie said...

A post worth waiting for! Wow, you have been busy busy!
Funny about the lottery. we won about 4 years ago... I hope he is still waiting.

Little tomato hat- so cute!

telfair said...

Lovely to hear from you again. I hear you in Melbourne are having a very cold winter...

I miss it.

herhimnbryn said...

You gotta have a butter dish.

So, what did you sell on your stall?

That chair looks just right for curling up in with a large glass of Malt whisky:)

Meow said...

Oh, you too ... I won that lottery too ... seems we are all going to be rich LOL.
Your kitchen looks great, and the sourdough loaf looks yummy.
Hope all is well.
Take care, Meow

BabelBabe said...

i need to win that lottery so I can have a functioning oven upstairs in my ktichen rather than down in the basement. Sigh. I like you rcounters; I understand the disappointment, but they are attractive.

could i come curl up in your cozy chair and drink tea for a while? That spot looks perfect, not messy, just busy enough to indicate great works are taking place : )

and as H and I agree (shock!), we will DIE eating butter.

paola said...

Using your oven already?
Works here started on May 21st and we're still in DIRT!
I am with bb...sadly they only want to enlarge my penis OR seel me all kinds of Viagra anda Cialis, also from Canada, mind you!