31 July 2007

everything and the kitchen sink

Today was bookended by magnificent skies.

A glorious red and pink sunrise that had faded to naught by the time I hauled myself out of bed and reached for my camera.

Tonight as I was driving to collect Son #1 from a friend’s house and stopped to get petrol, milk and butter, the clouds were gold rimmed and racing across the pale evening sky. My shawl flapped across my face as I fought to get the nozzle into the petrol pump. My camera was at home.

So you get knitting pictures.


This was cast on during lunch on Friday; a wonderful lunch with some good friends which was followed by a trip to the most glorious shop in the country.

We ate, laughed, knitted, snuggled babies and talked about everything but the kitchen sink, and the next day the dishcloth was off the needles and in service.

dishcloth in action

In the kitchen sink.


VictoriaE said...

Well Suse I was too scared to comment on your blog.. content to be a secret admirer.. but now, I feel free to add my opinion..
The descriptions of the sky were enough - I saw it all in my mind.

shula said...

Actually, I'm perfectly contect with knitting pictures. I thought, for one awful moment, that you were going to post pictures of PEOPLE.

shula said...

And I've already seen pictures of the sky at VictoriaEs.

Suse said...

I do have a photo of you with extraordinarily elegant hair, Shula. (Have you checked flickr?)

Victoria, what are you talking about!? Scared? Of moi? I don't bite! But now you've commented once, I expect more you know. I'm demanding like that.

tut-tut said...

Those are wonderfully poetic descriptions of the sky!

What did you use to knit the dishcloth? Looks like there may be some wool in there.

bec said...

Since you asked: your sidebar is back (FINALLY) out of your text... and waaaaaaaay down the bottom of the page where it used to be.

As one who made the switch, can I suggest it would do you no harm to contemplate a change to either Typepad or Wordpress?

Blogger sux the big one. It's time to admit it.

(All of this was a very helpful way to let me mask my bitter, bitter jealousy at not being able to attend a lunch with you and shula... heading off now to do some more gnawing of my sydney limbs)

blackbird said...

Those tiles are SO beautiful -

crafty said...

Yes, me too, totally content with knitting pictures.

Jenny said...

While you were at Winterwood you should have checked for me to see if my order is nearly ready. Talk about self absorbed.

Lazy cow said...

I'm planning a trip to Winterwood now. It looks absolutely gorgeous from the website. I really want to try making a Steiner doll and if I have beautiful felt it may inspire me. As you always inspire me (oh, that sounded so lick-arsey).

Stomper Girl said...

And doesn't it look lovely with your new kitchen fittings?

BabelBabe said...

i buy boring old dishclothes fromt he home store. yawn.

and i have tile envy. in fact, i just wan to move in with you.

BabelBabe said...

and i want to learnt to type someday : )

Polly said...

I'm a bit spooked by the picture of your dishcloth. Last night I started knitting one one that is almost identical. I've never used that pattern before and don't usually go for blues but I like it. :-)

Meow (aka Connie) said...

I love that you knitted a dishcloth ... it's almost a shame to use it, it looks so pretty.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow