22 July 2007

little acorn

In the midst of birthday celebrations (the mister’s) and a weekend away with five adults, eight children and four dogs, I cranked out this.

acorn hat

And pardon my lack of humility, but I’m rather proud of it.

I was meandering through another one of these in green, and searching through the stash for a dark green wool for the leaves, to thus create a zucchini, when I happened upon a sort of tan coloured yarn.

acorn hat top detail

As chance would have it, I had a bowl of acorns at hand (as you do) and it struck me that it would be fun to make an acorn hat. I had very little of the tan wool, but found a half ball of beige and tried working with both balls at once, using a moss stitch to get the appropriate bumpy effect.

The hat is not without its mistakes as I learnt as I went along, and neglected to rip back and correct things. If you try this, make your decreases a purl two together rather than sl1k1psso, for a nice bumpy stitch that blends in. I fudged the decreases, and didn’t count or make them regular, as I wanted the decreases to be unobtrusive.

acorn hat

Because we were away, I didn’t have access to the internet which was a Good Thing because I wasn’t tempted to go looking for a pattern and find this which I vaguely remember seeing months ago; a fact my subconscious only let me acknowledge after my own version was complete. So I had to make it up as I went along, something I’ve not done before (the vegetable hat is really just a variation on the umbilical hat, as I’ve said before), and as a result this little project really feels like my own invention.

acorn hat detail

I am normally a pattern follower so this whole exercise was a huge learning curve for me, and I am ridiculously pleased with myself.

While Googling the 6.5st link for this post, the trail led to Cari’s pattern and I discovered the top of that hat appears to be a basketweave stitch, whereas mine is a moss. Also I didn’t do ear flaps.

So. Quite different. Phew, I’d hate my subconscious to be accused of plagiarism.

More acorn joyousness found on my Googling adventure here, ohmygodlook here, here, here, a pattern for a fifteenth century acorn cap here and of course the Queen of Links here and that lot should keep you busy.

Oakie Doke. Now to find a baby who will wear my little prototype and not look too closely at the mistakes.


blackbird said...

I would wear any of these baby hats - done in all black or brown of course.
And I have a teeny head!


tut-tut said...

Great new direction for these hats . . . you are definitely on to a new trend.

Badger said...

It's adorable. I am in awe. I have very nearly made peace with the fact that I just do not understand knitting and am never going to be a knitter, but I want you to know that I blame YOU, Ms. Pea Soup Suse Person, for the fact that I'm about to crochet a silly sock monkey hat and afghan for my cousin's baby. You, with your adorable knitty creations, have reminded me that I used to be quite good with crochet and that I actually enjoyed it, and should maybe give it another go.

Darn you anyway! :)

Martina said...

You have a right to be proud! It is great!

KT said...

Your hat is wonderful! I agree, you should be proud. I once made a sweater with a squirrel on the front and an acorn on the back when oldest was about 2. I used giant cookie cutters as templates.

Great job!

meggie said...

Adorable little Acorn. No such thing as mistakes. Just alternate ways of doing things!

Stomper Girl said...

So cute I nearly went off to start making me a baby to wear it.

My float said...

Oh wow.
If I ever have another child, I'll be begging you for a hat like this! Absolutely adorable.

Kim said...

Well there was a whole part of the post in the middle where you lost me, but this is my favourite of all your knitted hat gems BY FAR.

The fact you MADE IT UP as you went along completely baffles me (being completely bereft of any crafting gene) and only serves to increase my already high opinion of you tenfold. At least.

And all these people doing weekends away with friends is making me deeply envious. Next year...

Jodie said...

Seriously seriously cute hat - well done !!!

BabelBabe said...

i just so happen to know of a baby whose mother would insist upon cramming this adorable hat on the baby's lttle head....but not for another seven months : )

sooooooo cute.

Caroline said...

Very cute! I love moss stitch too.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous hat ... a little acorn ... how sweet. And, there are no mistakes !! Made with love.
Thanks for sharing.
Take care, Meow

h&b said...


Don't let Stomper try it on though. It may end up looking something entirely non-PC.

crafty said...

Yours is the best.

ellen said...

Your acorn hat is absolutely adorable. I am an acorn collecting freak. I have bags of them. My grandsons bring me some every fall.
I do love that hat truly. You did a super job!

MyUtopia said...

Cute hat!

herhimnbryn said...

I would wear them in the colours knitted. I love wearing hats and the 'beanie season' is so short here in Oz.

The 'acorn' is bootiful and looks very tactile.

amy said...

It is so very cute. That hat would be a big hit in my family as I grew up in a house surrounded by dozens of oak trees.

Hollabee said...

Love the hat...and I would love to wear it!