18 July 2007

random literary line up

Spotted on the floor of Son #2’s bedroom.

Hardy Boys

Looks like he’s inherited the gene.


Yummers! said...

How wonderful to see a child who loves books. I am a Reading Specialist for at-risk readers in 1st and 2nd grade... although I've recently retired. There are so many children who have never had a book read to them. Family environment 'modeling reading' has such a strong influence on young readers success. You've done a great job!

willowcaroline said...

Ahhh, Hardy Boys. My oldest went through a HB phase - although he enjoyed our collection of older ones better than the new versions. He also like Tom Swifts...but they are really old, LOL.

Finding really quality modern written books for my guys has been hard - we rely a lot on DH's and my childhood collections, and thrift store finds and my librarian MIL.

meggie said...

I would say, one of the best genes to inherit!
And I love your little knitteds in the last post!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Great... so many boys can't be bothered to read. My two boys loved kiddie stories when they were little, but when it came to reading actual books they lost interest, but now, they are grown up, and both of them constantly have one or two books on the go.

Katya said...

And they're so neat! When I was a kid I read the Hardy Boys too along with Nancy Drew.

Susan said...

My older two kids also liked "The Three Investigators". I think I must have read the whole series to them. Result: one avid reader, one reads if forced to. Glad to see your boy belongs to the former bunch.

amy said...

My son is going through a Hardy Boys phase too. He is starting kind of late with it. I picked up a stack at a used curriculum fair for home schoolers. I think I paid 2 dollars for 10 HB books. He consumed them in a week. We love that book gene.

Elizabeth said...

My daughter and I are still going through the old Trixie Belden adventure series. She can't believe how well mannered and nice the characters are, unlike books now where there is always nasty nasty kids, she says!
It's always a tussle for the new HP though. Usually first awake in the morning gets to read another chapter (but not get too far ahead of anyone else)

Jodie said...

That is so cool - not many boys at my school would have books on their bedroom floor- well done !!
Did you know the Hardy Boys have been re-released as graphic (comic book style) novels .
Seriously well done !!!

bec said...

Well, there's the book gene, and there's also the 'if you're going to leave your books out on the floor for mum to trip over at least make them photogenic' gene - looks like you got lucky with both!!

We love the book gene so much that the 06/07 tax cheque (please god, let it be a cheque) will be going towards as many miles of built in shelves as it can buy... We've finally given up on the vain hope that we're ever going to have a manageable number of books.

We didn't get the second gene. Hence the need for more shelves. Sigh.

Kimberly said...

My yount one is working on "The Clock Ticked" - I was a Nancy Drew fan(atic) and have almost every one ever published...some quite old from my mother.

I looked in my young-one's floor and found ... well, you don't want to know.

Boychildren certainly are different!