10 August 2007

Not fond of soccer either

melbourne victory mitt on

Son #1 requested fingerless mitts in Melbourne Victory colours. With the special tricky white V. Sheesh.

melbourne victory mitts off

I can't take much more.

melbourne victory mitt on

Aaah, that's better.

first daffs for 2007, 10 Augustcorrea, Augustfirst erlicheers for 2007, 10 Augustred box, blue skytiny variegated grevillea


Martina said...

You are a good Mommy!

tut-tut said...

I agree with Martina!

manda said...

hi :-)
i somehow managed to catch a photo of an amazing sunrise the other morning like u were describing a few days ago.
the sky was on fire :-)
you are too clever with your knitting.

Stomper Girl said...

Clever Suse.

I love those erlicheer / early cheer narcissi. Their scent makes me happy.

M said...

Your love for your children knows no bounds! Great mittens.

cosette said...

tee hee :D
sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Lucy said...

Hello Suse, I've been meaning to come over for a bit, Zephyr mentioned you ages ago.
These mitts are great; I've been thinking for a while about making gloves which are more beautiful on the inside than the outside, inspired by foxgloves!
I enjoyed your Harry Potter post. My husband always reads them out loud to me when ever they arrive to avoid the kind of scenario you describe! Normal life largely goes on hold for the duration.

Liz said...

I love them! That's just what I need for the winter time when my office is freezing cold.

meggie said...

Kids just have magical powers for getting what they want!

crafty said...

Laughing at Meggie!
What is it with AFL?
Soccer too hmm? Well at least they look very quick to knit.
My six year old is obsessed with AFL, I have some black and red 12ply waiting to be turned into something AFL-y. He won't let me knit him anything else, oh except a snake or a dinosaur. Maybe I'll do those first.

bluemountainsmary said...

You ARE a very good mother. And the one of the sweetest names for a flower must be erlicheer..

h&b said...

I much prefer the hand-model in these pics than the last ;)

Di said...

You should come to my place so we can watch some rugby on the tv together- I'm sure I can convert you ;)

nutmeg said...

Gosh. You certainly know how to wield a camera Suse! And that photo mosaic is sublime.

I also had a giggle at your description of the wedding ceremony and your lapsed Catholic husband knowing the routine and you looking at him amazed etc etc. I could have been standing in your shoes right at that moment. My first shock came one Christmas time some 15 years ago when this happened to me - I have avoided such occasions (mostly) ever since!

My float said...

Your son takes very good care of his fingernails (insert smiley face here).

They're beautiful gloves - had you not mentioned soccer, I wouldn't have guessed!