24 August 2007

not a joiner after all

Thought I'd look around Facebook to see what all the fuss was about.

And before I realised quite what I was doing, I appear to have invited everybody I've ever met, to join me. Possibly twice in some cases.

Sincerest apologies and all that.


bec said...


My younger sister-in-law showed me her MySpace page the other day.

It made my retinas bleed.

And I felt happy to be old.

(And as I promised you this afternoon I did finally get Root Shoot Marry up for tonight... only it was this morning by the time I was finally done. Oops.)

BabelBabe said...

i joined so i could comment on someone's blog who'd been commenting on mine. haven't been back since.

library thing is about as join-y as i get.

leslie said...

oooooh, i'm in the clutches of facebook addiction at the moment too. wait until you discover scrabulous (scrabble! online! with your friends, near or far!)

MyUtopia said...

LOL, how funny! It sounds like something I would inadvertenly do.
: )

Beck said...

To answer your question on the mystery of the high content one word post: it used to have way more words! Words about my mother-in-law. So you can see why they were only up for 24 hours.

meggie said...

I will be warned & steer clear!

bluemountainsmary said...

Yes like you tube it is something I fear addiction to - so am leaving well enough alone - unlike Malcolm Turnbull etc

Kim said...

so what? I'm chopped liver?
No invite here.
Not even one.
Let alone two.

posiepatchwork said...

My you have been busy, super woman chef, a sick boy, knitting for a photo shoot, yahhoo!! Is your puppy OK?? I can't handle anything besides my 2 websites & blog, the whole FaceBook, My Space, UTube (am i even using the correct terms) scare me to death. I can build a website but my children have to show me how to customise my mobile phone. I'm glad to be 32 & not keeping up with the technology. My nieces & nephews send me links, my GOD, what are teenagers thinking when they post their photos?? Gaol bait. Love Posie

Corrie said...

oh no my sister got me into facebook...I only have 25 friends but she' up at 150!!!!! I think she wastes time in the office personally

melissa said...

heh- i did the same thing, when i joined up to Last fm.com. i got all sorts of flashabacks after remembering who was in my expansive address book. ah well.

was facebook any good? i'm trying to decide whether i should join.