16 September 2007

normally I compose my posts in Word, then fiddle and cut n paste

but this afternoon I am flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak.

I have no particular post in mind, so let's see where it goes shall we?

Kim wants to know what I had for lunch, she's so desperate for me to post. Kim dear, today I had tinned tomato soup with buttered toast. Does that make you happy? Son #3 had the same, and Mr Soup and Son #2 had cream of chicken soup. Both also with toast. Last night for dinner we had homemade soup! Clearly, this is the House of Soup.

I have no idea what Son #1 had because MY BABY IS IN PERTH WITH HIS INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE (BUT INSURED) VIOLIN WHICH IS KIND OF FREAKING ME OUT. Let's talk about something else quick.

Here, have a look at a camel.


No, I didn't make him. I photographed him.

I think I mentioned recently that I'm now working one day a week at the most beautiful shop in the southern hemisphere and boy is it fun. I get to chat all day with a good friend, catch up with lots of people from the Melbourne Steiner community when they make the trek to do some shopping there, pack people's mail orders (hi Jenny!), play with beautiful felts and yarns, sell my handknitted baby socks on the front counter and have done a photoshoot of some items for an upcoming book. So, buy the book and you can make your own camel!

OK, shameless plug over.

Apart from that I am at uni two days a week and my regular serious proper-clothes job two days a week so guess what? I'm kind of full time occupied now. No time for housework or blogging and the vacuum cleaner broke anyway which is rather sad because you should see the state of my floors. This did however, free me up to scrub the shower and bath today, and I even shined the kitchen sink so being vacuumcleanerless has its benefits.

Hmm, what else? This unplanned blogging is unnerving; I'm all over the place. And if my computer crashes as is its wont I WILL LOSE IT ALL AND THAT WILL SERIOUSLY PISS ME OFF. I feel like Badger with all these caps. Yo dudes.

I'll fill you in on some vignettes from my week, shall I?

Son #2 had a violin concert on Thursday night. Son #2 does not enjoy violin and it kind of showed in the expression on his face, but he got through it and he only has one more year to go before he can drop violin (not literally despite the insurance) and pick up a saxophone. Or clarinet which is smaller and more portable and also allows for a greater range of musical pieces too (being an older instrument)?

Son #2 also had his soccer presentation night on Friday night where we watched them all line up and be presented with a trophy each. And then to our absolute pride and the child's bewildered delight, he was called back to receive Runner Up Best on Ground. Oh we are so very proud.

Cricket season begins next week. Oy.

Son #1 is not the least bit homesick and reports via phone he hasn't had a shower the entire time he's been away because he's too shy to ask his host family if he may have one. Will they suggest it when he becomes [even more] whiffy? He is a thirteen year old boy after all. Do I get on the phone and intervene or bravely hold back and let him work it out himself? (He is a thirteen year old boy after all).

Remember I said ages ago (can't find link) that I took part in an academic study on op shopping? Well the project is finished, the art installation um, installed at the Pipemakers Park and the book launch was held on the same evening as a certain young man's violin concert which is just typical. It's not often I get invites to book launches and exhibition openings. Never mind, I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED watching Son #2 sigh his way through Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and didn't think rueful thoughts about opening nights and champagne once. Honest. And Ihave quotes in a book using my real name (no, not my porn name) and everything! Buy the book! (Look, another shameless plug!)

In other news, today we bought a chainsaw.


sooz said...

New blogger saves posts as drafts automatically as you go. Has already saved my butt on several computer crashing occasions. So Word no more and be in peace.

The camel is a great pattern (just love that book! Wish they had the English version back when...). I envy you your felt gazing days.

And yay to no vaccuum. I have a dustbuster only these days. So liberating and who wants to eat off the floor anyway?

bluemountainsmary said...

I found this post incredibly satisfying on so many levels - farnarkling suits you ! I feel replete now with imagined soup lunches , and cleaned bathrooms, and children growing into young men. and craft and craft books and that fantastic shop which I love and sighing young boys playing reluctant violins

Lazy cow said...

I was admiring the little cocker spaniel felted toy when I was there a few weeks ago but it wasn't for sale, sniff.
Nothing wrong with tinned tomato soup, the Girl and I have ours with grilled cheese toast. Yum.
Laughing at your poor, polite, stinky boy.

Jenny said...

I hope he doesn't stink too much the poor wretch. Thanks for packing my order, I'm now expecting something very special, some artistic tissue paper folding perhaps.

sueeeus said...

Yay, the post made it through 'til the end!

Tinned soups - I'd have never imagined it!

I hope son #2's best runner up award compensated for his violin concert. Even though I don't know him, I can totally picture him whooping it up on a saxophone (also very expensive, though). ...not playing classical music though -- I'm thinking blues, jazz, rock, or something funky !!!

Love the camel. And your shameless plugs aren't completely shameless, as you've not posted links/titles to the publications. ...We are waiting for these!

capello said...

you know, my husband was very excited to get a chainsaw for christmas. has he used it yet? hells no.

and i miss buttered toast. ::sigh::

cosette said...

just to let you know, whether you have time to blog or not, you're one of my current favorites :)

tut-tut said...

I like hearing all your news . . . You are busy!

Off by himself, making some decisions too. V exciting!

meggie said...

Well, for flying by the seat of your pants, that was a wonderful post!
The whole of it.

crafty said...

I like your style.

VictoriaE said...

Well congratulations on the chain saw becuse that is a serious purchase, I know. I would love to read a study on opshopping.

shula said...

I'm with victoria,

God! I thought you were NEVER going to buy a chainsaw.

herhimnbryn said...

In Perth Huh? The first born and THE violin. Sounds like he's fine. He'll sort the shower thing out.

I'd be interested to know about your future experiences with the chain saw.....I've been putting it off for 6 yrs, but it would make life so much easier on our little block.

Lovely post Soup Lady. So what exactly is the title of the book in which you are quoted?

tamara said...

Oh please may we have the links to those two books? Please?

...and I remember refusing to shower for a whole week in year 7 camp because the boys were terrorising the (inadequate, tumbledown, asbestos) shower block. At least he is in civilisation. (I was v.v.v. stinky at the end of the week)

Badger said...

Yo, dude! Congratulations on the book thingie! You should do all-caps more often; I personally find it liberating.

Stomper Girl said...

Congrats on the book thing, and aren't you a good mum for missing out on your book launch?

How sweet is your shy little Son#1? That made my heart ache, that did. Do you want ME to ring up his host family and sort this out? Oh no wait, he's nearly 13. Bless his cotton smelly socks.

Kim said...

welcome to my world baby. NO agenda, just write.

So much soup, you guys must be desperate to chew anything by now.

Did you know a camel's spine is straight? Something I found out today. Not that I'd ever spent any time really wondering about it.

And felix's quote of 2007? "I've been thinking about what I want to get Dad for Father's Day, and I decided on a chainsaw."

Kim said...

and no wonder you don't post often, that whole writing in word then fiddling then cutting and pasting then posting - THAT my friend is farnarkling.

maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

We ate soup, played with the chainsaw, but didn't clean bathrooms this weekend.

I love the shop. I help out in our school shop and keep hunting for items (beyond craft supplies) that would interest older kids. Anything come to mind from your shop?

Isabelle said...

Oh, what a shame about your showerless boy. For goodness sake, his hostess ought to offer him a shower. Has she no children herself or doesn't she remember being young and shy?

And the book title is?

Your blog is SO GOOD.

MyUtopia said...

My word program has stopped spell checking so I don't use it anymore.

*Check out my blog announcement.

crafty said...

Oh, Abby Mildred, I have just read all about your porn name and have dicovered something.

I cannot, -cannot- read a birth story and remain dry eyed.